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Free Goods Of The Week – Jan. 08
January 9, 2024
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Free Goods Of The Week – Jan. 15
January 16, 2024
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – Jan. 08
January 9, 2024
Free Goods Of The Week featuerd image
Free Goods Of The Week – Jan. 15
January 16, 2024

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week


12 Outstanding Copywriting Examples That Generate Sales

Following copywriting best practices can help you create good copy, but there’s a lot of nuance to great copywriting that… Continue Reading The post appeared first on Copyblogger .


How to Double Your SEO Traffic in 6 Months (With Case Studies)

Do you want to increase your website traffic? Who doesn’t? Over the years, I have seen a lot of websites driving tons of additional traffic to their content with the right SEO plan. I’ve also seen other websites struggling to drive traffic while wondering what they did wrong. In this article, I will share some successful SEO case studies with you and explain how having the right SEO approach can


How to Never Lose Author Attributions for Images in WordPress

Struggling with image attributions in WordPress? This gui reveals the risks and introduces Image Source Control – the plugin that automates and secures author credits for every image. The post ” ” first appeared on WP Mayor .


How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

Want to develop more LinkedIn connections that lead to sales? Looking for a strategy to guide your outreach and networking? In this article, we’ll explore a creative way to get more out of your LinkedIn activities. Why Should Marketers Focus on LinkedIn? With over 1 billion users, 50% earning over $75,000 annually, LinkedIn offers unparalleled […] The post appeared first on Social Media Examiner


Kash’s garden

She doesn’t grow plants. The plants grow themselves. Her job is to create conditions for the plants to grow. The soil, the water, the light, the weeds… these are the conditions. But none of it happens if the plants don’t do the thing they want to do in the first place. This is always true, anywhere a leader succeeds. Creating the conditions is the hard part.


Thousands of Sites with Popup Builder Compromised by Balada Injector

On December 11, 2023 WPScan published Marc Montpas’ research on the stored XSS vulnerability in the popular Popup Builder plugin (200,000+ active installation) that was fixed in version 4.2.3. A couple of days later, on December 13th, the Balada Injector campaign started infecting websites with older versions of the Popup Builder. The attack used a freshly registered (December 13) domain specialc


Best Of: Our Top 10 Blog Posts to Help With Your 2024 Content Strategy

What were the top B2B marketing articles that were published on the TopRank Marketing blog over the past year? We’re proud of the continued B2B marketing successes our team of marketers at TopRank Marketing have achieved during another unique year, for a wide-range of major B2B clients. As we enter 2024, we wanted to take time to share our top 10 articles of the past year — each filled with insig


LiteSpeed Cache vs. WP Rocket – Which One is Better?

Recently, we were asked about LiteSpeed Cache vs. WP Rocket and which is better. Now, if you don’t know, LiteSpeed Cache and WP Rocket are two of the most popular WordPress caching plugins. They allow you to optimize WordPress performance and speed easily. In this guide, we’ll compare LiteSpeed Cache vs. WP Rocket to determine which is better for WordPress performance. Why is Choosing The Right


How to Turn Intellectual Property Into Passive Income for Your Agency

Want to build a passive revenue stream for your agency? Wondering where to start? In this article, you’ll discover how to create intellectual property that generates passive income year-round. How to Build a Scalable Agency Through Passive Income Streams In the digital age, monetizing your intellectual property by creating passive income channels presents a profitable […]


Domain Mapping System vs WP Landing Kit: Which is the Best WordPress Domain Mapping Plugin?

Domain Mapping System and WP Landing Kit are two high-quality WordPress domain mapping plugins. In this in-depth comparison, we’ll take a look at each plugin to help you choose the best WordPress domain mapping plugin for your website.



Frederick Lewis Donaldson created a list of seven social sins that was soon popularized by Gandhi. One hundred years later, it’s more relevant and more urgent than ever. Wealth without work. Pleasure without conscience. Knowledge without character. Commerce without morality. Science without humanity. Religion without sacrifice. Politics without principle. When we create these imbalances, we pay


What is the Principle of Least Privilege?

