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Free Goods Of The Week – June 11
June 11, 2024
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Free Goods Of The Week – June 18
June 18, 2024
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – June 11
June 11, 2024
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – June 18
June 18, 2024

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

AI Workflows: How to Get Started

Looking for ways to automate your work? Wondering if AI could help? In this article, you’ll discover how to use AI to create repeatable workflows for your business. Understanding AI Workflows for Business An artificial intelligence (AI) workflow is a process that uses AI to perform productive tasks for you repeatedly. The AI workflow is […]

How to Create Peer-to-Peer Fundraising in WordPress (Step by Step)

Are you looking to create peer-to-peer fundraising in WordPress? If you have a charity organization, then you can allow your supporters to create their own fundraising campaigns on your website and raise money for the cause. This allows users to play an active role and spread awareness to their own audiences. In this article, we will show you how to easily create peer-to-peer fundraising in WordP

On Writing a Tagline (and Pitching It, Too)

Welcome to Creator Columns , where we bring expert HubSpot Creator voices to the Blogs that inspire and help you grow better. Peggy, Lou, and Dawn are characters on Mad Men , the 60s period drama about one of Madison Avenue’s most prestigious, albeit fictional, advertising agencies. Peggy is one of the firm’s copywriters, responsible for writing (and pitching) ad copy. Lou is her boss, the creati

What spoiled wrecks

There’s nothing wrong with abundance and joy. But being spoiled causes two real problems: it makes it difficult to appreciate what you have. If perfect is the standard, it’s rarely met and never exceeded. it leads to tantrums. Tantrums about sharing, about the lack of ‘more’ and about the endless poverty of comparison. As a community increases in wealth, the number of spoiled citizens increases a

This Newsletter Growth Trend Is Straight from Wall Street

Welcome to Trends , a weekly newsletter with the zestiest business trends and actionable insights for entrepreneurs. So you’re cruising along on Instagram, and see an ad for a newsletter that grabs your attention. You give the ad a click, and enter your email to subscribe. That publisher has aced everything up until that point with: An enticing message on their ad Placed in front of you on the ri

Content Marketing Is Hard for SaaS Companies. Here’s How to Do It Right.

B2B SaaS content marketing can be notoriously complex. Your SaaS company’s solutions are built to solve problems for a highly select subset of a professional audience. If you can’t find and reach this audience with your content, creating it feels like a waste of time. No matter how niche your SaaS solutions are, however, content marketing can and will work for your brand. In a space where it can

What Is theme.json File in WordPress and How to Use It

Are you using a block theme and seeing the theme.json file in WordPress? Maybe you are wondering what the purpose of this file is and whether you should edit it. The theme.json file is a crucial part of the full site editing experience in WordPress. As block themes become more widespread, it’s important to understand what theme.json does and how to edit it properly. That’s why we at WPBeginner ha

WP Briefing: Episode 81: It’s your first WordCamp? Welcome!

Get ready to dive into the vibrant world of WordCamps with this special episode of the WordPress Briefing, hosted by Josepha Haden Chomphosy! This episode is designed for first-time attendees; we’ll explore what to expect, from Contributor Day activities to mastering the art of socializing and networking. Whether you’re aiming to contribute to the WordPress community or simply looking to make new

WP Composer Review: Build Custom WordPress Sites Without Coding

Looking for a WordPress page builder to help you build a custom website? We take an in-depth look at WP Composer, so you can decide if it’s the right plugin to help you build the WordPress site of your dreams.

I Tested 9 Popular AI Image Generators. Here’s the Scoop for Marketers

Part of the reason I went into marketing is because I love creating. It’s also why the topic of the best AI for images intrigues me. I love writing (surprise), cooking, design, and photography. I also used to paint and sew. But thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) , you no longer have to be a lifelong creative to turn an idea into a visual reality. AI image generators help anyone create visuals

After the emergency

If we need to wait until after the short-term emergency is settled, it’s unlikely we’re ever going to get to work on the long-term important work. Of course, we want to do “everything we can” when an emergency strikes. But the standard for that has always involved tradeoffs. Perhaps we should resist trading the important work for the urgent distraction of right now.

The half apology

What a waste. Something went wrong, and the other person cared enough about the relationship to let you know. Perhaps they’re hoping that you can rebuild a bridge. That you can see what they see and care enough to do something about it. A half apology is a little like half a balloon. It takes effort, but it doesn’t have much utility. Honoring the moment, an apology is a chance to reconnect and ac

An overlooked and powerful editing tool

Consider building a word cloud of your writing. It might be all the text on your website, or the last 50 emails you sent. It might be your new book or the speech you’re going to give at Rice University. It only takes a few minutes. I use because it’s easy and free. Click the ‘word list’ menu and ‘extract words from text’.

How to Write an Affiliate Product Review (Expert Tips)

Do you want to learn how to write a product review for your affiliate products? Writing affiliate product reviews on your WordPress site allows you to earn money online. It can also help your audience make an informed decision about the product that you are reviewing. In this article, we will show you how to easily write an affiliate product review, step by step. We will cover a few different top

Perfect pavement

Paving the ground might be an option. Pavement is invisible to the driver. It’s expected, smooth, resilient and gets out of the way. You only notice a road when it’s not paved well. Nature, on the other hand, is never perfect. All untouched forests are natural, yet each is different. That’s the point. Hardness can be perfect. You can measure it. Softness, on the other hand, is multi-dimensional.

