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Free Goods Of The Week – July 08
July 9, 2024
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Free Goods Of The Week – July 15
July 16, 2024
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – July 08
July 9, 2024
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – July 15
July 16, 2024

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

Welcome BuddyBoss to the WPBeginner Family of Products

Today, I’m extremely excited to share that BuddyBoss is joining the Awesome Motive network, and they’re now part of the WPBeginner family of products . BuddyBoss is an all-in-one online community platform for WordPress. You can use it to create a private community with social networking groups, forum discussions, online courses, and more. The best part is that you can even create your own custom

AI Prompting for Writing: How to Get High-Quality Output

Want to improve the quality and consistency of AI’s written output? Wonder how prompts, context, and templates can help? In this article, we explore AI prompting techniques for getting quality written results. Why It’s Important to Balance AI Assistance With Human Creativity and Expertise There are currently two extreme views on artificial intelligence (AI) in […]

Sudare sette camicie

Sweating through seven shirts… That was the definition of work when work was the same thing as physical labor. For many of us, the physical labor is no longer the way we add value. And it’s tempting to imagine that we simply have to show up for the coffee. But it’s still called work. Adding value isn’t easy. As soon as it is, everyone will do it, and our participation becomes less useful.

How to Make a WordPress Disaster Recovery Plan (Expert Tips)

Imagine you have poured your heart and soul into your WordPress website with a beautiful design, engaging content, and a growing audience. But then disaster strikes. Your website crashes, you’re locked out of your dashboard, or your data vanishes. It sounds scary, but in our years of experience, it happens more often than you might think. Website downtime and data loss can be devastating.

Make Sure to Include These 8 Elements in an SEO Content Brief

When it comes to building content that helps you achieve your SEO objectives, ”good” isn’t good enough. Your content has to be tailor-made to achieve your goals. It has to target the right keywords for the right audiences, supply the best information to satisfy the intent behind the queries, and help guide your audience to where they need to go next. This doesn’t happen by chance. Thoughtful prep

WP Briefing: Episode 83: Learning Pathways

Discover how Learning Pathways can guide you through your WordPress journey with clarity and purpose. In the latest episode of WordPress Briefing, host Josepha Haden Chomphosy welcomes special guest Wes Theron to discuss the newly introduced Learning Pathways. These curated lesson sets are tailored to various experience levels, roles, and use cases, ensuring a personalized learning experience for

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Blog in 2024? (A No-Fluff Breakdown From a Serial Blogger)

Confession: I’m squatting on probably 10 different blogs and even more URLs. What can I say? This marketer gets a bit idea-happy — but how much does it cost to start a blog that I can afford this quirky habit? Lucky for people like me, starting a blog costs next to nothing, which is surprising considering its power. Blogs are still one of the most effective ways to share thought leadership, drive

How to Create Your Own Private Community with WordPress

Many of our readers have told us that they find large social media platforms exhausting, and for good reason. There are very few places where people can find niche communities that match their interests without being bombarded by advertisements and dark tactics to get them addicted. This is a massive opportunity for website owners. Whether you sell products or services, teach online courses,

Kazoo lessons

Knowledge and technique used to be closely guarded secrets. Admission to the guild was reserved for a few, and crafts like typesetting, plumbing and medicine were off limits to most folks. One of the reasons for the explosion in productivity and innovation in the last century is that more tools and leverage are available to more people than ever before. But, along the way, we began to prize tools

Blame your tools

Blame the clients. And blame the conditions. But then, you’re on the hook to get better tools, find better clients and work in better conditions. It’s not convenient, but it’s possible. If it’s not worth the effort, we can simply accept what we’ve chosen and get back to work.

Can you draw it on a graph?

