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New Promo Video – Xtreme Blogs System – Blogging Success
May 17, 2010
Xtreme Freelance|Xtreme Blogs System May Updates
May 31, 2010
New Promo Video – Xtreme Blogs System – Blogging Success
May 17, 2010
Xtreme Freelance|Xtreme Blogs System May Updates
May 31, 2010

This one is long overdue, as  The Network Traffic is out there for about a month now. But better late than never, right ? :) Traffic is  very tough niche to go into but is also a rewarding one. just make a quick search for traffic  related products on Clickbank, Paydotcom or google affiliate traffic programs adn you will see how rewarding would b to dominate this niche.

In any case, this is a long-term projects, with an estimated 5-6 months to achieve top positions for toughest keywords. Consider also that traffic is the single resource without any website cannot survive or exist. In the light of recent changes that  Google implemented a while ago blogs are even more relevant for anyone that want o do well online. Of course changes are not entirely new, since Google has offered the same services before but now they are “in your face” and more and more will use them. It is hard not to since they make the search results more accurate and relevant. Our custom blogs are built to accommodate what Google needs since we started. This implies a lot of social networking and other features that will put our clients blogs into the spotlight.

We could rant a lot on this topic but I assume you’re her to read some about this blog we built. So here it is:

The theme choose is a more classic-styled that we felt is mixing well with the niche. Is is easy to read and you have many of the features at the first glance. We did a lot of custom design jobs to make it unique, starting with the sliding header images- it creates a nice dynamic feel. we also made a custom logo and top rim to personalize it even more.  The header widgets were a bit of a pain but we managed to cram there the WP incentive and the subscription form. This will give the readers the chance to subscribe at any time.

Here is a full page capture so you can check it at your will(please be patient, it’s a big file-you can click for a larger picture):

Other Features:

Custom footer

Custom header -sliding pictures animation, custom logo

Autoresponder integrated in header widget, opt-in page

Twitter integration with tweet my blog sidebar widget and auto poster,  and Twitter suite plugin, social bookmarking buttons integrated

Content based on keywords researched Unique article wizard as extra content source Onlywire plugin with associated accounts-bookmarks automatically every post.  Gold offer have access to automatic submission on 5 onlywire accounts

We have provided 10 keyworded unique articles, written by our writers, as well as other articles for support blogs and webpages, more than 14 unique articles in total. All blog posts were submitted to another set of more than 100 social bookmarking sites/accounts as we promised in our offer.

Custom theme features with options in admin area

Squidoo, Hubpages and additional blogs on web2 sites, loaded with unique articles on the same niche – home security

You can check the  Xtreme Blogs System Gold Offer page to see all the extra services we did as we really don’t have the space to cover all our work. Of course we have our report done with all the vitals and various details describing the jobe performed.

We also used the best selection of plugins to date for his requirements.Affiliate links can be added on any keyword you like in o time, blog wide. this allows for easy changing of the programs promoted.  No more manual linking, and above that, the links are cloaked, meaning that search engines will perceive the links as regular links.

We added WP incentive also – a paid plugin that will reward your readers that post comments, easy way to lure them to your list. Highly configurable also, can be used in many ways – host a comments contest anyone?

For advertising we have  options- built in theme advertising and max banner ads plugin with several advertising areas.

Monetization – Choosing the right monetization strategies and especially the timing is critical for online success. If you try to implement too many money-making features from the get-go all you’ll be accomplish will be a ticket to  Google’s sandbox and other search engines penalties.

All the preparations are made so at any time ne features acan be added or activated. Banners are linked to affiliate programs and more importantly, we have 1 list building product – to give away- The copyright Formula. We have also installedand configured 1 product for sale – the MRR version of Reseller Right Ninja.

And lastly, we have probably the most powerful automated feature. This is the Affiliate Linker. You can ad your affiliate links to your blog globally by setting the desired keyword in no time!

We could talk another day about the features we added for Royce and still have some to present but we let you discover that when you’ll be ready to become our client. Just remember, we still have 3 spots left at the special price in  this OFFER

A few more pics :

If you want to know more about our services, use the contact page or drop us an email at xtremefreelance(at) We can talk about what you want and we will give you advice no matter what you decide.

See the new tNT Logo Project

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