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Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

Secrets to Pinterest Success from 3 Top Influencers

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social When’s the last time you just went to a store and bought a big-ticket item without doing any online research? If you’re anything like the 93 percent of Pinterest users who use the social media platform to plan purchases, you can’t really remember. Pinterest is the…

Survival of the Richest

MEDIUM.COM — There’s nothing wrong with madly optimistic appraisals of how technology might benefit human society. But the current drive for a post-human utopia is something else. It’s less a vision for the wholesale migration of humanity to a new a state of being than a quest to transcend all that is human:…

Influencer Marketing on Social Media: Everything You Need To Know

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social You probably know that word-of-mouth is one of the most valuable forms of marketing out there: It’s been shown to influence 20 to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions. After all, potential customers are much more likely to be receptive to recommendations from a…

U.S. Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution Stuns World Health Officials

NYTIMES.COM — A resolution to encourage breast-feeding was expected to be approved quickly and easily by the hundreds of government delegates who gathered this spring in Geneva for the United Nations-affiliated World Health Assembly.Based on decades of research, the resolution says that mother’s milk is…

How to Schedule Tweets to Maximize Reach and Engagement

BLOG.BUFFERAPP.COM — Hi there, we use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience and to analyze site traffic. By continuing to use our website, you consent to the use of these cookies. Learn More.

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Groups (2018 Update)

ADESPRESSO.COM — How many Facebook Groups are you in right now? I bet most of you wouldn’t know the exact number and couldn’t list off every single one. I know I couldn’t. You know what else I’d bet money on? That there are a few groups that you’d be able to think of immediately. Those that offer value to you, in…

6 YouTube Channels Your Social Can Learn From

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social YouTube is a great platform for social media education—you’ve got interviews with the best in the business, tutorials on the latest gadgets, and experts who breakdown otherwise-complicated social media strategies in detail. To save you time, we hunted down the best…

How to Get More Comments on Your Social Media Posts

INC.COM — Looking to bolster your social media engagement? With engagement-centric social media algorithms becoming more commonplace than ever, comments on your social posts are becoming more important than ever before. In the past few years, social media platforms, from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter have begun to prioritize forms of engagement, such as comments, higher than chronology more than ever before with the ultimate goal of building community on each of their platforms.

How the Facebook Algorithm Works in 2018 (And How to Work With it)

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social Since Mark Zuckerberg’s 2018 announcement that the Facebook algorithm will prioritize “meaningful interactions” from friends and family over content from brands, it has become trickier than ever to ensure your organic content gets the screen time it deserves. But,…

So You Think You Can’t Write: 8 Writing Resources for Non-Writers

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social Can you draw? When asked this question, most people scoff and answer a definitive “no.” However, take a pencil, connect it to paper, and leave a mark. You have drawn. Writing is a skill much like drawing in this sense. Many believe that they simply cannot write, or…

Top Instagram Updates You Need to Know in 2018

ADESPRESSO.COM — When it comes to Instagram updates, we’ll sometimes get one big new feature (if we’re lucky) and a lot of little ones. New stickers, new camera effects, things that absolutely matter and can help us step up our marketing game, but nothing necessarily overwhelming. That is not what happened this…

Interesting Articles This Week

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