Explain it with quadrants? Translate it into Spanish? It’s easy to memorize a few words that purport to explain something, but all they do is relabel it. If you truly understand something, you can use different modalities to help someone else understand it. The magic of a good graph is that it makes the concept itself visible. That’s why most graphs aren’t any good. They’re made by folks who don’

Square Zero: 5 Survival Tips for Better Keyword Research

It’s a situation you have never before found yourself in. It is fraught with anticipation— and potentially danger. Oftentimes it can be the difference between success or failure. It is the square zero experience, and if you find yourself developing a keyword glossary that will drive your digital marketing campaigns for an indefinite amount of time, you might be in one. To explore the topic in fur

New Variation of WordFence Evasion Malware

We recently came across an infected WordPress environment which contained a new variation of WordFence evasion malware using some sneaky tactics to conceal itself from view. The site administrator was reporting some issues with potential credit card theft malware on their website, but they had already removed that themselves by the time we arrived at the scene. What we did find, though, was a ver

8 Best Lead Magnet Tools to Skyrocket Conversions (Compared)

At WPBeginner, we’ve been using different types of lead magnets for over a decade now to get readers to subscribe to our email list. So far, we have built lead magnets like ebooks, free tools, giveaways, checklists, and a lot more. We have also used dozens of lead magnet tools, including an ebook builder, an optin form creator to build optin forms, and email newsletter tools to grow an email list

The paradox of lessons

The people most likely to sign up for coaching or additional learning are the folks who are already good at their craft. “I’m terrible at this,” can lead to, “and I don’t want to be reminded of it.” Or perhaps, “I don’t want to waste their time,” or, “I’m never going to get better.” When it’s possible to get better, embracing mediocrity isn’t a useful strategy. I’d rather have a surgeon who regul

A Simple Guide To AI Content Marketing

Most content marketers are experimenting with AI, but figuring out how to use it effectively can be challenging. While some…

How to Import Gravity Forms Entries: The Ultimate Guide

If you need to import Gravity Forms entries into WordPress, there are dedicated plugins for the job. Gravity Kit’s GravityImport and GravityMigrate tools are excellent ways to do this in a flash. In this post, we’ll look at how to import entries with both plugins!

WPBeginner Turns 15 Years Old – Reflections, Updates, and a Giveaway ($50,000 in Prizes)

It’s quite surreal to type that WPBeginner turns 15 years old today! Time flies when you’re having fun especially with such an amazing community of website owners, small businesses, and web professionals. YOU ARE the best part of WPBeginner! Like every year, I will take a few minutes to share all the major things that are happening in the business as well as my personal life. But more importantly

Forget Everything You Know About Social Media: Embracing Chaos

Are you struggling to make social media work for you? Wondering how your marketing needs to change? In this article, we’ll explore how marketers can embrace changing times. The Evolving Challenges of Social Media Marketing Marketers face numerous challenges regarding their social media presence today. The rules of the game have changed significantly in recent […]

Cat and mouse games

I hope that most of us would agree that driving 50 mph in a school zone where little kids cross the street is a significant safety problem. The speed limit is there for good reason, and if you selfishly and recklessly blow through the crosswalk, you ought to get a summons. Municipalities can now hire a service that uses an automated speed camera to find the scofflaws and issue summonses directly,

WordPress User Enumeration: Risks & Mitigation Steps

Sucuri Blog / 5d

User enumeration is a technique used by attackers to discover valid usernames associated with a CMS or website. By exploiting certain features, bad actors can compile a list of usernames, which can then be used to launch brute force attacks. These attacks systematically try various password combinations to gain unauthorized access to user accounts on your WordPress site. The consequences can be

Software done well

There are a few tools I use regularly that make me smile, because the craftspeople who made them decided to build something with extra magic and care. By using and paying for well crafted software, we often get far more than we pay for… Ecamm is the tool I use for all my online talks, recordings and meetings. It’s really powerful, so it’ll take some time to get good at it, but the responsiveness

Everything You Need to Know about B2B Influencer Contracts and Payments

In today’s market, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an avenue of marketing that’s both free and effective. Despite what some might lead you to believe, B2B influencers will expect more than brand exposure in exchange for their services. Unlike B2C influencer marketing, B2B agencies and brands often cannot offer products in exchange for their work — not because of any rules, but because their offeri

Leadpages Review: High-Converting Landing Pages Without the Need for Code

Looking for a way to generate more leads on your WordPress site? A landing page builder might be the solution you’re after. I take a detailed look at Leadpages and explore it’s feature set, so you can decide if it’s the right landing page builder for you.

