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Free Goods Of The Week – May 13
May 14, 2024
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Free Goods Of The Week – May 13
May 14, 2024

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Adopting AI for Business: Where to Begin

Are you curious about AI’s role in marketing and business? Wondering about the practical and privacy implications of using AI in your work? In this episode, we explore how to begin adopting AI in your business. The Benefits and Challenges of AI Adoption To understand why artificial intelligence (AI) matters and how it can benefit […]

Social Media’s Role in Reshaping Online Shopping, According to Retailers

Social buying. Everyone and their mama is doing it — or maybe it‘s just me and my family. I’m consistently tagged in posts (thank you, cousin) about adorable gifts, must-have outfits, and the like. Now, I’m a content marketer who knows when I’m being sold to, but even I get lured by social posts with irresistible products. And I know I’m not alone — as of 2024, over 110 million Americans (roughly

9 Best Zendesk Alternatives for Small Businesses

Are you looking for Zendesk alternatives for your small business’s customer support? You’re not alone. While Zendesk is a popular choice, many users have complained about its high costs, complex interface, and limited support. These factors are important for small businesses, where every penny and minute counts. Here at WPBeginner, we understand these challenges firsthand. We’ve tested many differences

WP Briefing: Episode 79: Why Start a WordPress Media Corps (and Why Now?)

There’s a new initiative in the WordPress community: the WordPress Media Corps. In today’s episode of the WordPress Briefing, you’ll find out how it came to be, first as a nugget of an idea during the pandemic and now as an active experiment. Learn how this shift in focus values the ongoing impact, and often invisible effort, of independent WordPress media—and seeks to help them more easily deliver…

Mergers and Acquisitions in the Web Industry: Who’s Really in Charge?

A trend toward consolidation in WordPress has been going on for at least a decade now, but it’s not only limited to WordPress. All aspects of the web industry have been affected by it. In this post, we’ll introduce you to five mergers and acquisitions from recent history.

Invention or discovery?

We can agree that Isaac Newton didn’t invent gravity. It was here all along, but he gets some credit for naming it and describing it. And Columbus definitely didn’t discover North America. There had been people living here for tens of thousands of years before he arrived. After Niels Bohr began describing quantum mechanics, the atomic bomb became inevitable. The laws of physics combined with the…

2024 B2B Influencer Marketing Statistics and Trends

Here at TopRank Marketing we do more than just plan and execute B2B influencer marketing programs. We also conduct research on the state of B2B influencer marketing at companies across multiple industries. The statistics and trends surfaced by this report and the iterations that preceded it are incredibly valuable for any B2B marketer looking to start or expand an influencer marketing program. Le

AidWP Review – A WordPress Stripe Donation Plugin

Looking for the best WordPress Stripe donation plugin? There are a few different ways to accept donations in WordPress. Donations are a must-have for non-profits, those running fundraisers, and creators offering unique pricing. We take a look at AidWP to see if it’s the best solution for accepting Stripe donations and payments on your WordPress site.

How to Promote Your Content as a Creator

You spend countless hours editing video content to perfection, writing the perfectly optimized blog post, and putting together the absolute best resources for social media … only to realize that you still have to convince people to actually view your content. Your content could have the secrets to world peace and curing jet lag, but it doesn’t matter unless people actually see it. The importance

Demystifying Marketing’s 6 Biggest Mixed Messages of 2024 with Jasper’s Head of Enterprise Marketing

Welcome to HubSpot’s Expert Edge Series , where we interview top execs at major brands to explore their perspectives on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the industry. ” Use AI. But not too much AI … and in the right ways.” “Optimize for SEO – but it’s changing completely and irrevocably, so also optimize for other channels.” “Speed and relevancy are top priorities.

How to Fix Featured Image Not Showing in WordPress

Are you looking for ways to fix your featured image not showing in WordPress? Featured images give visitors a glimpse of what’s to come in your blog posts and pages. So, when they don’t appear on your site, it can be frustrating and immediately hurt your click-through rates. That said, in this article, we’ll show you how to fix featured images not appearing in WordPress so that your content gets

Pet quirks

Peeves make lousy pets. They undermine us and put us on edge. But quirks? Little eccentricities we see in the world that offer a cost-free smile. Habits or interactions that always make us a little lighter on our feet and open the door to better… They’re easy to find, not hard to adopt and don’t take much maintenance. Where are yours?

