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Free Goods Of The Week – Nov. 08
November 8, 2022
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Free Goods Of The Week – Nov. 15
November 15, 2022
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – Nov. 08
November 8, 2022
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – Nov. 15
November 15, 2022

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week


What is page speed, and how does it influence SEO?

YOAST.COM — In this day and age, page speed is everything. Not a day goes by without a new article, Google representative, or SEO expert telling us that optimizing for speed is among the most important things you should do for your website. And they’re right, of course! Page speed influences SEO in many…

Politico, New York Times warn of voting hacks, Russian bots ahead of midterms

WWW.FOXNEWS.COM — Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose joins Fox News’ ‘Protect The Vote’ Series with Eric Shawn to examine the ways Ohio election officials are safeguarding the election against fraud.Recent reports from The New York Times, Politico and Reuters all promoted potential security threats to the…

3 Ways Security Can Build Brand Trust

WWW.FORBES.COM — Heather Deggans is Vice President of Global Partner Solutions at Microsoft. getty Microsoft Cloud processes and analyzes more than 43 trillion security signals every day. When you consider the need for security as part of a brand, businesses in the financial services industry may be some of the…

Image Optimization • Talking Drupal

PODCASTADDICT.COM — Today we are talking about Image Optimization with Martin Anderson-Clutz. For show notes and more visit: Topics Image optimization Why it is important Performance Accessibility and Inclusion Techniques with Drupal Image formats Drupal support What to do before uploading…

SEO your collections with this free guide • Double Your Ecommerce|

DOUBLEYOURECOMMERCE.COM — Collection SEO is one of the most significant opportunities to grow your Shopify store’s traffic Shopify Collection SEO is about optimizing a Shopify collection page to be more relevant for a specific, niche keyword. That specificity will help your page rank higher in Google and attract more…

7 Best WordPress Caching Plugins For 2022 (Comparison)

BLOGGINGWIZARD.COM — Do you struggle with site speed despite using a quality host and a clean, lightweight theme? Are your SEO rankings not as high as you feel they should be? What you need is a quality caching plugin that’ll generate a static version of your site to serve to visitors rather than having each one load…

7 Favorite Holiday Travel Tips for Families

WETRAVELTHERE.COM — The holidays can be stressful when you’re trying to balance work, school, and family. Throw in a trip to see relatives or escape to someplace warm, and it gets even more complicated. With these seven holiday travel tips for families, you’ll have a much better experience and save some money. That…

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

WWW.SOCIALSELLINATOR.COM — Introduction This comprehesnive guide is meant to cover all the important parts of SEO, from finding the words and phrases (keywords) that can bring qualified and relevant traffic to your website to making your website friendly to all search engines (Google, Bing, etc) to building links and…

Big Discount: WordPress Themes

BLOG.KARACHICORNER.COM — Sale of the year on WordPress themes. Big huge discount available on best premium WordPress themes from Themeforest (limited time only). You can save 50% instantly on any corporate business WordPress themes. What are you waiting browse the list of 50+ best WordPress themes and download themes for your website, blog or portfolio.

13 Biggest SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind

WWW.LINK-ASSISTANT.COM — SEO Myth Busting: 13 Biggest SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind, Once and for All. By: Valerie Niechai October 2nd, 2018 SEO, as any area of our life, is swarming with myths and misconceptions. They are usually born out of ignorance, fear, and hunt for quick results. It is like a variety of…

Twitter is asking some of the employees it fired to come back, report claims

MASHABLE.COM — Twitter, under the fresh tenure of Elon Musk, fired roughly half of its workforce last week. And now, the company is asking some of those employees to come back. This is according to a new report by Bloomberg, which claims that Twitter is reaching out to “dozens of employees” to return to the…

New Frito-Lay Minis Slammed for Pringles-Like Packaging

WWW.ENTREPRENEUR.COM — Frito-Lay has revamped some of its iconic snacks, but its new packaging might be stepping on Julius Pringles’ toes.The brand recently dropped its new Frito-Lay Minis, which offer bite-sized versions of Cheetos, Doritos and SunChips, and are packaged in a tall canister. The packaging is…

These folks are working to bring more diversity to the venture LP investing pool

TECHCRUNCH.COM — about diversity in the startup ecosystem, one area that could be overlooked is the limited partner pool. These are the folks who contribute to the larger funds or individual investments. They don’t necessarily have the same influence over deals that VCs do, but they are a key piece that provides the cash to grease the startup funding framework.

Musk Breaks ‘Politically Neutral’ Twitter Promise After Endorsing Republicans In Midterms

WWW.FORBES.COM — Topline Elon Musk pleaded on Twitter Monday for voters to back Republican candidates a day before midterm elections, the strongest indicator yet of how the world’s wealthiest man will use his newly acquired social network as a mouthpiece for his political agenda. Elon Musk, left, meets with…

Scientists find ‘planet-killer’ asteroids lurking in an elusive place

MASHABLE.COM — Astronomers are vigilantly scanning the skies for asteroids that veer into Earth’s solar system neighborhood. But, some are hidden.Most asteroids — leftover rubble from our solar system’s formation some 4.6 billion years ago — orbit the sun between Mars and Jupiter. Millions exist out there. But…

Small Kansas College Stands To Receive Record $500 Million Gift

WWW.FORBES.COM — McPherson College has received a $500 million anonymous gift commitment, which it describes as “the … [+] largest single commitment to a small liberal arts college in the United States.” getty McPherson College, a private, Kansas liberal arts college with an enrollment of less than 1,000…

‘We’re the Millers’ was so much better than its laziest joke

MASHABLE.COM — Welcome to Fix It, our weekly series examining projects we love — save for one tiny change we wish we could make. We’re the Millers is a great movie with just one scene to “ragret.”Director Rawson M. Thurber (aka the dude who brought you Dodgeball) delivered a timeless monument to joke writing…

Are You Being Quiet Fired?

HBR.ORG — As companies face tightening budgets, many may be considering trimming their workforce. But of course, outright layoffs are expensive and risky. That’s why some have turned to a subtler strategy: quiet firing, or intentionally creating a hostile work environment that encourages people to leave…

Blake Lively Talks ‘Betty Buzz’ And Dominating The Mixer Drink Industry

WWW.FORBES.COM — Betty Buzz founder Blake LivelyBetty Buzz/Blake Lively Whether she chooses to take a part in a Hollywood production or a major fashion event, Blake Lively always brings her “A” game, and that same dedication has progressed into the ongoing success of her sparkling non-alcoholic premium mixer…

2023 will be the year of cyber-risk quantification

TECHCRUNCH.COM — chain challenges, an economic slowdown, an ongoing pandemic and more have meant that companies and people have been impacted in ways that will change how business will be conducted for many years to come, and the ripple effects of these converging variables will be felt for a long time. As headlines continue to be dominated by increasing interest rates, businesses must ensure their budget is being spent efficiently.

Interesting Articles This Week

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