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December 30, 2009
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January 7, 2010

First of all, Happy and Prosperous New  Blogging Year! From our team here at Xtreme Freelance|Xtreme Blogs.

We have a lot of plans for this new year, all of them for the good of our clients and of course for our own success :) We are working right now at several client blogs, preparing a better email training series and overall improve all our services and ad even more our goal is to be the most EXCLUSIVE and Complete blogging service!

Did you knew you can pay more for half the training alone that we provide for your customers? That does NOT include any work done – and YOU will have to do it by yourself in YOUR time with YOUR expertise! Can you see now WHY we are TOTALLY Different and MUCH BETTER?/end of shameless self – promotion :)

  • As you might know, we started a  contest where anybody can win a blog/domain with just a little work. We have so far 6 or so confirmed participants. There is still plenty of time left, so go HERE , read the presentation and rule and go for it! You will regret it if you miss this chance!
  • We will have another small contest opening soon, this time we will give you all the tools to start a new blog in hours! You will have to have soome technical expertise of your own, as we will provide you with content in form of a database that you will have to upload to your own. Do not worry, we will give you all the details to do it even if you didn’t made this before. We will also provide you with a selection of premium themes and a plugin selection. All you will have to do is to upload everything to your own domain(you need to have your domain and installed Wordpress), change the settings and Voila!-your new blog is up and running. Details soon, so keep visiting our page!
  • Everybody entering our contests will have access to the full 1 MONTH training series we provide for our clients. However this is just the automated part and NOT the one-on-one training they get. If you want that one, consider becoming a client – some of our clients think that training alone is woth the money! There is still a wealth of information about creating content, promoting your web pages,  traffic getting methods and other topics
  • We are in the process to start our own CPA network, where every client will have the chance to register and earn! Needless to say, this is BIG news. More details soon!
  • New January offer is up! Go HERE We have changed a few details, added some new testimonials, and waiting for the last 3 clients smart enough to get this before we raise the price :)

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