How To Make Money Blogging: 9 Strategies That Work

Finding customers is one of the biggest challenges brands face when selling products or services. As a blogger, you’ve already…

Get Past the ATS With These Resume Templates [+ Tips]

I can honestly say that, so far in my career, I’ve never witnessed such a high competition for marketing roles on LinkedIn, both full-time and freelance, as now. And I’ve seen countless comments and got tens of email replies from hiring managers, saying that they’re overwhelmed as they’ve received over a hundred applications. No wonder that to make sense of it all and spot relevant candidates, co

How to Get More Global Visitors (WordPress International SEO Tips)

Wouldn’t it be great if you could attract more visitors from around the world to your website and increase traffic? As the president of a popular WordPress SEO plugin, I’ve seen a growing trend toward the need for localization (adapting your content to a specific target audience) on websites and in online marketing. I believe that many businesses can unlock tremendous potential by combining basic

Practical empathy (vs. telepathy)

“If I were you…” or, more commonly, “if you were me.” Management has never been easy, but as the world becomes more complex, it gets more difficult. We’d like to imagine that the person (or AI bot, or freelancer, or firm) that we hired has enough drive, insight and common sense to do exactly what we do in the situation. No need to spell everything out, just think like me and do the right thing.

Hundreds of Websites Targeted by Fake Google Chrome Update Pop-Ups

Fake Browser Update campaigns are known for their deceptive tactics used by hackers to trick users into downloading malicious software. These campaigns typically involve injecting malicious code into a website, which then displays a popup message urging users to update their web browser. Clicking on the provided link usually results in downloading malware, such as a remote access trojan or an inf

Earn $400/month: A Detailed Cash Giraffe Review of My Earnings

Looking for a fun and easy way to make extra cash in your spare time? Look no further than Cash Giraffe, a gaming app that allows you to earn money by playing new games and apps. An Android gaming app gaining traction for its promise of real cash and gift cards just by playing games. Additionally, with a minimal cash-out requirement of 20 cents to PayPal, it looks enticing on the surface. But is

5 Best Robinhood Alternatives to Consider in 2024 : Features & Fees Comparison

Are you in search of the best Robinhood alternative? Robinhood has gained popularity as a commission-free investment platform, but plenty of options exist for those looking for alternatives. If you are looking for reduced costs, a wider selection of investments, or unique functionalities, discovering a superior alternative to Robinhood could significantly impact your investment approach. We will

Top 15 Lazy Side Hustle Ideas to Make Money in 2024

Looking for a side hustle that requires less effort and more money? If you are someone who tends to be idle or is constantly busy with work and putting in extra effort beyond the norm. However, you are still not making sufficient money to satisfy your trivial desires. Hold on; the list of side hustles provided would greatly help you. Scroll down, explore the list, and select the one that requires

Earn $100-$500 on Car Advertising: Carvertise Review

Are you looking for a side hustle to make extra money? If you want to earn money without effort, advertising your car is the best option for you. By placing advertising decals on your car, you can passively earn money while you go about your daily routine. Companies will pay you to showcase their brand on your vehicle, providing a simple way to make extra income without much effort. Plus, it’s a

WordPress 6.5.4 Maintenance Release

WordPress 6.5.4 is now available! This minor release features 5 bug fixes in Core . You can review a summary of the maintenance updates in this release by reading the Release Candidate announcement . WordPress 6.5.4 is a short-cycle release. The next major release will be version 6.6 planned for July 2024. If you have sites that support automatic background updates, the update process will begin

5 Ways to Supercharge Your B2B Content Innovation

The current renaissance of creative B2B content is a blessing and a curse for B2B marketers. On the good side, it gives us permission to stretch our creative muscles, write fascinating and engaging content, and pair it with eye-catching visuals. On the bad side, B2B buyers won’t settle for less than imaginative and engrossing content. There’s no skating by with an old-school white paper or a gene

Shipt vs Instacart: Which Grocery Delivery Service Pays More?

Do you want to earn extra money by delivering groceries? If you enjoy doing groceries, then start it as a side gig. It’s much more peaceful than driving people around, and if you enjoy shopping, it can be fun. You do not know where to start? Fret not, Platforms like Shipt and Instacart provide you with jobs, including grocery shopping for other people according to their demands. But the question

Proven Strategies to Make Money on Medium in 2024 (Expert Tips for Writers)

Are you looking for ways to make money as a writer? With the rise of technology, writers have discovered new ways to display their skills and make a living using platforms such as Medium. This platform offers writers a unique space to share their thoughts, ideas, and expertise with a global audience. Do you know, Medium compensates authors and has outcomes to show for it. Jason Gutierrez has the

How Much Money Can You Make Renting Your Car? Earn $1000/month as Turo Host

Can you make $1,000 per month with one car on Turo? Exploring this question reveals insights into the profitability of becoming a Turo host. Is it factual to claim you can make money on Turo using a $6,000 vehicle to earn $1,000 monthly? This analysis shows that with strategic management, such gains are within reach for diligent hosts. Recently, Jennifer Cunningham reported that by renting their

How Much Do Shipt Shoppers Make with Shipt? A Step by Step Guide

Do you want to know? How much does Shipt pay? The average Shipt hourly wage ranges from roughly $17.32 per hour for an Independent Consumer to $25.00 per hour for a Shipping Driver. Moreover, Shipt’s brand recognition in the United States is 50% . So, want to make a little extra cash? Shipt is one of the finest and easiest methods for generating extra cash, especially if you enjoy grocery shopping.

