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Free Goods Of The Week – Mar. 26
March 26, 2024
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April 2, 2024
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – Mar. 26
March 26, 2024
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Free Goods Of The Week – Apr. 01
April 2, 2024

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

12 Recruiting Email Examples I Love (For Your Inspiration)

If you’re active on LinkedIn, you’ve probably received random messages from recruiters inquiring about putting you in their talent pipeline. I’ve received countless generic recruiting messages that make it clear that no one paid attention to my account. Messages have arrived in languages that I don’t speak, or they’ve sent a copy-pasted recruiting email template to dozens of potential candidates.

Email Marketing Showdown: FluentCRM vs MailPoet vs MailChimp

FluentCRM, MailPoet, and MailChimp are all widely used email marketing tools. But how do you choose the best tool for your site? Every WordPress site is different, and so are your emailing needs. Learn what makes each tool stand out so you can find the best option for your site and budget.

What Makes a B2B SEO Content Strategy Unique?

TopRank Marketing has worked with clients in both the B2B and B2C realms over the last two decades. In that time, we have definitely witnessed the much-discussed convergence of these two previously diametric categories; the so-called consumerization of B2B . But we also fully recognize the enduring factors that distinguish successful marketing in B2B versus B2C. Even as brands rightfully embrace

Common Affiliate Marketing Scams and How to Avoid Them

At WPBeginner, we have been on both sides of affiliate marketing as affiliate marketers and as businesses running affiliate programs. With over a decade of expertise, we have encountered all types of affiliate marketing scams and frauds. While most folks in the affiliate business are honest, hardworking people, there are always people trying to make a quick buck at the expense of others. Here, we

Eliminate Fixed Costs: Financial Tips for Marketing Agencies

Are fixed costs threatening your profit margins? Do you need better financial planning practices to weather economic fluctuations that affect your agency? In this article, you’ll learn key strategies for managing finances through unpredictable conditions. Why Are Fixed Costs a Major Threat to the Sustainability of an Agency? Digital marketing agencies are no strangers to […]

Shields down

Michael Lopp helped coin an important term. When you’re a skilled craftsperson with high market value, there may be recruiters knocking on your door. An employee who has ‘shields up’ doesn’t even bother to answer the door. When shields are down, you’re open to at least hearing what’s on offer. In a follow-up post where he offered silk screened shirts with your shield status as a fundraiser, he said

8 Best Video Conferencing Software (Free and Paid)

Recently, our users have asked our thoughts on the best video conferencing software for small businesses. With many teams working remotely, having a video conferencing solution is essential for firms. It allows you to communicate with team members and clients over video from all around the world. In this article, we will show you the best video conferencing software, so you can pick the right solution.

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Custom Post Types

Custom Post Types turned WordPress from a simple blog engine into a versatile Content Management Platform. Apart from posts and pages, we can also manage news and deal sections, shop items, event, and many more. Learn more about Custom Post Types in this article and how you can create and extend them with or without coding skills.

4 Key Insights: How AI Is Redefining Startup GTM Strategy

AI and startups? It just makes sense. Between the prophecy of single-person billion-dollar companies, and the pinch felt by founders as VCs tighten wallets , startups are counting on AI for a winning go-to-market strategy. It’s a smart bet, too. In HubSpot’s survey of over 1,000 startup founders, 86% said AI has had a positive impact on their GTM strategy. Those with the highest growth and most f

10 Best Productivity Apps for Mac in 2024 (For Digital Specialists)

Last year, I finally made the switch to a Mac. As a marketer by day and business development specialist by night, I use many different tools to manage my time, track tasks, keep my creative juices flowing, stay in touch, automate stuff, and keep everything nice and organized. So, I was worried if my usual productivity apps and tools, especially the ones needing downloads, would work well on a bra

LinkedIn Updates: Thought Leader Ads, Profile Insights, and More

Are you up to date on changes from LinkedIn? Wondering which recent LinkedIn updates are important to marketers and business owners? In this article, we explore LinkedIn changes that affect your marketing. #1: LinkedIn Content Collaborative Articles LinkedIn has introduced several new features to further enhance the collaborative article experience. These include elevating the contributions’ quality.