The strategy sessions

I’m workshopping a new book. For the last few months, I’ve been feverishly writing a book about strategy. Strategy for individuals, small organizations and large ones as well. Strategy for someone seeking to make a difference, and strategy for people who do projects. Starting this week, I’ll be leading a series of discussions and talks inside of . is a cohort of about on

I fixed it for you

Creativity is about hope and possibility. It gives us a chance to make things better. Plenty has been written about the sad iPad ad that Apple just apologized for. It wasn’t just out of character for the story Apple tells, it was a cheap hack, taking the nihilism and helplessness that some are spreading and trying to turn it into a well-crafted commercial. But when we watch it in reverse

How to White Label WordPress Development for Digital Agencies (8 Tips)

Are you a digital agency owner looking for a white-label WordPress development service? Running an agency and managing your clients is tough work. That’s why many agency owners choose to work with white-label partners for their WordPress website projects. Since we have plenty of WordPress experience, we’ve put together this guide to help you white-label your WordPress development. In this article

Success is not an option

In any creative endeavor, it’s possible to define success as the big win, the moment when your dreams match reality. Success is the end of imposter syndrome, stability and finally making it to the other side. By this definition, it’s clear that success isn’t going to happen. It’s incompatible with the reason you do this work in the first place. Sure, some projects are going to work. ..

HTMX Might Be a Big Deal for WordPress

A brief overview of what HTMX is, how it challenges the we way we build modern user interfaces on the web, and the potential impact it could have on WordPress plugin development.

What is HTTP Error 502 Bad Gateway & How to Troubleshoot It

Website errors can be a real test of patience. One common culprit is the 502 bad gateway error. Known for its ubiquity across the web, it doesn’t discriminate between small WordPress sites or well-known services like Gmail, Twitter, or Instagram. You may encounter a 502 Bad Gateway error when a server upstream (i.e. one closer to the website than the client’s end) either fails to receive a valid

13 Writing Side Hustles To Earn An Extra $1,000

This post will introduce you to 13 excellent writing side hustles you can pursue to make an additional $1,000 to…

6 Tips to Create More Interactive Forms in WordPress and Increase Conversions

Do you want to make your forms more interactive and boost their conversions? In my experience, the difference between a website that converts and one that doesn’t often lies in how users interact with elements like forms. Today, I am going to share six easy-to-implement tips for creating more interactive forms in WordPress. These tips have been tested and proven to increase leads, conversions..

3 Persuasion Techniques You Should Know

Welcome to Creator Columns , where we bring expert HubSpot Creator voices to the Blogs that inspire and help you grow better. I’ve spent 200 hours interviewing persuasion experts. In this blog, I share the persuasion tactics that actually work. You’ll learn why persuasion attempts work better if you ask for action in the future (rather than the present). You’ll learn the tiny tweak that persuaded

2024 WordPress Hosting Survey: According to 1,800+ Respondents, Hostinger Wins the Popularity Contest

Our regular readers know that we’ve been conducting hosting surveys ever since 2016. This initiative has grown to become the biggest WordPress hosting survey on the web. Roughly once every 1-2 years, we look at the lineup of the most popular WordPress hosting companies and ask our readers to assess their actual long-term experience with those companies.

Using LinkedIn to Increase Your Sales

Are you looking for strategies to find and convert your ideal prospects? Are you taking full advantage of LinkedIn? In this article, you’ll discover proven tactics to identify your target audience, craft compelling messages, and guide prospects through your sales funnel on LinkedIn. Why Should Marketers Focus on LinkedIn for Sales? LinkedIn has emerged as […]

Cats and dogs

Does your brand have a personality? When people expect you to act a certain way, you have a brand. And that expectation is worth understanding. Can you help us understand whether you’re a cat or a dog in the way you react, respond, delight or sneak around? And if you’re a dog, what sort?

The Intersection of Generative AI and Marketing Data

Using AI for content is a little like using a crowbar for a hammer. Yes, it can get the job done, but it’s going to be a messy process with uneven results. AI is a great tool for researching content , even generating outlines and rough drafts, but it should be used sparingly on the content drafting side of things. Where AI really shines in marketing is in data analysis. AI and machine learning al

B2B Podcasting: The What, Why and How of Better B2B Podcasts

Podcasts are very easy to create and launch. Anyone with a microphone and an internet connection can have a podcast listed on Apple and YouTube and ready for consumption. On the flipside, the low barrier of entry means it’s hard to get a new podcast noticed. And the ease of putting out a podcast can hide how difficult it can be to make a good podcast, one that people will be compelled to listen…

Why Marketers Should Be Excited About LinkedIn’s New CTV Ads for B2B Campaigns

At its recent B2Believe Conference, LinkedIn announced LinkedIn Connected TV (CTV), a new product offering that will allow B2B marketers to tap into audiences off-platform, and onto the big screen at home. With notable CTV publishers on board – including Roku, Samsung, and NBCUniversal – clients can now utilize LinkedIn’s campaign manager to purchase streaming ads. But that’s not all.

