Realty Agent & Travel blog – 2 new Xtreme Blogs!
October 29, 2009
Fashion Spy – New Custom Blog
November 16, 2009

One more custom blog is done! FAs you should know, SEO and SEM are big topics and are always  a target for new sites. However, because are so many of them, is it really hard to make it to the front. We put all our best efforts to make sure this one has all the chances to be a successfull custom blog.

  • Customized footer
  • Custom ad banners
  • Adsense integrated-not active yet
  • Twitter integration
  • Content based on keywords researched
  • Unique article wizard as extra content source
  • Onlywire plugin with associated account-bookmarks automatically every post
  • Custom theme features
  • And more…

We forgot to mention the “support blogs” 🙂 so we do it now. Every blog we create has a few satellite blogs on free web2.0 sites to help the main blog gain backlinks, visitors and page rank quicker and easier. We use optimized content, titles and we do the main setup and settings. A few examples bellow:


And again, remember that the real deal is behind the covers, so get the full details HERE

Visit  : Search Engine Marketer

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