Custom Blogging – Xtreme Freelance style
September 29, 2009
Announcement – 7 more spots in Pre-Launch | Please read!
October 7, 2009

We just released the first (official) customer blog. This one is set to do its work almost 100% automatically !

Just a few features :

  • Custom made header and footer
  • Custom ad banners
  • Adsense integrated
  • Skadoogle link sense
  • Amazon posts with products scheduled every 3 days
  • Unique article wizard, RSS articles fetch, article grabber as content sources
  • Onlywire plugin with associated account-bookmarks automatically every post
  • Flikr photos plugin
  • Sidebar videos- can be set to play multiple videos
  • And more…

Check it HERE

We have worked quite a bit at this one, but we know the customer is happy. All the optimizaions we offer are integrated, you can check them in the XtremeBlogs Detailed page. We have 4 more in the works, and just 8 places left for this month. Grab yours now!t

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