Starting a Photo Canvas Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

Starting a photo canvas business can be a rewarding venture for creative entrepreneurs. This guide will walk you through each step from conceptualizing your idea to launching your product, ensuring you have a solid foundation for success. Understand the Market for Photo Canvases Before you dive into the world of printing and selling photo canvases, it’s crucial to grasp who your potential customer

SquareSync for Woo Review: An Excellent Way to Sync Your Multichannel Inventory and Orders

Syncing your product and order data between online and offline locations can be a nightmare. This is where our SquareSync for Woo review could give you the answer! We’ll look at what the plugin offers for multichannel commerce, and give your our take on if it’s valuable for your business!

How to Write an RFP for Grants – Everything You Need to Know

Beth Goldowitz, who’s been managing nonprofit organizations for the past 20 years, says that when “managed correctly, grants can keep organizations afloat. They’re stable and predictable, a revenue stream that the organization can count on for the duration of a contract.” But do you know how long it takes to write a single grant application? Over 30 hours, and considering that grant writers usual

302 Redirect vs 301 Redirect – Best Practices (Explained)

Are you wondering what’s the different between 302 vs 301 redirects? Redirects are important for providing a great user experience and helping search engines better understand your site. 302 and 301 are types of redirects you can use for different situations. In this article, we will compare 302 redirect vs 301 redirect. We’ll also show the best practices when using redirects in WordPress. ..

How to Diversify Your Marketing Agency Pipeline

Is your agency too reliant on one client or industry? Wondering how to evaluate new market opportunities to determine if they’re a good fit? In this article, you’ll discover how to diversify your pipeline for agency stability and growth. Why Having a Diversified Pipeline Is Essential for the Health and Stability of Your Agency Building […]

The defensive arrogance of TL;DR

Ever since there has been high school, there has been the instinct to read the Cliffs Notes. The internet took this idea, added a gratuitous semicolon and perfected Too Long; Didn’t Read. This is the mistakenly proud assertion that we are far too busy and too important to read the whole thing, we skimmed a summary instead. At first glance, it seems as though AI is good at this. ..

What is HTTP Error 429: Too Many Requests

Encountering the HTTP Error 429 can be frustrating for both website owners and users. Error 429 is an HTTP status code indicating that a user has sent too many requests in a given amount of time. Websites and servers implement rate limiting to manage their resources efficiently and ensure equitable access for all users. In this post, we’ll dive into what 429 errors mean and how to fix them…

WordPress 6.5.3 Maintenance Release

WordPress 6.5.3 is now available! This minor release features 12 bug fixes in Core and 9 bug fixes for the block editor . You can review a summary of the maintenance updates in this release by reading the Release Candidate announcement . WordPress 6.5.3 is a short-cycle release. The next major release will be version 6.6 planned for July 2024. If you have sites that support automatic background …

From Concept to Client: Streamlining Website Deliveries with Elementor Hosting

Explore how Elementor Hosting simplifies collaboration, speeds up project timelines, and ensures a smooth transition to clients. Whether you’re a solo designer or part of a larger agency, learn how to leverage the power of Elementor Hosting to deliver high-quality websites that delight clients and streamline your workflow from start to finish. The post ” ” first appeared on WP Mayor .

How to Prevent WordPress SQL Injection Attacks (7 Tips)

Do you want to prevent WordPress SQL injection attacks? SQL injection is a security vulnerability that hackers can use to attack your website database. Once they do that, an attacker can read your sensitive data, modify it, and take control of your entire database. In this article, we will share some actionable tips to prevent SQL injection attacks in WordPress, step by step.

Boost Your Email List: 3 Easy Tactics to Expand Your Reach

Welcome to Creator Columns , where we bring expert HubSpot Creator voices to the Blogs that inspire and help you grow better. What keeps you up at night? If one of those things is building an email list, you’re not alone, my friend. I spent years (and lost MANY thousands of dollars) procrastinating my own email list, and I know how to get to the other side. My name is Amy, and I’ve made a career…

The half-life of magic

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke Try to imagine the you of twenty years ago holding a Rabbit R1, or using a cell phone or being able to listen to every song, ever recorded, for just a few dollars a month. We don’t just take these once magic items for granted, now we express frustration that they’re not better or cheaper or faster.

All in One Accessibility Review: AI-Powered Accessibility for WordPress

Looking for a way to improve your WordPress site accessibility? All in One Accessibility is an easy-to-use plugin that adds a user-friendly accessibility widget to the front end of your site. It solves the accessibility problem you’ve been facing very simply. We explore if this tool is the accessibility solution you’ve been looking for.

