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May 28, 2024
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Free Goods Of The Week – May 27
May 28, 2024
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Free Goods Of The Week – June 04
June 4, 2024

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

Prompt Engineering Fundamentals: How to Get Better Results With AI

Want to improve the content generated by AI? Wondering how top AI pros get what they need from AI? In this article, you’ll discover a four-step AI prompt engineering framework and what to do if it doesn’t work. What Is AI Prompt Engineering? Prompt engineering is the art and science of communicating with large language […]

How to Fix “PHP Missing MySQL Extension” Error in WordPress

Recently, a user encountered the ‘your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress’ error and asked us if there was a way to fix it. When this error appears, it prevents users from viewing your website. If it occurs frequently, then it can be bad for your site’s user experience. In this article, we will show you how to fix PHP missing MySQL extension

Top SEO Strategies for Lead Generation

One of the most common arguments against investing in Search Engine Optimization is that the practice doesn’t impact the bottom line enough. And the truth is, it is difficult to get lead-gen content to rank for non-branded terms. Fortunately, that’s far from the only way SEO can be useful for lead generation. In fact, SEO is indispensable to contemporary B2B lead generation, if you take the right

Navigating Taxes and Compliance in WooCommerce

Explore essential strategies for managing taxes and compliance in WooCommerce, including setup tips, security measures, and automation tools.

How to Level Up as a Marketer in the AI Era (The Right Way)

I can’t lie — I’ve been feeling a little AI-fatigued lately. But the reason everyone’s still talking about AI is because it’s not going away anytime soon. The reality is it’s changing the way we work as marketers. Our State of AI report shows that more than half of marketers (60%) are using AI tools in their role. If you’re looking to grow your career, chances are you’ll have to lean into the AI

The Science Behind Social Shopping: Why We Are Always ‘Clicking to Buy’, According to Psychologists

Amazon pillows. Korean moisturizer. An acupuncture mat. These are just a few of the objects I’ve purchased on Instagram over the past couple months – mainly because an influencer told me to. I’m not alone. Today’s shopper doesn’t head to the mall when she’s bored; she opens her phone. In fact, according to HubSpot’s 2024 Consumer Trends survey , 25% of social media users have bought a product fro

Exceed or maintain?

In just about every group, people decide in advance how they’ll show up when it comes to learning, to winning and to responding to opportunities. They’re wearing a hat with a label, and over time, it’s not hard to recognize. This can change based on pedagogy, social conditions and the juxtaposition of status roles, but it’s really quite sticky. A few people are not simply autodidacts, they’re act

Mistplay Review 2024: Is Mistplay Worth It?

Do you know that playing games on mobile devices is no longer just a pastime? Yes, because platforms like Mistplay have become popular for offering users the opportunity to earn units, which can be exchanged for gift cards and other rewards, simply by engaging in gameplay. Moreover, this app boasts a vast array of games; the search tab allows users to easily browse through different game categories.

WP Briefing: Episode 80: Unlocking Your WordPress Potential with Learn WordPress Tools

Welcome to another episode of the WordPress Briefing! In this episode, your host, Josepha Haden Chomphosy, delves into the incredible resources available to help you broaden your WordPress expertise. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to deepen your skillset, these tools and tutorials offer something for everyone. Join us as we explore how Learn WordPress can be your guide on the journey

How to Create a Squeeze Page in WordPress That Converts

Are you looking for a way to collect email addresses from your visitors? Adding a squeeze page is an easy way to narrow down your users’ attention and build an email list. It helps convert your audience by offering incentives in exchange for their email address. In this article, we will show you how to create a squeeze page in WordPress. What Is a Squeeze Page? A squeeze page (also known as a lea

50 Marketing Buzzwords to Know and Some to Avoid

At the beginning of my marketing career, I was hit with a bunch of acronyms that sounded more like dog names than business terms: ROI, ROA, ROAS… ?I could even imagine fluffy Chow Chow named “ROAS” chasing after a Shih Tzu named “ROI.” Years later, I catch myself using those terms even in everyday life. “Expensive climbing shoe? Well, they would probably be good for my cliff climbing season, so

The hubris of creativity

Where’s your permit? Who said you could try to solve this problem? I don’t get it … That’s too original. It’s not original enough. You missed a comma. That’s not funny. That’s been done before. That’s never been done before. It’s not your best work. None of us are authorized to solve interesting problems. And there are no guarantees. Do it anyway. Generous creativity is the only way things can ge