If you own a website and collaborate with other people, the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP) is a crucial security concept which has applications and benefits to strengthen your website security posture. Let’s dive in! Contents: Definition PoLP & Website Security Example of Principle of Least Privilege Default WordPress User Roles How PoLP Affects Websites & Servers Applying PoLP with File & D


16 User Experience Feedback Questions to Ask Website Visitors

Are you looking for some user experience feedback questions to ask your visitors? By asking user experience feedback questions, you can better understand your users’ needs and expectations, identify areas that need improvement, and measure overall customer satisfaction. This can help you gain a competitive advantage over other websites. In this article, we will share some of the best user experience


TikTok Updates: Content Trends, Creator Tools, and More

Are you up to date on changes from TikTok? Wondering which recent TikTok updates are important to marketers and business owners? In this article, we explore TikTok changes that affect your marketing. #1: TikTok 2024 Trend Report TikTok identified three major “Trend Signals” that brands can leverage in their content strategy: Curiosity Peaked (people come […] The post appeared first on Social Media


Customer service is a choice

It’s either part of your strategy or you’re paying for your mistake. 800 numbers changed the way large brands dealt with the public. Instantly, and for free, a consumer could contact a company about a product or service and they would work to make it right. It was more than fodder for an infinite number of New Yorker cartoons. Some brands made it a part of their marketing strategy (Zappos, for ex


Call Group: The Answer to Stop Losing Customers?

Call groups, which are sometimes called ring groups, help make sure callers get connected to the right call center agent … Read More » The post Call Group: The Answer to Stop Losing Customers?


How to Build a Call Center Knowledge Base Agents Love to Use

Customer satisfaction is the holy grail of call centers, and lofty KPI goals are just as hard to come by. … Read More » The post How to Build a Call Center Knowledge Base Agents Love to Use


11 Proven Tactics to Get Your Website to the Top of Google

A wide swath of professionals—including website owners, SEO specialists, and DIY SEO hotshots—are unknowingly wasting their time optimizing websites with … Read More » The post 11 Proven Tactics to Get Your Website to the Top of Google


21 WordPress Optimizations To Boost Speed and Search Rankings

To run a WordPress (WP) website that can successfully compete with (and outcompete) other top sites, optimizing for performance and … Read More » The post 21 WordPress Optimizations To Boost Speed and Search Rankings


Fluent Forms Review: Is This WordPress Form Builder the Pinnacle of Flexibility and Efficiency?

Your site’s forms can be one of the best ways to engage with users and collect information. What’s more, there are lots of WordPress form plugins to assist you. This post will give you a complete Fluent Forms review – one of the best tools on the market! .


3 Tips on Launching a Kickass Podcast, from My First Million Producers

The pandemic birthed a rise in puppies, planting flowers in Animal Crossing , and podcasts — with 1.1m+ shows launched in 2020 alone. But soon, the podcast phenomenon plateaued. New podcasts decreased a year later, and in 2022, fell by 80%. ? Would you ride this rollercoaster? Be honest. Source: N


How to Fix the “Updating Failed. The Response is Not a Valid JSON Response” Error

Did you encounter the “updating failed the response is not a valid JSON response” error on your WordPress website? It’s a common WordPress error but not a critical one. In most cases, it does not prevent you from accessing your website but can prevent you from getting on with your work. The error typically appears when uploading a media file or editing content in the native WordPress Block Editor


WP Briefing: Episode 70: A Look Ahead at WordPress in 2024

Curious about WordPress’s big-picture items for 2024? Phase 3, Data Liberation, new meetups, and more, get the spotlight in this episode. Join Executive Director Josepha Haden Chomphosy for all this, plus a small list of big things coming up in the next two weeks. Credits Host: Josepha Haden Chomphosy Editor: Dustin Hartzler Logo: Javier Arce Production: Brett McSherry Song: Fearless First by Kev


Elevate B2B Marketing News Weekly Roundup: B2B Becomes More Complex, LinkedIn Benefits From X Exodus, & New Google Ads Shifts

B2B Marketers Own the Customer Journey, Now What? [Survey] 90 percent of B2B marketers have said that their roles have become increasingly complex, while 62 percent of marketing leaders have indicated a change from sales-owned to marketing-owned customer relationships — two of numerous findings of interest to B2B marketers contained in newly-published survey data. ANA B2B Marketing Budget and Spe


How to Make a Transportation and Logistics Website in WordPress

Do you want to make a transportation and logistics WordPress website? If you run a logistics and transportation business, then you will need an online presence to get your brand known and set yourself apart from the competition. WordPress is one of the easiest and most flexible platforms to build a website for that very purpose. In this article, we will show you how to make a transportation and l


The opposite of insubordination

“Do as I say.” That’s industrial management in four words. If you don’t follow the instructions to the letter, you’re insubordinate. Not subordinate. Complete subordination might have been the goal in an industrial setting. But now, it’s dangerous, expensive and inefficent. Because people close to the work know

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