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August 16, 2010
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September 13, 2010

Another month passed and we are yet again late in posting our updates…Sorry for this but this is a sign of ow usy we are and we had been in the past months…

August was one of  the most challenging months we had so far, with many launches and loads of other orders. We will present soon some of the new custom blogs we had launched in august. My personal grief remains those clients that, after we had finished our work, just disappear and they never return the emails…We made it abundantly clear in our offer, posts, emails and even in our first email that customers will receive after payment that WE NEED testimonials and our price is set accordingly to a lower one just to get those testimonials! Please do NOT order if you’re not willing to make a short video, audio or even a thank you email tat we can use. We do fully refund those deciding not to testify after payment.

That being said, you could see latest testimonials we received from our client John JP Carroll – click for the  latest testimonial. You can also visit his blog on Personal development coaching.

And lastly, our Xtreme Forum is yet again left from completion due to the other tasks, but we are trying to make it happen as soon as possible. We have added a few more video samples for our video services, make sure you check them on the Video Production Services page.

New spots are open if you’re interested in new custom blog, make sure to check our Offer and email us fo any questions you might have.

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