The drift to normal

As an organization grows in scale, the idiosyncrasy and distinctiveness that was originally informed by the taste of the founders moves toward the mean. Over time, things get more average. That’s because each new customer, each new supplier and each new employee wants or needs something a little more normal, at least sometimes. can only be countered by persistent effort, usually at the cost of

WordPress Vulnerability & Patch Roundup March 2024

Vulnerability reports and responsible disclosures are essential for website security awareness and education. Automated attacks targeting known software vulnerabilities are one of the leading causes of website compromises. To help educate website owners about potential threats to their environments, we’ve compiled a list of important security updates and vulnerability patches for the WordPress ec

Beginner’s Guide to Using Git with WordPress

Are you looking to use Git and integrate GitHub with your WordPress website? Git and GitHub are essential tools for developers who want to keep track of changes in the code, manage different coding projects, and work with a team on the same code. You can also recover a stable version of your code in case something goes wrong during the development process. In this article, we will explain everything.

40 Rebranding Announcement Email Examples I Love (For Your Inspiration in 2024)

Ever think you’d click on a HubSpot article about rebranding announcement email examples, only to be met by a pro-wrestling anecdote? Well, batten down the hatches, reader, because we’re heading back to pre-World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in three, two, one. Sparked by a long-running legal dispute with another famous WWF (the World Wildlife Fund), the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) finally

The ‘March Madness’ Effect on Company Culture — Win or Bust?

Welcome to HubSpot Perspectives , a series where HubSpotters weigh in on the latest business and marketing trends. OK, admit it. Have you watched a March Madness game during work hours? I may or may not have had a game on in the background working from home. And I’m not alone. According to a recent study , over half of fans (51%) watch March Madness on the job. This is a big reason why some say t

Should You Still Use Twitter (X) for B2B Marketing?

Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter and re-branded it “X,” it seems like a day can’t go by without the social media platform making headlines. In the wake of increasing controversies, including a substantial rise in bot traffic and hate speech , scores of users and companies are reassessing their relationship with X. Most recently, more than 100 of X’s the most prominent advertisers, including Airbnb,

Explaining yourself

The only reason we need to go into detail about our resume, the details of our new idea or the features of a product is to cause action to happen. And action is the result of tension, status or affiliation, and these are based on trust. There are many ways to build that trust, and an instruction manual, a powerpoint deck and a set of bullets aren’t the only ones.

Velocity and possibility

The art of project management includes the dance between velocity and possibility. If you describe the outcome with specificity and remove as many variables as possible, you’ll get the work done with more speed, higher reliability and less cost. That velocity, though, might encourage us to recognize that all sorts of options are available. There are countless chances to make the project better an

The rock star conundrum

Forty years ago, the royalty of rock spent the night in a studio to record one of the fastest-selling singles of all time. The documentary of the event is just okay, but it’s fascinating in how it shows us just how deep impostor syndrome lies. Only a few stars seemed at all comfortable–Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross. On the other hand, Waylon Jennings felt excluded and stormed out halfway through.

9 Best Canva Alternatives for Website Graphics (Expert Pick)

Are you looking for the best Canva alternatives? Canva is an online tool that lets beginners create stunning images for their websites. It’s affordable and easier to use than Photoshop, but it may not be the best choice for everyone. In this article, we will share some of the best Canva alternatives for creating breathtaking images for your WordPress website. What Is Canva? When you create a Word

The arrogance of improvement

Who are you to make things better? How dare you raise your hand to help, offer an idea, take responsibility… Perhaps it might be helpful to reframe that feeling as the generosity of improvement instead. If not you, who? If not now, when?

WP Remote: Elevate Your Workflow With Cutting-Edge Site Management Solutions

Get to know WP Remote, a solution designed to reduce the complexity of managing various WordPress installations. It streamlines updates, backups, security, and performance checks onto a single user-friendly dashboard. It helps you maintain site health and security, with the utmost ease.

