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Free Goods Of The Week – Sep. 18
September 19, 2023
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Free Goods Of The Week – Sep. 25
September 26, 2023
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – Sep. 18
September 19, 2023
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – Sep. 25
September 26, 2023

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week


ChatGPT for you

AI is a mystery. To many, it’s a threat. It turns out that understanding a mystery not only makes it feel less like a threat, it gives us the confidence to make it into something better. I use ChatGPT4 just about every day, and I’m often surprised at how frequently it surprises me, good and bad. There’s really no good reason not to play with it, put it to work and get smart about what’s happening

How to Find & Fix Japanese SEO Spam

Japanese SEO Spam, also known as “Japanese keyword hack” or “Japanese SEO poisoning,” is a spammy search engine optimization technique used by black hat SEO artists to make a website show up in search engine results for spam keywords in Japanese language when they shouldn’t. In this post, we’ll detail what Japanese SEO spam is, how it affects your website, examples of the malware, and steps you c

Shopify vs WooCommerce (WordPress) – Which Is Best For eCommerce In 2023

Choosing between Shopify and WooCommerce for your eCommerce store in 2023? Dive into our detailed comparison covering costs, ease of use, payment options, and integrations. Discover which platform aligns best with your business needs and budget. Start your online venture with the right tools! The post ” ” first appeared on WP Mayor .

Introduction to MITRE ATT&CK – Featuring Version 12 (2023)

Have you ever wondered how to create a prioritized list of threat actors? Or identify what malicious tactics and techniques are most relevant? Or what security controls should be improved first? The MITRE ATT&CK Framework can help. Version 12 has just been released and this blog will help you understand what the Framework is and what’s new. What is MITRE? MITRE is a US-based not-for-profit

Tidio Review

AI chatbots have a ton to offer: they learn fast, work 24/7, can engage in multiple conversations at once, and … Read More » The post Tidio Review appeared first on .

On-Page Optimization: A Top Agency’s Guide to Publishing Content for SEO

What’s worse — no traffic or traffic with no conversions? No matter the answer, you lose. That’s why one of… Continue Reading The post appeared first on Copyblogger .

B2B Marketing Expert Interview Series: Feeling B2B with Ann Handley #MPB2B

We’re feeling the excitement mount as we are now just over two weeks away from the MaketingProfs B2B Forum! As a lead-up to this event, we’ve been sharing an ongoing interview series, “Feeling B2B,” exploring the emotions behind B2B marketing with top minds in the industry. These conversations range from Joe Pulizzi’s insights into unconventional content marketing tactics to Ahava Leibtag’s thoug

How Sorority Rush Became Big Social Media Business

Sorority recruitment has transformed from a secretive process to big social media business. In the fall of 2021, sorority rush at the University of Alabama took TikTok by storm, effectively becoming RushTok. During that recruitment season, sorority hopefuls posted daily TikTok vlogs sharing everything from their outfits of the day, to what they’re carrying in their bags, documenting the entire pr

8 Fastest WordPress Hosting in 2023 (Performance Tests)

Are you looking for the fastest WordPress hosting? Fast hosting can help your website load more quickly. Fast loading pages improve user experience, increase your pageviews, and help with your WordPress SEO. In this article, we will share our performance test results to help you find the fastest WordPress hosting for your website. Why Fast WordPress Hosting Is Important Do you want a fast WordPress

Manatal Review

High-volume recruiters have a lot to handle—from creating job descriptions and posting on recruiting boards to sifting through endless resumes … Read More » The post Manatal Review appeared first on .

Chili Piper Review

In order to boost your revenue, you need quality leads that convert into paying customers. You also need tools to … Read More » The post Chili Piper Review appeared first on .

How to Create Captivating Content for Facebook

These days, Facebook has become a powerful platform for businesses and individuals alike to engage with their audience. However, with billions of active users and tons of content vying for attention, it can be challenging to create captivating and memorable posts that stand out from the crowd. In this blog post, you will find out six tips to help you create compelling content that captures the he

What Is a Content Marketing Strategy?

You’ve probably noticed that some companies have similar publishing schedules and content workflow processes, yet the results they achieve are… Continue Reading The post appeared first on Copyblogger .

How to Run a Perfect Kickoff Meeting

Starting your project without a kickoff meeting is like hiking without a map. Sure, you might enjoy some cool trails, but you’ll probably get lost without a map and a clear plan. The same happens when launching projects without a kickoff meeting. Only with solid communication and a plan can you keep your project on track. It’s like a GPS helping you reach your destination. Let’s learn more about

How to Easily Add Emojis to Your SEO Title in WordPress

Are you looking to add emojis to your SEO title in WordPress? Boosting the click-through rates (CTR) on your blog posts can make a huge impact on your traffic and your bottom line. Emojis are visually appealing and help your page stand out. In this post, we will show you how to add emojis to your SEO title in WordPress so you can stand out in search results and bring more traffic to your website.

