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Free Goods Of The Week – Oct. 04
October 5, 2021
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Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – Oct. 04
October 5, 2021
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October 12, 2021

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week


Perfect Your Content For SEO With 2 Content Optimization Tools

WEIGNITEGROWTH.COM — Step 3: Do your research with the SEO Content Template Go to the dashboard, and then to Content Marketing -> SEO Content Template.Put your target keyword in there, and click Create SEO Template.The tool then displays different sections for research and recommendations.Section 1. Top 10 rivalsThe…

12 Free eCommerce WordPress Themes For Online Stores

WWW.WEBDESIGNDEV.COM — Online shopping and ease of internet access have led to more active participation in launching their online business. On the other hand, the ease of internet access has allowed a significant increase in users who browse such eCommerce websites by many folds. Anyone who wants to build an eCommerce…

Best WordPress Themes for Blogs

NEILPATEL.COM — Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission. More people blog on WordPress than any other platform. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need the right theme. WordPress themes determine the layout of your blog, the impression it has on visitors, and how easy it is to navigate.

Influencer Marketing, SEO, and Personal Branding

WWW.ANTHONYGAENZLE.COM — Is your business leveraging the power of visuals in your marketing to grab attention and stand out from the crowd? You’ve heard the popular saying – “Show, don’t tell.” People tend to connect more with visuals than they do with written content. I’m not saying written content isn’t important. It’s…

Local Business SEO Tips and Tactics

INFOGRAPHICB2B.COM — Local search engine promotion – it is the optimisation of the site for user requests from one or more regions. Often this type of SEO is localised for the websites of companies that are closely intertwined with a particular field. For example, you own a small photography studio in the northern…

Ultimate PHP Security Best Practices

WWW.CLOUDWAYS.COM — Since PHP is the backbone for almost every website, therefore, PHP security shouldn’t be considered negligible at any cost. However, PHP developers have the privilege to avoid common threats like cross-site request forgery, SQL injections, and data tampering. And all this comes in handy with the help of PHP built-in security features that make it easier for developers to protect the website.

3 Marvelous JavaScript Tips to Speed Up the Development Process

BETTERPROGRAMMING.PUB — Lately, JavaScript has become the “Write Once Run Everywhere” language in the tech industry thanks to the community behind it. Using it, you can program almost anything. It can be a web, mobile, or desktop application. You can even use it to create neural networks or program drones. Yes, the language is very capable but having some well-tailored tricks for certain situations is what makes a capable JavaScript developer and having these tricks takes many and many years of experience.

SEO Then and SEO Now with Bonnie Burns @Burnsie_SEO #vcbuzz

VIRALCONTENTBEE.COM — Search engine optimization is one the most exciting areas of marketing because it is changing so fast. It’s a young industry but boy it’s maturing! But what exactly has changed and how to adapt? Let’s discuss! Add #VCBuzz chats to your calendar here. Bonnie Burns @Burnsie_SEO has over 20 years of experience in in the world of SEO consultation and practice for web sites, blogs, and social networks.

Internet Business Ideas To Make Money Online

WWW.STARTUPREMEDY.COM — Launching a profitable business is by no means an easy endeavor, nevertheless the internet is loaded with opportunities to make some money. If you’re seeking ways to make money online, then you must have a good business and advertising plan. The amount you earn is dependent upon the commitment invested.

10 Easy Shopify Hacks That Will Boost Sales For Any Store

TOPGROWTHMARKETING.COM — We’ve got a confession to make: we’re lazy. We love finding ways to get the most out of the time we put into store growth. And if you’re trying to balance eCommerce store sales with growing your business, you’ll need all the efficiency you can get. In this article, we put together a list of…

The 40 best horror movies that center women’s stories

MASHABLE.COM — Women and horror movies make for strange bedfellows — yet also simultaneously one of the most fruitful marriages in all of film. For a long time, horror across all mediums was very exclusionary, both in terms of gender and race. It most often still is, despite the fact that many marginalized…

10 excellent Oscar-winning movies on Netflix

MASHABLE.COM — Few nights in Hollywood’s calendar year come close to the glitz and glamour of the Academy Awards. An Oscar statuette is a crowning achievement for anyone involved in the production of film, and those that garner one or more of the little gold boys win the right to label themselves an Academy…

3 Things Serial Entrepreneurship Taught Me

WWW.INC.COM — Kate Holden, an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) member, is the president of EO’s Winnipeg chapter and a serial entrepreneur with companies including De Luca Fine Wines and Flaunt. We asked Kate what she’s learned from being a serial entrepreneur. Here’s what she shared:. If you’re an entrepreneur enjoying success with your first business, you’ve probably thought about launching a second business.

How to use Widgetsmith to create prettier iPhone widgets

MASHABLE.COM — When iOS 14 debuted, iPhone owners everywhere were blessed with widgets. But of course, widgets weren’t perfect – in fact, there weren’t that many widgets even available! The iPhone has widgets available for time, weather, news, email, some social media apps, and a couple other Apple-native apps….

With 1 Move, Apple Just Entered–And Cornered–This $40 Billion Market

WWW.INC.COM — Apple is a technology powerhouse, and yet it’s known for overly long development times and slow releases. It notoriously sits on technology for months, sometimes years before it moves forward with a launch, whether that’s the Airtag or the foldable iPhone. While everyone else races to be the first to release the latest innovation, Apple sits back and shares what it plans to do, while letting others do it first. .

Passwords Aren’t Enough Anymore. Here’s What Else Your Business Needs to Stay Secure

WWW.INC.COM — The average person juggles 100 different passwords, according to security firm NordPass. Consider that for a moment: The login information your employees or your customers use is just one set of many several dozen usernames and passwords they might jot down and forget or misplace at some point. . An estimated 80 percent of data breaches are linked to compromised passwords.

Yeast scientist has some bad news about your sourdough starter

MASHABLE.COM — Internet of Yum digs into all the things that make us drool while we’re checking our feeds. The coronavirus came and the bakers rose to take over social media. Or so it seems as our feeds are filled with people baking sourdough bread and naming their yeast starters these days. But like with every…

How Emotionally Intelligent Mi
nds Like Steve Jobs Use the Rule of 3 to Become Exceptionally Persuasive

WWW.INC.COM — This is a story about Steve Jobs, emotional intelligence, and getting people to see the world the way you want them to see it. If you find it intriguing, I hope you’ll also download my free ebook, Improving Emotional Intelligence 2021. The best way to explain all of this is just to show it. But I hope you’ll read through to the end, for the big revelation that I think makes it even more fascinating.

Whistle-Blower to Accuse Facebook of Contributing to Jan. 6 Riot, Memo Says

WWW.NYTIMES.COM — “We will continue to face scrutiny — some of it fair and some of it unfair,” he said in the memo. “But we should also continue to hold our heads up high.”Here is Mr. Clegg’s memo in full:OUR POSITION ON POLARIZATION AND ELECTIONSYou will have seen the series of articles about us published in the…

Forget The MacBook Pro, Apple Has Something Better Planned

WWW.FORBES.COM — The excitement around Apple’s new MacBook Pro laptops is rising, with fans ready for a reset and reworking on what it means to be a macOS laptop. But there are some warning signs that should make you think again about making an immediate purchase of a new MacBook. Attendees view new…

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