How to Make a Classified Ads Website with WordPress (Step by Step)

Many of our readers ask us about different ways to make money online with WordPress. While starting an online store or doing affiliate marketing are straightforward options, you might also be interested in creating a classified ads website. A classified ads website is an online marketplace where users can post ads for things they want to sell, buy, or trade. This could be anything from used furni

Avoiding the trap questions

A trick question is designed to fool us into proposing the wrong answer (example below). A trap question, on the other hand, stops the train completely. A trap question demands an answer, and the answer will paralyze us and keep us from the work at hand. “Yes, but how many followers does your brand have on Insta?” is a trap question. So is, “Are you sure you’re prepared enough for the talk you ha

WordPress 6.6 RC2

is ready for download and testing! This version of the WordPress software is under development . Please do not install, run, or test this version of WordPress on production or mission-critical websites. Instead, please evaluate RC2 on a test server or a local environment. Reaching this phase of the release cycle is a worthy achievement. While release candidates are considered ready for release,

How to Contact WordPress Support (Complete Beginner’s Guide)

Have you ever run into a problem on your WordPress website and are unsure where to turn for help? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! WordPress is a powerful platform, but even for beginners, things can sometimes go wrong. This is where you need someone to guide you or help you troubleshoot issues on your website. WordPress doesn’t offer direct support to its users. But across our 16+ years of using t

Creating an AI Assistant: How to Get Started

Wondering if AI could help you make better decisions, faster? Thinking of using AI to help you perform better? In this article, we explore how to create an AI assistant. Understanding AI Assistants An artificial intelligence (AI) assistant is essentially a digital helper that can take on various tasks for you. It’s like having a […]


It’s pretty easy for some kids to switch gears. They can go from sad to ebullient in seconds, and switch contexts without much fuss. Others have more trouble. As we get older, our natural ability to thrive in a new situation can decrease. But, like a muscle or a skill, it responds to practice. The same is true for organizations. As the world changes faster and faster, it seems clear that …

WordCamp Europe, Supply Chain Attack, More Acquisitions ?? July 2024 WordPress News w/ WPShout

Howdy, WordPress friends. In this edition, I’ll cover WordCamp Europe 2024 (and tell you more about its venue in 2025), an ongoing supply chain attack that’s affecting lots of plugins/WordPress sites (make sure your sites are safe), several new WordPress acquisitions, and plenty more news and tidbits.

Markup for WooCommerce Review: Adjust Product Prices In a Snap

Looking for a way to add product markup to WooCommerce? We take an in-depth look at Markup for WooCommerce, so you can decide if it’s the right plugin to help you start adding price markups to your online store.

Why You Need an Influencer Strategy (and How to Build One)

“We want to do influencer marketing!” We hear this a lot. But it tends to come with other questions: “ How do we go about it? What will go into it? And, how will we measure it?” Sound familiar? It’s like when you say, I want to go on an overseas trip for vacation this year. But, where do you want to go and when? Your vacation planning needs to include a destination, airline tickets, accommodation

11 eCommerce Website Maintenance Tips – How to Maintain Your Store

Just like a well-maintained car runs smoother and lasts longer, a well-maintained eCommerce website delivers a better customer experience and helps your business thrive. Let’s face it: keeping your online store running smoothly can sometimes feel difficult. But neglecting maintenance can lead to security vulnerabilities, frustrated customers, and ultimately lost sales. At WPBeginner, we have over

The lazy jugglers

The best jugglers don’t seem to be trying very hard. That’s because they understand what the work involves, and they don’t confuse effort with results. Some approaches to keep in mind: Focus on the work at hand Don’t take on

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