Valuable Tips to Help Your Social Marketing 307 – Interesting Articles This Week

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Free Goods Of The Week – Jan. 09
January 10, 2023
Valuable Tips to Help Your Social Marketing
Valuable Tips to Help Your Social Marketing 308 – Interesting Articles This Week
January 19, 2023
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – Jan. 09
January 10, 2023
Valuable Tips to Help Your Social Marketing
Valuable Tips to Help Your Social Marketing 308 – Interesting Articles This Week
January 19, 2023

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week


16 Best Small Online Business Ideas For Women In India

RICHATIWARI.COM — Every other day, we hear about women starting their small investment businesses from home and earning a lot of money online from home. Our Facebook feed, WhatsApp forwards, and stories seem to be full of stories about self-made women millionaires and women entrepreneurs, and list after list of…

Your Guide to SEO Services

THESOCIALMEDIAMONTHLY.COM — Search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is one of the biggest things that makes the internet go ’round at this moment in time. How is that, though, if it is not something that everyone is familiar with? Well, it comes down to the fact that it is a popular and successful way of approaching marketing without needing to spend too much of your advertising budget to do so.

Brazil Insurrection Had Familiar Faces, Themes

WWW.TRUTHORFICTION.COM — A January 8 2023 attempted right-wing coup in Brazil’s capital Brasília followed the victory of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (popularly known as “Lula”) over right-wing incumbent Jair Bolsonaro in the South American nation’s presidential elections.The violent uprising, which took place a week after…

Why Data Warehouses Are Ground Zero for Cloud Cost Optimization

YELLOWBRICK.COM — Why CFOs Are Eyeing Cloud Spend, and How This is Influencing the Adoption of FinOps As organizations assess cloud spend optimization, many firms are forming centralized cloud centers of excellence to drive best practices for cloud cost reporting, purchasing, and efficient deployments. Firms are…

6 Tips for More Productive Meetings

WWW.CHOPDAWG.COM — If you’ve ever found yourself in a meeting that feels like it’s dragging on forever, you’re not alone. People across the board want to have more productive meetings. However, it’s quite a challenge to get there! According to a 2012 study by the software company Wrike, the average worker spends 31 hours in meetings every month.

10 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

WWW.GROCERYSHOPFORFREE.COM — For many people, cleaning the bathroom can be an unbearable chore. I mean, between the odors and mildew, not to mention the number of surfaces you need to keep clean, it’s no wonder lots of us keep putting it off until the last minute. However, you don’t always have to dread keeping a clean…

SEO and Content Marketing Advice for Cyber Security Services

911CYBERSECURITY.COM — Here are a few tips that may be helpful for SEO and content marketing efforts for cybersecurity services Identify your target audience: Clearly identifying your target audience can help you focus your content marketing efforts and ensure that your content is relevant and valuable to your…

Maximizing your blog for seo optimization with neuron writer AI

WWW.THEXKING.COM — Unlock SEO Potential With AI-Powered Neuron Writer! In today’s digital age, content is king. Quality of content is paramount for businesses wanting to succeed in the ever-changing landscape of search engine optimization (SEO). The introduction of AI-powered Neuron Writer has enabled…

Pain-Point SEO: How to Produce SEO Content That Drives Conversions

WWW.GROWANDCONVERT.COM — If you were to look inside your Google Analytics right now, chances are that a majority of the traffic on your blog comes from 2-5 blog posts. If you have goals set up in Google Analytics, and you’re measuring product or service conversions that come directly from content, chances are that a…

SEO tips for eCommerce: How to Generate Positive Results

NADIMO.COM — A Conversation with Jeff Oxford, eCommerce SEO expert This show is all about SEO in eCommerce, so who better to interview than, Jeff Oxford one of the Top eCommerce SEO experts the world. We have a packed show covering everything from specific SEO strategies for eCommerce websites to the best…

Pfizer CEO says there will be no generic Paxlovid for China

WWW.REUTERS.COM — Jan 9 (Reuters) – Pfizer Inc (PFE.N) is not in talks with Chinese authorities to license a generic version of its COVID-19 treatment Paxlovid for use there, but is in discussions about a price for the branded product, Chief Executive Albert Bourla said on Monday.Reuters reported on Friday that…

Ukraine’s M-2 Fighting Vehicles Aren’t Tanks. But They Can Destroy Tanks.

WWW.FORBES.COM — M-2s firing TOW missiles.U.S. Defense Department photo The version of the M-2 Bradley fighting vehicle that the United States is donating to Ukraine isn’t the latest version. No, it’s the variant of the tracked, 25-ton vehicle the U.S. Army developed in the aftermath of the 1991 Operation Desert…

The Dumb Money Driving The Plant-Based Meat Boom

WWW.FORBES.COM — In an exclusive excerpt from Raw Deal, investors see companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods as a way to help save the planet. The problem is, they also want to get rich. Instead, they may die trying. Climate change has created a very real existential threat to the global food system,…

Virgin Orbit’s historic UK satellite launch encounters ‘anomaly’

MASHABLE.COM — Virgin Orbit was set to mark a new era of spaceflight for the UK, but we’ll just have to wait a little longer.The first LauncherOne mission, dubbed “Start Me Up” after the Rolling Stones’ 1981 track, launched without a hitch on Monday night from Cornwall Airport Newquay, England, now also…

Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: what we know on day 321 of the invasion

WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM — Britain is considering supplying a handful of Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine, the first time a western country has indicated it may supply its homemade heavy armour to Kyiv in the war against Russia. No final decision by Downing Street has been made, British sources added, but Ukraine is hoping a…

When You Want To Quit Your Job Search

WWW.FORBES.COM — I am feeling a bit lost on what to do with my job search. This is the first time in my career I am looking for a job because of a restructuring, so although I have had some interviews, I am not able to close them. Don’t know if it’s me or the company but discouragement has surely set in. Although…

AI Enters The Mainstream With ChatGPT

WWW.FORBES.COM — OpenAI logo displayed on a phone screen and ChatGPT website displayed on a laptop screen are seen in … [+] this illustration photo taken in Krakow, Poland on December 5, 2022. (Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)NurPhoto via Getty Images Let me pick up where I left off ahead of…

a flawed attempt to reclaim the narrative

WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM — The monarchy relies on fiction. It is a constructed reality, in which grown-up people are asked to collude in the notion that a human is more than a human – that he or she contains something approaching the ineffable essence of Britishness. Once, this fiction rested on political and military…

Socceroos captain Mat Ryan inks Dutch deal, as teen star Garang Kuol brokers Hearts loan

WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM — Socceroos captain Mat Ryan has brought an end to his eventful spell in Denmark by inking an 18-month contract with Dutch top-flight side AZ Alkmaar.Ryan joins AZ, who sit fifth in the Eredivisie and are into the last 16 of the Europa Conference League, after a stint at FC Copenhagen which lasted…

Netflix’s ‘Kaleidoscope’ episode orders aren’t actually that random

MASHABLE.COM — Netflix is not afraid of a gimmick — from game-like interactive shows to its upcoming Nike fitness integration. But it appears that the streaming giant may have hedged its bets a little on its latest storytelling innovation.Kaleidoscope, a Netflix original series that dropped on Jan. 1, tells the…

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