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Free Goods Of The Week – Mar. 12
March 13, 2024
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Free Goods Of The Week – Mar. 19
March 19, 2024
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – Mar. 12
March 13, 2024
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Free Goods Of The Week – Mar. 19
March 19, 2024

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

TikTok Shop: What It Is, How to Launch One & How to Market One

I was scrolling through the “For You” page on TikTok when something caught my eye — a TikTok from the clothing brand Foxblood showcasing a black, flowy mesh cloak. I’d actually been searching for a cloak and while this piece of clothing did not fit the bill completely, I’d still wear it. Intrigued, I clicked on the shop link, which took me to the product description within the app. TikTok made it

How to Convert Figma to WordPress (Beginner’s Guide)

Are you looking for a way to convert your Figma design into a WordPress theme or page? Figma is a cloud-based design tool that allows you to create an attractive user interface for your website. It lets you quickly test ideas through prototyping and also supports real-time collaboration. By converting these designs to WordPress, you can make your website more visually appealing for users. In this

TikTok Updates: Shopping Tools, Creator Features, and More

Are you up to date on changes from TikTok? Wondering which recent TikTok updates are important to marketers and business owners? In this article, we explore TikTok changes that affect your marketing. #1: TikTok Shopping LA Live Studios TikTok plans to launch a series of new live-stream studios in Los Angeles, following in the footsteps […]

Holding on for dear life

That’s a cliche from the movies. Dangling from a railroad bridge, only determination and firm grip can save the hero. In our modern world, we often end up holding on to ideas, to grievances or to our view of the world. Ironically, the harder we hold on to the things we’re hiding from, the less dear our life becomes. Perhaps we could let go for dear life instead.

How to Make Money Cooking at Home: 7 Side Hustles

Do you know? A Home cook’s income is $16.03 an hour as of Feb 9, 2024, in the United States. If you are a cook at home and working without any money. You need to look for ways that will help you in your daily job and will get you back some extra cash. Being a home chef makes you feel useless. So, if love cooking or have good cooking skills, utilize your skills and make money by cooking. You have

How to Create a Video and Image WordPress Slider (The Easy Way)

Are you wondering how to create a video and image WordPress slider? Sliders are a great way to show off your content and grab the attention of your website visitors. They can highlight important or featured content without taking up a ton of space on the page. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to easily create a video and image WordPress slider with Soliloquy. Why Cr Review: Manage Multiple WordPress Sites in One Dashboard

Looking for an effective way to manage a large number of WordPress sites? We take an in-depth look at, so you can decide if it’s the right website management tool for your agency or development needs.

How to Make a Social Media Website (Beginner’s Guide)

Do you want to make a social media website? Creating a social media website lets you provide a platform for users to share news, updates, and opinions on various topics. It can build a sense of community among users with shared interests and boost engagement with discussions and forums. In this article, we will show you how to easily make a social media website on WordPress, step by step. Before

How to Elevate Your Affiliate Marketing ROI: Insider Tips from HubSpot Pros

I’ve worked in the B2B SaaS affiliate marketing space for 1.5 years and here’s my take on it: Affiliate marketing is not for the weak. It demands a lot of time, effort, and dedication to succeed. But the challenge is what makes it rewarding. The key to making it worthwhile? Using strategies to maximize your return on investment in your brand. Here are some core strategies we discuss with our affiliates

I Asked ChatGPT to Write 10 Different Marketing Internship Emails — Here’s What I Got

I’ve never been more nervous about writing a job application email than when applying for my first marketing internship. I felt like everyone could tell I had no experience and was utterly desperate for that to change. The jitters are normal, and I’ll help make it easier today by showing you exactly how to write an internship email. Landing your dream internship requires a solid first impression,

Key Challenges in an Enterprise SEO Audit

Wouldn’t it be nice if every single website had a perfect, clear SEO strategy from the very start? And every single page on that website was perfectly aligned with every aspect of that strategy, from its original inception through every update? What a dream, right? Sadly, that’s rarely the reality of running a website – especially if you’re managing a huge enterprise. Instead, too many cooks