Is it Worth Using ChatGPT to Write Your Resume? Let’s Find Out

ChatGPT this, ChatGPT that. Well, I’m here to add to the AI noise (but in a good way, I promise). I’ve seen a lot of discourse on LinkedIn about ChatGPT resumes and other professional use cases for AI . Since the job market is on fire right now, I decided to do a little digging myself to see how helpful ChatGPT really is for resume writing. Table of Contents Should you use ChatGPT to write your …

Sendbird AI Chatbot Review: Customer Engagement Excellence Using Modern Tech

Our Sendbird AI Chatbot review showcases a no-code platform that uses ChatGPT, Claude, and more to boost your customer service interactions! Read on to find out what we think of this full-featured way to engage with your users!

How to Redirect a Page or URL in WordPress (2 Methods)

Do you need to redirect a page or URL in WordPress? When a user follows a link to your website that leads to a page that doesn’t exist, they will see an error message. This poor user experience can be frustrating for your visitors and prevent them from becoming clients or customers. In this article, we’ll show you how to fix broken links by redirecting pages and URLs in WordPress. Why Redirect a…

How to Develop a Frictionless Client Service Experience

Is your client service as smooth as it could be? Could your agency be losing valuable relationships due to complicated or frustrating processes? In this article, you’ll discover a methodology for assessing and improving the customer experience journey. The Importance of Ease and Effort in Streamlining the Customer Journey In today’s highly competitive business environment, […]

What does the world owe us?

This question is a trap. It’s based on scarcity and entitlement, and most of all, the world isn’t listening. When more and more people focus on this question, it simply pushes us apart. On the other hand, “what do I owe the world?” opens the door for endless opportunity. When lots of people ask this question, the contributions add up, the connections are solidified and better is possible. The bes

Interesting Examples of Out-of-the-Box Marketing Ideas [Marketing Update]

This week on the Marketing Update on, Mike and Karen discussed a couple of crazy, out-of-the-box marketing campaigns. Domino’s Goes Real Time The first example came from Domino’s Pizza. Back in April 2009 on the Marketing Update, we talked about how Domino’s was taken by surprise by an unfortunate YouTube video . We’ve also discussed the company’s reinvention through a series of innovations.

WordPress 6.6 Beta 1

is here! Please download and test it. This beta version of the WordPress software is under development. Please do not install, run, or test this version of WordPress on production or mission-critical websites—you risk unexpected results if you do. Instead, install Beta 1 on local sites and testing environments in any of these four ways:

AI Content Generators: I Tested 5 of the Best; Here’s What I Found

I‘m going to be fully transparent here. As I write this blog post, I’m on a train to the other side of my state. If you’re a busy marketer or content creator like I am, chances are you’re always on the go for your next project (figuratively or literally). You could probably use some tools to streamline or automate aspects of content marketing, saving you time and allowing you to move on to the…

How LGBTQ+ Leaders Can Market Themselves and Their Unique Assets

Welcome to Breaking the Blueprint — a blog series that dives into the unique business challenges and opportunities of underrepresented business owners and entrepreneurs. Learn how they’ve grown or scaled their businesses, explored entrepreneurial ventures within their companies, or created side hustles, and how their stories can inspire and inform your own success.

Kiss Lurk-and-Leave Goodbye: 5 Ways to Convert Your Website Traffic

Welcome to Creator Columns , where we bring expert HubSpot Creator voices to the Blogs that inspire and help you grow better. Getting traffic to your website is a smart and valuable goal, but it can’t be the end of the line. When you’ve put in the work to get people through the digital door of your business, you need to have a plan for what happens next. You have a short amount of time to make a

8 Best WordPress Development Tools (Free + Paid)

We’ve developed and launched many successful websites from the ground up. So we know that whether you’re an experienced WordPress developer or a beginner, having the right development tool helps you customize your site and add different functionality. From our years of experience, some of the best development tools we can recommend include Local WP, WPCode, Duplicator, MAMP, and GitHub Copilot.

Using AI to Speed Content Creation

Want to speed the time it takes you to create content? Wondering how AI could help? In this article, you’ll discover how to use AI to speed your content planning and production. #1: Feed Your AI a Brand Identity Document Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an indispensable tool for content creators looking to elevate their […]

Did you see it in the theater?

We’re in the middle of a huge and unusual shift. The magazine publisher acted like the best sales were newsstand sales, even though the profit came from subscriptions and most people simply visited the website. Book publishers and editors seem to focus on selling copies on paper, sold in

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