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Free Goods Of The Week – Nov. 08
November 9, 2021
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Free Goods Of The Week – Nov. 15
November 16, 2021
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – Nov. 08
November 9, 2021
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – Nov. 15
November 16, 2021

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week


Follow These 6 Web Development Tips to Improve the Quality of Your Website

WWW.ANTHONYGAENZLE.COM — Can your visitors tell what your firm does within five seconds of appearing on your website? Is it possible for people to get to the blog quickly if they need to? Is your price structure simple to comprehend? Do you have a low bounce rate on your website? If you’re finding yourself saying “no” to…

How to Create an SEO Strategy for Small Business

DIYMARKETERS.COM — Don’t you love it when you search for something and the answer pops up right away? Sure you do! That’s SEO in action. If you want your business to get found by your ideal customer, then you’re ready for an SEO strategy for Small Business. You see, Google is in the business of making it easy for…

7 Instagram Video Ideas for B2B Companies

WWW.BUSINESS2COMMUNITY.COM — In terms of user base, Instagram comes in at number 4 in the mobile app category, which is quite impressive because it’s outranked only by Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger.The photo and video-sharing app is considered as more of a stomping ground for B2C marketers. Even with its immaculate growth…

Complete SEO Guide to Succeed Online

SOCIALMEDIAEXPLORER.COM — Complete SEO Guide to Succeed Onlineby David | November 8, 2021Ever wonder what the main aim of any race is? Isn’t it securing the first position? This is precisely what SEO (Search engine optimization) does to your website. It suggests some key changes required to the content and layout of the…

25 Free SEO Tools to Enhance Your Website + Grow Your Brand

PAMHUGHES.IO — 6 minutes Want to achieve better SEO results for the lowest possible cost? SEO tools track the health of your website. They give you actionable data to make it more successful by identifying opportunities and weaknesses that could prevent you from ranking high in SERPs (search engine results…

6 Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms

WWW.CLIO.COM — Law firm digital marketing is a broad topic. A quick Google search brings up dozens of articles on digital marketing tips for law firms, tricks and strategies to attract clients, build your brand, and market your law firm. However, depending on your practice area and size of your law firm,…

Best WordPress Plugins for Business Websites

WPLIFT.COM — Searching for the best WordPress plugins for business to boost your site performance? We rounded up some of your top free and paid options. Installing handy plugins is a wise decision for your business if your website still lacks the appropriate design or necessary functionality. Many efforts go…

WWW vs Non WWW: Which is Better for SEO?

WWW.ITDWEBDESIGN.COM — There’s a lot of confusion surrounding www vs non www. You might have heard people compare these two domains. While both versions of websites are valid, is there any slight difference that you should consider? If you’re wondering if using a “non-www” domain name for your site is better than using…

Black Friday Ecommerce: 25 Optimization, Marketing, And Giving Ideas

ECOMMERCEFASTLANE.COM — in US history, with $10.8 billion spent online in a single day. In the ecommerce world, Black Friday often refers to the time period of Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, with some ecommerce stores kicking off their mega sales even sooner than Thanksgiving. . The opportunity for short-term sales gains and long-term customer loyalty is at your fingertips on this long holiday weekend.

Have you upgraded to the Yoast SEO 15.1 Plugin? Here is what you need to know!

WWW.LADYBUGZ.COM — First, here are the basics on Yoast SEO. Second, we’ll talk about Yoast’s new 15.1 update—full of user-friendly ways to make your website’s SEO better. . control over your website’s SEO as well as its listing in Google. you have the chance to set templates for page titles and meta descriptions, easily optimizing them with the snippet editor function.

Want to Build a Better Team? Stop Using the Term ‘Teambuilding’ (Especially When That’s Your Goal)

WWW.INC.COM — A 2009 paper published in Small Group Research journal that analyzed data from 103 studies found that teambuilding can result in measurable positive effects on team performance. A 2012 American Psychological Association study found that committing time and resources to offsite team-building exercises can help employees feel more valued, often leading to greater engagement and higher productivity.