Diving Deep Into Marketing in Construction (My Takeaways)

As the pandemic surged in 2020, people stayed home, and demand for home improvement services went through the roof. Construction companies swooped in and launched targeted marketing campaigns. One example is Brett Landscaping , which sold almost its stock of higher-priced porcelain paving products. Fast forward to 2024, people are at work. The economic outlook is grim, and interest rates and inflation

12 Tips for Using AI to Skyrocket Your Lead Generation Campaign

With all the attention that artificial intelligence is getting, I’m sure that you are looking for new ways to use AI on your WordPress website. Lead generation should be your top priority if you want new customers for your business. Many marketers are already using ChatGPT or one of its alternatives to get new leads. Meanwhile, my team and many other WordPress developers have been adding AI features

Product Marketing Strategy: How to Build Multi-Million Dollar Businesses

Wondering how to successfully launch a new product? Looking for a proven framework to model? In this article, you’ll discover the marketing strategy one entrepreneur used to grow Mint, AppSumo, and many other products. Why Is a Product Marketing Strategy Important? Launching a successful new product or service requires both creativity and analytical rigor. On […]

Purchase decisions

All purchases involve a decision. Yes or no, this or that, now or later… But it’s helpful to realize that all decisions involve a purchase. When we decide to spend time or take a risk or make a commitment, our brains act in a way very similar to how we choose to make a purchase. When you talk about a non-profit, introduce a new sort of behavior or invite someone to follow along, you’re actually

Sign1 Malware: Analysis, Campaign History & Indicators of Compromise

A new client recently came to us reporting seemingly random pop ups occurring on their website. While it was clear that there was something amiss with the website it was difficult to reproduce the issue. However, by inspecting our server side scanner logs we were able to locate the source of the unwanted behavior — and it turned out to be a remarkably interesting JavaScript injection related to a

Podcasts, international covers and more

I just received copies of the new reprints of four of my books in the UK: I’m really pleased at how the books have stayed relevant and also delighted at what a good job the publisher did with the reissues. Also, the Italian version of This is Marketing just went back for its 14th printing. You can find all of my books here , and the most recent one is here . There’s a new episode of Tim’s podcast

Keep Them Clicking: How Fluent Forms’ Multi-Step Forms Can Help You Captivate Your Users

Some forms will need a lot of fields, but this can cause fatigue for the end user. A form that runs over several pages can stop this fatigue and help the user keep focus right to the end of the form. In this article, we’ll show you how to set up Fluent Forms’ multistep forms to improve your engagement and completion rates!

Age of SGE: How Will AI Affect Search Traffic in the Next Decade?

Ever since advancements in technology thrust generative AI into the public consciousness, it’s been the subject of unending controversy. Much of this controversy centers on its potential impact on the internet, with some news outlets and experts going so far as to describe it in near-apocalyptic terms. “ AI is killing the internet ” became a common refrain in those early days, speaking to the dre…

How to Use Power Queries in Excel

Though tech tools offer a wide variety of data management solutions, consolidating information from multiple sources remains a challenge. Making sense of disparate datasheets often relies on manual effort. This is where power query can help by wrangling data from various origins into an integrated view. As a marketing consultant, I work with multiple teams across a client’s business. To get a true…

How to Setup a Shared Gmail Inbox for Your WordPress Site

Do you need to set up a shared Gmail inbox for your WordPress website? If you want to make it easier for your team to handle emails for your WordPress site, then creating a shared inbox is the way to go. It lets everyone on your team see and reply to emails from one place, making sure nothing slips through the cracks. In this guide, we will show you 3 ways to set up a shared Gmail inbox in WordPress.

How to Use Video Updates to Improve the Client Journey

Do clients really understand all the work you do? Looking for a unique way to update clients on your progress before you bill them? In this article, you’ll discover how to use video to stay in touch with clients and show the behind-the-scenes work that goes into your deliverables. Leveraging the Power of Video Content […]

The worst person on our team

A common shortcut to cultural divisiveness is to find the single worst person in a different group and highlight and attack their behavior. By making it clear and obvious that this is what THEY (the plural) want and who THEY are, it’s

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