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September 21, 2009
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October 4, 2009

I was emailed a lot lately about what exactly is our business here 🙂 Here is my answer:
Custom blog – this term defines the best what are we doing here and this is our offering – Your Custom Blog!

Our goal is to deliver a full custom blog to your specifications, optimized with the long-term success in mind.

To explain it a bit more – we are employing all our knowledge, tips and tricks to provide our customers with the best quality, unique blogs, CUSTOM made blogs. We are going through all the steps to assure that when youb buy blogs from us you get Your ready-made blog optimized from all standpoints. The process is detailed a bit more HERE and soon we will offer a e-book with the complete process.

I noticed that even the most knowlegeable owner (including me) has a hard time when it comes to every little detail that sometimes is vital to your blog – “Did you set your permalinks properly? Did you put a favicon to your site/blog? Do you have a sitemap? is that sitemap properly done?Have you set which links are nofollow/dofollow ?Have you submitted your site recently?how about your RSS? Do you have a google webmaster tools account?”

This are just a fraction of the questions you should have answered YES. There are plenty more and this is why we came up with our system. We will do all the groundwork for you and give oyu in the final 1 proper set, content filled and with vital promotion and submissions done.

We are not stopping at making your site technically optimized. Submitting to directories is still a good and powerfull way to gain valuable high PR backlinks and because they will be aproved over weeks and in some cases months it looks much more natural to the search engignes than gaining hundreds of them overnight. Also, by using the power of Squido and Hubpages we create the bases for your Web 2.0 promotion. Yet again, for the full description, go HERE

Keep in mind that we are working all the time with the long-term plan in mind. we optimized our work to deliver maximum results for you in time! Further more, your blog WILL need more work to get to the top, no matter if you work oyourself or just use our or other services.

Get your custom blog NOW! Go to the Contact page and write to us your main category you would like to have your blog into and we will start researching for your “winner’ keywords and domain name!

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