How to Get Started with AI as a Content Creator

Welcome to The Creative, a series that gives content creators actionable advice from professionals in the creator economy. Read The Creative to learn how to grow your platform, improve your content, and stay ahead in the ever-shifting creator landscape. Artificial intelligence is a bit of a controversial topic in the world of content creation. In an industry that prides itself on creativity and …

X in 2023: A Recap of Everything Marketers & Advertisers Need to Know

When rumors started swirling about Twitter changing its name to X, I couldn’t believe it at first. But then, in July 2023 , as I searched for my favorite blue icon on the phone, I found a black icon instead. It had actually happened! Elon Musk had indeed decided to re-brand this popular platform, choosing to dismantle something iconic. Something that has existed for 18 years. Some people say it‘s…

How to Create a One-Click Checkout in WordPress (5 Ways)

Are you looking to learn how to create a one-click checkout in WordPress? Optimizing checkout for a smoother experience for customers is one of the highest priorities when running an eCommerce site. Specifically, adding a one-click checkout in WordPress helps users complete transactions faster, which makes them more likely to return. In this article, you’ll learn how to create a one-click checkout…

She’s here!

Some restaurants keep a photo of the local reviewer in the kitchen. The thinking is that if someone notices she’s in the building, everyone can up their game. And some musicians wait eagerly for A&R person to be in the crowd. If they really kill it tonight, a record deal might ensue. The most resilient approach, of course, is to act as if. What if this is your most important post, or your last on…

Don’t rush

…but hurry. The words matter. Rushing has a built-in excuse. Rushing pushes us to skip steps or ship junk. But hurrying acknowledges how precious this moment in time is. It honors our good fortune to be in this place, able to contribute something generous.

Beyond CRM

Many marketers spend time with their CRM systems. Expensive cloud-based tools that automate Customer Relationship Management. Maybe customers don’t want to be managed. They probably don’t. It might be more useful to think of our most important work as customer relationship leadership . CRL is voluntary. It’s done with customers and for them, not to them. It’s not an app, it’s a point of view.

A Simple Guide To Content Marketing For Small Businesses

Content marketing can be a powerful tool to drive customers, but many business owners find that their content earns little…

What is a Web Safe Font + 19 Best Web Safe Fonts (Beginner’s Guide)

Are you wondering what a web-safe font is and what the best web-safe fonts are to use for WordPress? Imagine pouring weeks or months into designing a beautiful website. You’ve checked all the boxes, paying attention to details like choosing the right website theme and even building out the important web pages for your business. The only problem? Your perfectly crafted site is marred by unreadable…

The other choices

The intentional, noticed choices are obvious. “Vanilla or chocolate?” But most of the choices we live with are unseen. They’re expensive, challenging and invisible. When we plan an event with an outdoor component, we’re choosing to be anxious about the weather in the week leading up to the big day. When we buy something with a credit card, we’re choosing the long-term cost of paying the ongoing …

Mal.Metrica Redirects Users to Scam Sites

One of our analysts recently identified a new Mal.Metrica redirect scam on compromised websites, but one that requires a little bit of effort on the part of the victim. It’s another lesson for web users to be careful what they click on, and to be wary of anything suspicious that pops up in their browser — even if it’s coming from a website that they would otherwise trust.

7 Ways to Grow Your Email List (and Your Revenue) in 2024

Welcome to Creator Columns , where we bring expert HubSpot Creator voices to the Blogs that inspire and help you grow better. If you want to double your sales, you need to double your email list. Your list is a direct line of contact to reach the people who are interested in what you have to offer and an asset that you own and control. Serving an engaged email list, no matter the size, is a tried…

Audio AI: How AI Is Changing Podcasts, Audiobooks & More

Welcome to Creator Columns , where we bring expert HubSpot Creator voices to the Blogs that inspire and help you grow better. We are undeniably in the golden age of audio content. But what’s even more interesting is that we’re also in the early days of AI-generated audio content. AI-generated podcasts, AI-transcribed audiobooks, and AI-generated music are now more accessible than ever before.

How to Create an Effective Content Plan in WordPress (9 Expert Tips)

Are you hitting a brick wall trying to plan upcoming content for your blog or business website? A WordPress website is a powerful tool. But so many business owners waste their potential by not being intentional about the content they create. The right content will attract the right visitors. It will answer their questions and provide the information they are searching for. Plus, it can help you g Redesigns, Jetpack Stats Pricing, Woo Rebranding ?? May 2024 WordPress News w/ WPShout

Check-in for the latest WordPress news, including Jetpack Stats going paid, Woo rebranding, redesigns, and lots, lots more.

Managing Ideas: A Framework for Unlocking Creativity

Do your best ideas get lost? Are you looking for a proven process to capture and act on your ideas? In this article, you’ll discover how to create systems to help you better manage your ideas. Why Is Idea Management Important? In today’s fast-paced, information-driven world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume […]

Comfort and convenience

For the last thirty years, the easiest shortcut has been convenience. If a marketer or a politician or an institution wants to gain acceptance, make it convenient. Tim Wu has pointed out that we’ll trade almost anything to save aa

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