Xtreme Blogs System Detailed

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Here is the short description on all the services you will receive from us :

Please take your time and read all the information bellow before ordering or contacting us!

We start the job by creating a new Gmail account that will be used for all additional sign-ups we have to make. You will receive there also the submission reports and all the other information. We use the user name for all registrations, so please tell us if you wish to use an alternate name in your initial order mail. We do NOT subscribe you to any paid services, all the accounts are free with no hidden fees. Of course, most programs will offer an upgrade option, is your choice to make after we deliver your accounts/blog.


After you order you will be required to send us an email with details we need to start working. The first step is doing the keyword/domain name initial research. A quick example in the video below on how to find a good niche. We do use Google but also other tools to find the most relevant/suitable niche for you, mainly Market Samurai and/or Keyword Elite. We confirm all our findings using the Google  keyword tool

We also check for a suitable domain name. After the initial research  is made we will contact you and discuss the available domains. If you are ready to go, you have to go and buy the domain from your preferred provider. We choose this way to avoid all the complication and wasted time with domain transfers.This is also for your own protection, as you will have the ownership of the domain from the get-go.

Summary – The best keywords possible for your new niche, used in domain name also! – Value $50+


Blog build– The blog will be built using the latest STABLE WordPress installation available on our hosting.  We have selected a series of plugins that will be used to optimize the installation and benefit from the SEO, traffic and content/design standpoint. Most relevant :

  • Traffic getting SEO plugin – free edition – Will optimize the blog in combiination with other plugins/settings for perfect SEO, providing traffic from search engines. We do customize all the plaugins with the best settings and additional information.
  • MaxBlogPress Plugins – Ping Optimizer/Favicon/Banner ads/Others where applicable . The most important here (take the time to visit the link please) is MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer -with our additions- WordPress is pinging by default 1 single service :), Maxblog’s plugin upped that to 2 -3 dozens- we have managed to add 112 149! If you have read the plugins info you know how valuable is that!
  • Monetization plugins- we will choose together with you from a huge selection -adsense, clickbank, amazon, skadoogle , and more;
  • Picture, video, documents and sound integration at 1 click away!
  • Every project/blog has standard plugins as well as customized plugins to suit the needs. We constantly update and refresh our plugin selection with the latest/best. Paid plugins from our vault are used at no additional costs if available. If you have special needs we will try too find you a free plugin. If none are available you will have to purchase it.

Design and personalization – You can choose your own theme from the web or choose one from our partners or let us select one from our choices – freemium and premium-quality themes. *New – A selection of paid themes is also available at no additional costs. If you don’t like any of our proposals we will suggest you the best premium or free resources so you can choose from them. We cannot however pay if you choose another paid theme than the ones we offer.

In any case we will customize it on project-basis with backgrounds and other graphic elements. Your blog will be unique graphically as in any other aspect!

Summary – The best plugins , theme and expert settings for your new blog! – Value $150+


Content – You will have a variety of ways to add content to your blog, NO matter what niche you choose. We have already 2 writers at our disposal, and we plan to hire more. You will have the choice to use the Unique Article Wizard , Article Ranks, Articlez and spinned PLR’s as free content or paid articles for you niche. We will offer more services in this area soon!

The standard order will have 10 high-quality articles written by our writers AND based on the researched keywords, set-up on your new blog to appear on daily basis, at different hours (This is important because daily posts at the same hour brands your blog as a “bot’ to search engines!). So, we have our staff submit your articles by hand, with pictures, videos and related graphic materials, and also custom-made SEO for each post (Important also, because right now the Description of each post/page pays a  HUGE role in search engine rankings!)

So, you get to choose your content, no matter if you plan to do it on auto-pilot, semi-automatic or add your own stuff, we will help you!

Summary – The best SEO optimized content,  using your keywords and expert writing tricks ! Gradually published for the biggest impact!  – Value $60+


Promotion – This one is also big, so let’s break it into:

Submissions – We will submit your new blog to all major search engines once it’s ready. Combined to RSS submission guarantees a fast indexing. We tested on our blogs and got indexed sometimes in just a few hours! We have limited though the number of search engines to those trusted, because submitting your website to a link farm for example can harm A LOT!

After initial submission is time to do a Directory submission – we have selected ~600 directories that are both free and trusted. Your success rate might vary though, depending on your niche (you cannot expect to submit your fishing blog to a construction business directory and get approved :)). All submissions are done manually with the help of semi-automated software(it takes care of selecting, page address, submission details and reports), with different anchor text links and descriptions for the best results. We provide you with at least 500 confirmed directory submissions.

