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Free Goods Of The Week – July 05
July 6, 2021
Free Goods Of The Week featured
Free Goods Of The Week – July 12
July 13, 2021
Free Goods Of The Week featured
Free Goods Of The Week – July 05
July 6, 2021
Free Goods Of The Week featured
Free Goods Of The Week – July 12
July 13, 2021

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week


5 YouTube optimization tips to improve your video rankings

WWW.SEARCHENGINEWATCH.COM — Just how big is YouTube these days? According to a really cool infographic that was released earlier in 2017, there are some pretty incredible statistics:. In other words, YouTube is HUGE. Not only has it been steadily growing since its initial launch in 2005, it has become the single biggest and most important video service on the web.

12 FREE WordPress Plugins For Fast Sites (& Creation)

WWW.SIMPLESEOTOOLS.NET — Thrive Themes recently released their Theme Builder. It goes great with Thrive Architect which is another page builder similar to Elementor, but it does not have a free version. If you have the budget Thrive does make it easier and faster to build a site from scratch. It also makes it easier to…

The 5 Best WooCommerce Product Table WordPress Plugins

WWW.COMPETETHEMES.COM — One size doesn’t fit all. There’s a standard layout that most shoppers have to come to expect from an eCommerce store. That is, product thumbnails laid out in a series of rows with the name and price below. But just because this design works well for most shoppers doesn’t mean it’s ideal for everyone.

6 Fire Department WordPress Themes for Fire Fighters Security Agency

WWW.SKTTHEMES.ORG — We advise you to check this category of the best fire department WordPress themes developed for fire departments and fire stations, security companies and organizations, emergency situations departments and other relevant institutions and services. The creation of a purposeful and informative website of your niche specific business or activities can bring thousands of new clients and customers, new business ties and mutually beneficial partnership.

Rebound Growth Hacks: Turbocharge Your Ecommerce Business With These Skills

ECOMMERCEFASTLANE.COM — Our current way of life is not how things have always been. For 99.of human existence, we only needed two skills: to hunt and to gather. Fast forward to the digital revolution, where our skill sets are constantly changing, and we don’t know what skills we’ll need in 10 years, let alone in 12 months. .

Tips And Hacks For A Sun-Kissed Tan: Fast And Easy

SUNNYSWEETDAYS.COM — Summer is finally here, so it’s time to hit the beaches and have a blast. You can’t have a full summer fun experience without getting this gorgeous bronze skin tone that makes you look even more beautiful than you originally are. One of the best ways to get this glow is a natural way, which is…

The 7 Best Luxury WordPress Themes (2021)

WWW.COMPETETHEMES.COM — “These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.” When it comes to selling luxury goods, trust is everything. One critical step to building trust with shoppers is to create a premium quality website. There are lots of important trust signals your website needs to send.

18 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes for Realtors

WWW.WPBEGINNER.COM — Are you looking for the best real estate WordPress themes? By default, most WordPress themes are either made for blogs or business websites. This makes it a bit harder to find a suitable real estate theme. In this article, we will show you some of the best WordPress real estate themes that will…

Singapore’s Controversial Internal Security Act (ISA)

MURRAYHUNTER.SUBSTACK.COM — Singapore’s Internal Security Act (ISA) has always been controversial. Academics, historians, jurists, journalists, and international NGOs have long been critical of Singapore’s harsh security laws and practices. Singapore’s ISA has led to round ups of opponents and critics of the Singapore PAP government.

Top 25 SEO Blogs that Publish Killer Contents

WWW.NOHATDIGITAL.COM — 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / If you own a blog then you know how challenging and confusing SEO can be. The first step in becoming good at SEO is to gain knowledge from individuals who are well-versed . in SEO and then applying that knowledge to your own blog. So we’ve compiled a list of the Top 25 SEO blogs you should follow in 2018 that will help you get more traffic to your blog through the search engine.

Pleo raises $150M at a $1.7B valuation for its new approach to managing expenses for SMBs

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Whether you are part of the accounting department, or just any employee at an organization, managing expenses can be a time-consuming and error-filled, yet also quite mundane, part of your job. Today, a startup called Pleo — which has built a platform that can help some of that work more smoothly, by way of a vertically integrated system that includes payment cards, expense management software, and integrated reimbursement and pay-out services — is announcing a big round of growth funding to expand its business after seeing strong traction.

Microsoft stakes out claim with Windows 11 on future of hybrid work

VENTUREBEAT.COM — Where does your enterprise stand on the AI adoption curve? Take our AI survey to find out. Microsoft recently announced Windows 11, its first operating system overhaul in more than six years. The free upgrade, available to users in late 2021, comes on the heels of Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index, which asserts that hybrid work is here to stay.

GETTR, the Pro-Trump Social Media Platform, Gottrd Hacked On Its Launch Day

GIZMODO.COM — GETTR — the new “patriot-friendly” social media platform established by former Trump adviser Jason Miller — was hacked on July 4, the same day the network had its official launch.The hacker targeted the platform’s most prominent verified users, which just so happen to include a bunch of fan…

Iceland ran the world’s largest trial of a shorter work week. The results will (not) shock you.

MASHABLE.COM — From 2015 to 2019, Iceland ran the world’s largest trial of a shorter working week. An analysis of the results was finally published this week, and surprise! Everyone was happier, healthier, and more productive. Please pretend to be surprised.The report was jointly prepared by the Association for…

When you invest through this platform, your shares push for positive company changes

WWW.FASTCOMPANY.COM — “Most people don’t know that as a shareholder, you have shareholder rights,” says Antoine Argouges, CEO of Tulipshare, the new platform. “And those rights are really powerful, because they actually give you direct access to the way a business is run and drive change in the company…What we want is for the first time to aggregate shareholder rights together, so that users speak with a single voice.” The service is designed to give consumers more power to spur positive changes they want to see companies make.

Work friends make life happier. Here’s how to make them when you’re remote

WWW.FASTCOMPANY.COM — “The nature of our work is more collaborative today than ever before,” she says. “Meaningful relationships at work can be a buffer during stressful situations. Downstream, they also impact the bottom line of an organization in terms of absenteeism, presenteeism, quality of work, and organization loyalty.” Strong communities in the workplace can help address employee burnout, says Dr.

Volvo, Daimler, Traton invest $593 million to build electric truck charging network

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Volvo Group, Daimler Truck and Volkswagon’s AG heavy-truck business the Traton Group announced on Monday a non-binding agreement to build a network of high-performance public charging stations for electric heavy-duty long-haul trucks and buses around Europe. The news was first reported by Reuters. The three major European automakers will invest €500 million (~$593 million USD) to install and operate 1,700 charging points in strategic locations and close to highways.

BTS, NCT Dream, TXT, Twice, Blackpink And Exo Are The Most Influential K-Pop Stars Of 2021

WWW.FORBES.COM — INDIO, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 19: BLACKPINK performs during 2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts … [+] Festival on April 19, 2019 in Indio, California. (Photo by Timothy Norris/Getty Images for Coachella) Getty Images for Coachella K-pop is constantly growing increasingly popular all…

VW offloads Bugatti to Rimac to form new EV company Bugatti-Rimac

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Croatian electric supercar startup Rimac Automobili is taking over Bugatti. Rimac will own a controlling 55% share in the new company, Bugatti-Rimac, with VW’s Porsche owning the remaining 45%, according to reports by the Financial Times. “Rimac and Bugatti are a perfect match in terms of what we each bring to the table,” said founder and CEO of Rimac, Mate Rimac, in a statement.

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