Play fair & work hard

Two of the building blocks of a resilient society. And the opposite of the lazy shortcut. The meanings of both clauses change over time… Play fair: Everyone gets an opportunity to participate, from the very beginning Leave your campsite cleaner than you found it Take responsibility for the effects and side effects of your work Don’t seek monopoly power The long-term is the point Show your work an

Transforming two-sided markets

AI agents are going to overhaul the way we think about buying and selling. Uber already did this in a small way. They organized the drivers, and now they organize the riders. Hailing a cab was already sort of anonymous, but with competition and structure, AI will continue to get better at finding the right passengers for the right drivers, and vice versa. But there are far more markets where this


Encountering the NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID error can be frustrating, but it’s important to address it promptly to ensure your website remains secure and trustworthy. This error typically indicates an issue with your website’s SSL/TLS certificate, which is essential for encrypting data and ensuring a secure connection between your website and its visitors. When this error occurs, users might be d

29 Best Business Tools for Small Business (Expert Pick for 2024)

Over our years of helping small websites and companies grow and compete with the big guys, we’ve learned that the right business tools can make a huge difference in their success. Whether you are looking for something to help you with email marketing, customer support, customer relationship management, or something else, there are plenty of plugins and software options that can fit the bill. That

The challenge of N + 1

“Just a little more,” might be a useful way to self motivate, until it isn’t. N + 1 pushes us to win every race, every argument, every bank balance competition. Sometimes this is simply a self challenge, not designed to hurt others, but the problem with never being satisfied is that the loser is also going to be you. “Enough” is often attainable and always useful.

How To Make $10,000 Per Month Without Quitting Your Job

There are plenty of ways to make $10,000 per month, but many opportunities have high startup costs, require advanced skills,…

How to Remove Archive Pages in WordPress (4 Easy Methods)

Do you want to remove archive pages from your WordPress website? Archive pages, like category or tag archives, automatically group your blog posts for visitors to browse. While they can be helpful for navigation and showcasing older content, there might be times when they’re not necessary. In this article, we will show you how to remove archive pages in WordPress while keeping your website optimi

LinkedIn Written Content Strategy: From Ideas to Stories and Beyond

Are your LinkedIn posts getting the reach and engagement you need? Looking for a written post formula you can repurpose? In this article, we’ll explore content strategy on LinkedIn using the written word. Why the Written Word Matters on LinkedIn In today’s digital landscape, content creators constantly seek ways to capture their audience’s attention and […]

2 + 2

Arguments about taste are more common than ever before. The long tail makes it easy to find what you like, and to talk about what you don’t. There’s no accounting for taste, and that’s a good thing. Because taste is useful. Flopping the toilet paper under or over the roll, Beatles vs. Stones, Chevy vs. Ford… the interactions and tribal identity that result from these discussions satisfies our need

Server Side Credit Card Skimmer Lodged in Obscure Plugin

Attackers are always finding new ways to inject malware into websites and new ways to obscure it to avoid detection, but they’re always up to their same old tricks. In this post, we’ll explore how attackers are using a very obscure PHP snippet WordPress plugin to install server-side malware to harvest credit card details from a WooCommerce online store. As is normally the start to these stories,

How Does B2B Influencer Marketing Actually Work?

Would you pay Justin Bieber to create a video about your company’s SaaS offering? How about contracting Kim Kardashian to produce an Instagram Reel summarizing the highlights of your latest whitepaper? Strategically, it simply makes no sense for enterprise brands to engage with these consumer-friendly faces. While B2C (business to consumer) marketing and B2B (business to business) marketing share

7 Best Crowdfunding Plugins for WordPress (Expert Pick for 2024)

At WPBeginner, we’ve helped many nonprofit and small business projects get off the ground, and we’ve seen how the right crowdfunding tools can make all the difference. Sifting through the many crowdfunding plugins for WordPress can be a headache, and let’s face it: not all plugins are up to par. The right tool allows you to easily launch and scale your campaigns with minimal difficulty or fees.

How to Create Clear Client Communication Systems

Wondering how to handle situations where client expectations aren’t aligned with project realities? Want to set up a repeatable process to avoid unexpected client reactions? In this article, you’ll discover critical skills and practical tips to define, meet, and exceed client expectations. Effective Client Communication: Insights From an Agency Owner Establishing clear communication and aligning

“I don’t learn that way”

If you’re sitting on the dock, watching the swim class without getting wet, it’s more accurate to say, “I’m just watching.” There are plenty of theories on how different people learn. Online, we’re in the middle of the biggest learning experiment in history, with countless videos, podcasts and interactive courses teaching just about anything. In my experience, there are two uncomfortable pedagogi.

