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September 21, 2009

Hi all and welcome to the home of Xtreme Blogs program,

We are a team of freelance experts and I am Clau Tripon, a freelancer for the past 9 years, former and actual IT consultant amongst other things 🙂 . We are at the moment building our team of experts for what I think it’s a great opportunity for everyone dealing with blogging online.

I noticed many people are afraid to actually start building a blog, either for lack of technical knowledge or because it looks like a lot of work…Therefore I came up with a concept- Me and my team will build YOUR blog from scratch AND will do it professionally.

We will take care of the SEO, content, integration, directory submissions, RSS submisssion, and every other aspect at the lowest price possible and at the Highest quality possible! And that will be done in the shortest time possible also- we are testing on a few blogs right now and 2-3 days with all the work done seems doable.

Till then, a few concept banners/logos:

Please register if you’re interested, or follow us on Twitter to be kept updated on launch date and other development.

Thank you!

Clau T.


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