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Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

6 Podcasts That Will Make You a Better Social Media Marketer

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social By: Sarah Dawley If I’m wearing headphones, there’s about an 80 percent chance I’m listening to a podcast (and a 20 percent chance I’m listening to nothing and just don’t want people to bug me). Podcasts are steadily growing in popularity (thanks Serial) and yet I’m…

How to Use Instagram Stories: The Complete Guide for Business

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social By: Kendall Walters Snapchat may have pioneered disappearing content, but Instagram clearly doesn’t plan on missing out on one of social media’s hottest trends. Launched August 2, 2016, Stories is Instagram’s answer to Snapchat. Since it debuted, Instagram has added…

Using Micro-Communities to Boost Organic Reach on Social Media

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social By: Sarah Dawley As more people and businesses compete for attention on social media—and networks like Facebook continue to tweak their algorithms—many businesses are seeing a steady decline in organic reach. The most touted solution is to buy social ads. But what if…

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan in 6 Steps

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social By: Evan LePage So you need to create a social media marketing plan. No easy task, right? Many of us struggle to iron out exactly what that is, let alone figure out how to build one from scratch. Put simply, every action you take on social networks should be a part…

Don’t Be Fooled by Data: 4 Data Analysis Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

MOZ.COM — Digital marketing is a proudly data-driven field. Yet, as SEOs especially, we often have such incomplete or questionable data to work with, that we end up jumping to the wrong conclusions in our attempts to substantiate our arguments or quantify our issues and opportunities. In this post, I’m…

Sources: Apple is acquiring music recognition app Shazam

TECHCRUNCH.COM — As Spotify continues to inch towards a public listing, Apple is making a move of its own to step up its game in music services. Sources tell us that the company is close to acquiring Shazam, the popular app that lets people identify any song, TV show, film or advert in seconds, by listening to an audio clip or (in the case of, say, an ad) a visual fragment, and then takes you to content relevant to that search.

4 Lessons About Social Media and Psychology Marketers Need to Know

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social By: Dara Fontein You can’t expect social media success if you don’t understand your audience. And there’s no better way of doing this than getting inside their heads with a few basic psychology principles. At Hootsuite, we’ve long known that these principles are key…

5 Social Media Innovations That Are Changing the Retail Industry

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social By: Kaylynn Chong More than 84 percent of smartphone users in the U.S. go online to look up products before purchasing. E-commerce is slowly taking over the consumer world with sales reaching $394.9 billion in 2016, up nearly 16 percent from the previous year. To…

6 Social Media Video Formats Marketers Need to Try

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social By: Christina Newberry There’s no question that social video has become a critical part of online marketing. After all, Facebook alone has 8 billion video views per day, and Bloomberg reported that Snapchat had 10 billion video views per day as of April 2016. That’s…

 Interesting Articles This Week

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