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November 10, 2009
Asian friends – New and friendly custom blog
November 26, 2009

Today we have another launch of a new Xtreme blog. This one is into fashion niche, another tough one! Many starters are afraid of going after the bigger niches and just forget  the fact that there are also big money! It’s surely hard to make your way to the top but once there you have much more to gain.

We did our part for this one, you can check it bellow:

  • Customized footer and header
  • Custom ad banners
  • Adsense integrated-not active yet
  • Twitter integration
  • Content based on keywords researched
  • Unique article wizard as extra content source
  • Onlywire plugin with associated account-bookmarks automatically every post
  • Custom theme features
  • Additional support blogs
  • And more…

Some of the support blogs(a few more posts are scheduled for each):


Live : Fashion Spy

Update 2011 – We were visiting our old custom blogs and we were pleased to find this one doing good -still the same and in working order. Of course there is a rather long time for a custom blog in time but as a testimonial to the quality we put into this the fashions spy custom blog is a very good one.


  1. Pretty brilliant!

    Creative and amazing plan and organization!

    Keep it up!

    bangladesh freelance

  2. Belly says:

    I like information about fashion. I am glad to visiting this blog. information about women, shopping and a very comprehensive fashion. thanks

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