TikTok Changes That Affect Marketers

Are you up to date on changes from TikTok? Wondering which TikTok updates are important to marketers? In this article, we explore TikTok changes that affect your marketing. #1: TikTok Shop TikTok has officially launched TikTok Shop in the US, opening up major new ecommerce opportunities for brands and creators. With TikTok Shop, brands can […] The post appeared first on Social Media Examiner .

Convenience and scams

The scam era is upon us. Aided by AI, borderless currency and the internet of things, there are more people than ever before making a living hustling to steal, impersonate, defraud and otherwise violate our trust. When the world was inconvenient, this was difficult. The banker met with you in person, so did the charitable fundraiser and your second cousin. The very convenience we’ve leaned into–d

Introducing Reseller – Automate Your Digital Agency

Today we are officially releasing our new Reseller platform, the end-to-end way to sell hosting, domains, templates, support and services through your own white-label portal, on your own domain. Exclusively available for WPMU DEV Agency members, we’ve built this platform from the ground up to make selling-sites-while-you-sleep a reality. Read on to see how you can use Reseller to create your own

Billdu Review

Billdu is an invoicing app that makes it incredibly easy to manage the invoicing process. You can generate invoices, send … Read More » The post Billdu Review appeared first on .

WP Briefing: Episode 62: Enterprise Clients and the Business of WordPress

Join WordPress Executive Director Josepha Haden Chomphosy as she discusses the role WordPress Enterprise plays along with the WordPress community. Have a question you’d like answered? You can submit them to , either written or as a voice recording. Credits Host: Josepha Haden Chomphosy Editor: Dustin Hartzler Logo: Javier Arce Production: Brett McSherry Song: Fearless Fir

Elevate B2B Marketing News Weekly Roundup: Influencer Marketing’s Growing Importance & Adobe’s New AI

Improved B2B Marketing and Sales Alignment Bodes Well for Growth 51 percent of B2B marketers have said that they are aligned with sales in 2023 — up from 44 percent during 2022, while 53 percent of B2B salespeople noted alignment with marketing — up from 42 percent in 2022, with the leading challenge faced by both sales and marketing departments being differing data and systems, according to newl

How to Switch Platforms as a Creator and Amass New Followers

Nowadays, it seems like new social media platforms are cropping up while older ones crumble. Think about how the fall of Vine gave way for Instagram videos to gain popularity and how many Vine content creators had to pivot to platforms like Instagram and, later, TikTok. Social media influencers and content creators must always be ready to jump to new platforms or incorporate them into their marke

A Conversation with Hotjar: How They Scaled Organic Traffic Into Millions

User empathy is at the heart of everything we do at Hotjar, and that extends into our content strategy. It is how we grew non-branded organic search traffic by 734% in just 3 years (2022 versus 2019). More importantly, it is also how we were able to turn this traffic into 1,398% growth in new paying customers during the same time period. Our annual non-branded new visitor numbers are now in the m

How to Mix Data Science and AI Without Expertise in Either (Expert Tips & Tools)

As a marketer, you‘ve likely noticed data’s importance in decision-making and strategizing. You’re also probably tired of being bogged down with manually collecting and reporting data. Data science is integral to the marketing world, but time is money, and the time you spend working with large datasets could go toward performing other tasks, such as content marketing. Fortunately, artificial inte

WP Engine vs. GoDaddy: Which One Will Supercharge Your WordPress Site

Choosing between WP Engine and GoDaddy for your WordPress hosting? Dive into our comprehensive comparison of their core features, performance, security, and pricing. Discover the pros and cons of each platform, real-time speed data, and insights into their hosting dashboards. Whether you prioritize budget, speed, or security, our review will guide you to the best choice for your unique WordPress

How to Sell Your WooCommerce Products on Instagram

Are you looking for a way to sell products on Instagram? By selling your products on Instagram, you can reach a wider audience, generate more sales, and even create a sense of community around your brand. In this article, we will show you how to easily sell your WooCommerce products on Instagram. We will cover a lot of topics in this post, and you can use the quick links below to jump to the diff

Facebook Messenger for Business: How to Analyze and Optimize Your Strategy

Want to engage more customers with Messenger on Facebook? Is your current Facebook Messenger strategy working? In this article, you’ll learn how to use Facebook messaging insights to track and improve your Messenger


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