We have of course included the best directories, like DMOZ, and many of them are PR5 or higher. The gmail email and personal details you give us will be used for submissions.
IMPORTANT- Approval rate varies depending on the niche, but we can guarantee 250. Also, for free submissions the time between submission and approval ranges from hours to moths…which is good because it appears a more natural link building to search engines :), just don’t expect to get all the replies in 2 days.

The next step is Social Networking submission and bookmarking , also a very important traffic strategy. We will submit/bookmark your blog to the best 15-25 social networking sites (some niche topics will not be accepted by some services, so we can guarantee just the minimum of 15). We use Onlywire automated multi-submitter plugin- your blog posts will be automatically submitted to 5 unique accounts, including yours. Additionally, we also submit all your pages and posts to 50+ social networking sites using different accounts.


Squido/Hubpages/Other Web2 properties As another quick way to get traffic and page rank  , we will build you 1 page on each service, using another unique articles on selected keyword from those we found for you.  See the offer page for the exact number of properties we currently offer to build. We use a different email here for registration to avoid penalties. We will use here a little trick to try to rank your page quick:

The Trick: What it is and how it Works :

This trick uses what are called tag pages. If you go to Squidoo or HubPages and click on a tag you’ll see what a tag page is. This is a page which has a list of all the Squidoo lenses / HubPages that use that tag. A tag is just like a keyword or search term which can be used to describe what a lens or hub is about. Here are some examples of Tag pages on both Squidoo and HubPages:

*We cannot guarantee the success of this trick with all niches but we are fairly confident we will manage to help you.

Once we have the Squidoo lens and the Hubpage we bookmark them the same as we did with your site. We also interlink the pages with other clients pages to help all gain links and traffic quick. Further services will be available (maintain the pages/creation of new ones and more, check the Services page )

Summary – Nobody online offers you so much for so less! We cannot even put a price on the promo pack, but you can google the services above and do your math! – Value $XXX+!


TwitterWe offer full Twitter integration through various plugins or built in the theme where available. We can use your own Twitter account or we create and set up one for you, including customizations and 2 valuable accounts that you can use to control several Twitter accounts and more. For new Twitter accounts we will help you to get new followers, we guarantee at least 1000 new followers.

*New – we can integrate your BUZZ account also, existing or the one associated with your neew Gmail account

Summary – Twitter it’s growing more and more, use it to promote your site AND use the blog to gain followers ! – Value $35+


– Monetization Starting with adsense and skadoogle, we can add any kind of monetization you want. If your blog it’s gonna be in affiliate marketing/internet marketing for example, we can add your own products or affiliate  products in several ways, from built in links on specific keywords – like when Xtreme blogs will appear in your text, it will be automatically linked like this Xtreme Blogs. Each blog will be monetized specifically for the selected niche and customer needs.

Summary – What good is it to have a nice blog that doesn’t make you any money?  We will find the best money-making strategy for you!- Value $50+


Training/Coaching – Each customer will get 1 month of free training, customized to his needs. You will get training on how to use all the blogs features properly, what to do to gain ranks and traffic and more. Also we give you ideas and coaching on various monetization techniques, plus powerfull tips and tricks. We del with each customer   INDIVIDUALLY, so you will learn what YOU need and what YOU’RE interested in!

*New – Forum Accesswe are working to finish our forum that will cover a lot of topics. All clients will have VIP access. Support forum will be also available.

Summary – Learn Exactly what you need and WANT to know. Underground tips on traffic, monetization,marketing and much more! – Value $250+

So, you have here a summary of our basic service for you, all made by respected professionals and experts in their field. If you’re not convinced till now, you are really not ready for this new ‘net thing 🙂

You get services valued at over $750 – this is a no-brainer!?

This is not a sales page, but I wonder how much do you think it’s worth all the work, experience and effort we put into YOUR blog/business?

*The price is going up until the end of the pre-launch -the sooner you order the cheaper you will get it!

*Note that we offer the price in exchange for testimonials that will be used at launch. Do NOT contact us if you’re not willing to give us the testimonial!

YET Another thing to consider – we will do a limited number each month, and the price WILL go UP! We are not launched yet- the early builds will get MORE for LESS!

Since we didn’t bothered to make a sales page AND we have to discuss  aditionall details with each customer, if you’re ready to get your first Xtreme Blog , drop us an email at xtremefreelance@gmail.com with your personal details and your domain of interest on which you want us to start the keywords research.

Custom blogs order

Custom blogs order

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