Hiding the ‘aha’

The most effective persuasion happens when we persuade ourselves. The purpose of the memo or the table or the graph or the presentation is to create the conditions for someone to make up their own minds. Because it’s almost impossible to make up their mind for them. The aha is actually a chemical reaction, a rewiring of our brain, the moment when we see what we hadn’t seen before and make a new d

Preference and utility

Taste varies. That’s why we don’t call it utility. Taste is individual preference, not absolute truth. In team settings, then, it’s much more helpful to say, “I prefer this over that,” instead of, “this is wrong.” Some things are wrong. There are standards that we can all accept when it comes to utility, efficiency and even beauty. Your authority doesn’t lie in your ability to be the sole arbiter.

7 Best Productivity Systems to Simplify Your Workflow (+My Favorite Workflows)

I’m a content writer by night and a Head of Partnerships by day, and in my world, being productive is everything. No scheduling or a lack of project management leads to overdue articles, failed partnership opportunities, high pressure, and stress. We’ve all been there, recovering from zero productivity. Productivity systems help develop a sustainable work-life balance and prepare for working spirit.

Highlights from WordCamp Asia 2024

Over 1,300 attendees gathered at the Taipei International Convention Center in Taiwan for WordCamp Asia 2024 . This three-day event emerged as a vibrant celebration showcasing the collaboration, diversity, and innovation that drive the world’s most popular web platform. The Asian WordPress flagship event started with a dedicated Contributor Day, followed by two days of engaging talks, panels, han

Default to surrender

AI chatbot highlight a challenge that is worth understanding. It applies to customer service, bureaucracies and teachers as well… If you ask an AI a question, and you are not confident in the answer, it should say, “I’m not sure.” That could be followed up with, “do you want me to guess” or “if you could give me more context…” But proudly and confidently bluffing isn’t helpful. It’s really unusual to

A Guide to Using Custom Functions Plugins in WordPress

WP Mayor / 5d

Learn how to create WordPress Custom Function Plugins and add custom code to your theme, a dedicated plugin or manage them via your WordPress dashboard.

13 Confirmation Email Examples I Love (For Your Inspiration)

I once signed up for an event and totally forgot about it in an hour. But when I opened my inbox later in the day, I found a shiny email confirming my registration for the event. This confirmation email reminded me about the event with all the necessary context. It also gave me the option to add the webinar to my calendar — so that I wouldn’t forget it again. It linked the speakers’ social profiles.

50 Ecommerce Statistics To Know in 2024 [New Data]

HubSpot / 5d

Ecommerce is businesses selling products online, and people buying those products online. Consumers and businesses alike are making more and more purchases online, and that’s only expected to increase, especially so on social media. Below I’ve compiled a list of ecommerce statistics that will help you understand the potential impact of using the practice, as well as its growth potential throughout.

9 Best Etsy Alternatives for Sellers (More Freedom + Less Fees)

Looking for the best Etsy alternatives to sell your products? Etsy is arguably the most popular e-commerce platform to sell handmade goods. But with the rise of seller transaction fees and the influx of dropshippers and print-on-demand merchants hopping on board, competition has become stiffer than ever. In this article, we’ll give you the best Etsy alternatives for sellers so you can tap into a

Where are you?

When you’re reading a good historical novel, you might be there and then. When you’re checking your email, you are in a conversation between and among, over there, not here. When you’re imagining what went wrong in that conversation yesterday, you are living in yesterday. And when you’re scripting the next conversation you’re going to have, you’re in tomorrow. Time travel and teleportation have n

Getting Unwanted Calls? Use the Do Not Call List (With Ease)

There’s nothing worse than a spam call interrupting your day. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to prevent them entirely. Each method is completely free and takes only a few minutes to set up. Although you may still

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