Search Engine Optimization Trends 2021

WWW.BUSINESS2COMMUNITY.COM — Businesses implement various strategies to attract new customers, retain loyal clientele, and grow their company. Many utilize digital marketing tactics like search engine optimization (SEO) to boost their online presence and reach prominent spots in search engine results pages (SERPs).In a…

Considering deleting Chrome from your phone? Try this tweak instead

WWW.FASTCOMPANY.COM — The default Chrome browser on Android gives any site you visit access to data from your phone’s motion sensor, a security researcher found, prompting some in the media to urge users to delete Chrome immediately. Security researcher Tommy Mysk tweeted on October 29 that “the Chrome browser on Android gives any website you visit access to your phone’s accelerometer data.” Smartphone accelerometers, which detect movement, are very sensitive.

State Farm Pulled Ads Featuring Aaron Rodgers—But Says It Respects His ‘Personal Point Of View’

WWW.FORBES.COM — Topline Though State Farm Insurance ads featuring Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers were nearly nonexistent during the NFL’s slate of Sunday games, the company released a statement Monday reaffirming its support of Rodgers, who made unfounded claims about the Covid-19 vaccine on Friday…

Skyler Dahan captures the characters at Telluride Mushroom Festival

WWW.CREATIVEREVIEW.CO.UK — Los Angeles-based photographer Skyler Dahan first got involved in the arts through film, which he majored in at Bard College in New York State. Often shooting analogue, Dahan enjoyed the ritual of loading the film, waiting for it to develop and cutting and pasting it together. “Being able to…

3 Digital Marketing Strategies that’ll Make the 2021 Holiday Shopping Season Your Best Yet

WWW.INC.COM — As a result of last year’s improvised holiday season, this year presents new opportunities and fresh challenges for businesses that are trying to make a post-pandemic comeback. According to Deloitte, holiday retail sales this year are expected to increase between 7 percent and 9 percent, while e-commerce sales are forecasted to grow by up to 15 percent.

Niantic reveals its vision for a ‘real-world metaverse,’ releases Lightship AR Developer Kit

TECHCRUNCH.COM — AR technology company Niantic, best known for Pokémon GO, announced today that it will launch Lightship, an AR Developer Kit (ARDK) that will make building augmented reality experiences more accessible. This free, openly available technology will help Niantic lay the foundation for its vision of the “real-world metaverse.” In the program’s launch livestream, Niantic CEO John Hanke referenced his blog post where he called the metaverse a “dystopian nightmare.” But even as Facebook changes its name to Meta and advertises a future dominated by VR headsets, Niantic is imagining an alternative: a metaverse that brings people together in person, rather than in a virtual world.

Dow hits record high as infrastructure bill lifts cyclicals

WWW.REUTERS.COM — Nov 8 (Reuters) – The Dow hit a record high on Monday as the passage of a $1 trillion infrastructure bill lifted industrials, materials and other economy-focused sectors, while Tesla fell on top boss Elon Musk’s plan to sell about a tenth of his stake. Five of the 11 major S&P 500 sector indexes were higher after the Congress on Saturday passed the long-delayed infrastructure bill hailed by President Joe Biden as a “once in a generation” investment.

HawkEye 360 raises $145M to scale space-based radio frequency data and analytics

TECHCRUNCH.COM — The biggest players in the Earth observation industry use imaging satellites to deliver intelligence and analytics, but startup HawkEye 360 is taking a different tack. The company monitors radio frequency (RF) signals, like those emitted by marine radios or emergency beacons, on the premise that invisible electromagnetic spectrum is as ripe for information as the visible world.

Why Entrepreneurs Call Ohio Home

WWW.ENTREPRENEUR.COM — Starting and growing the business of your dreams sounds exhilarating but it requires hard work, stress, and many sleepless nights. Ambitious entrepreneurs are laser focused on building a business right and doing so in a place that will facilitate growth and…

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