Google Releases AI Overviews (SGE): 7 Tips for WordPress Users

Have you heard about the impact that Google AI overviews will have on search engine results and website rankings? This Google search feature, formerly known as SGE (Search Generative Experience), uses artificial intelligence to generate a summary to answer a user’s query. The summary is displayed at the top of the results page so users can learn about the topic without needing to click on links t

10 Best Design Collaboration Software & Tools for Creatives

Even the most creative people know the most innovative projects get done when you work as a team. However, working as a team can be difficult without the right tools to streamline and organize your workflows while keeping everyone informed. So, to help you work more efficiently with your team, I rounded up 10 of my favorite design collaboration software and tools you can try. Let’s get into it! W

What Most Brands Miss With User Testing (That Costs Them Conversions)

I’m an inclusive marketing consultant and the founder of Thompson Media Group . A former client of mine recently forwarded me an email he’d received from a market insights company he’s subscribed to. The insights the company had included in this particular email was about “The Top 5 Ranked TV Sitcoms in U.S. History” according to consumers. My client’s message to me was one of disbelief at the re

How to Create a Marketing Calendar You’ll Actually Use

No matter what type of business I’ve worked for over the years, my team has always stressed the importance of a marketing calendar — and then never made one. A marketing calendar is essential to keeping a team organized and productive, but creating and maintaining one can be intimidating without the right guidance. So, if you’re reading this hanging your head in shame, don’t worry; this is a safe

How to Get AI to Create Better Content

Is the AI-generated content you’re producing too generic? Wondering how to improve the quality of your AI content? In this article, you’ll discover how to get AI to create better content. Create Better AI-Generated Content: Prompts vs Prompt Engineering If creating content is part of your work, you’ve likely used prompts to generate content from […]

Noodling for professionals

When Miles Davis recorded Kind of Blue with his sextet, they spent a total of four days in the recording studio. They created one of the bestselling and most important jazz albums of all time in less than a week. Of course, they’d been exploring for months. In clubs, in front of an audience, trading fours and taking risks. Studio time is expensive. Studio time should be de-risked. You’ll need to

How to Check Your Website’s SEO Rankings (and Improve Them)

Building a data-informed search engine optimization strategy is critical for every brand. But before you can start improving your site’s SEO, you’ll have to learn how to monitor your website’s SEO rankings in the first place. Earning rankings for strategically important keywords is a clear sign that your approach is working, but the difference between a top-10 ranking versus a top-3 ranking can l

Memberful Review: Simplified Membership Management

Memberful streamlines membership management with its intuitive interface, customizable features, and strong customer support, making it a top choice for content creators and businesses alike.

11 Best WordPress Paywall Plugins (Free and Paid Options)

At WPBeginner, we’ve had a lot of experience working with different website monetization tools, including paywall plugins, membership software, and more. We’ve tested everything from simple plugins to complex solutions, learning that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to paywalls. The right paywall plugin can help you monetize your content effectively by controlling who can access

Writing the Ultimate One-Pager About Your Business: 8 Examples and How to Make One [+ Free Template]

Whether you’re a business owner or a sales rep, you’re always pitching your services, telling potential clients what you offer as succinctly as possible. Trust me, I’ve been there myself, trying to sum up my copywriting business in as few words as I can. That’s where the business one-pager has come to my rescue. I’ve created presentations about what I do and have a full website dedicated to my bu

7 Things Creators Should Know About Marketing Their Book

Writing a book is a gargantuan task, and reaching the finish line is a feat equal to summiting a mountain. Getting the “It’s a great book, you did it!” email from my publisher was a high I hope I’ll never forget. I thought all the hard work was over after that. What a sucker I was. Book marketing felt completely overwhelming to me (which I’m embarrassed to say as a professional marketer). And the

2024 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

Wondering how other marketers are using social media? Want to be sure your strategy is headed in the right direction? Find out what professional marketers plan to do with their organic activities, video marketing, ads, and content mixes over the next year in the 16th annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report. How Are Marketers Using […]

I was wrong about sun tea

The story is a good one: put some tea bags in a mason jar filled with fresh, cold water. Put it in the sun. Four hours later, smooth and delicious tea is waiting for you. The photons from the sun go through the clear glass and the water, strike the leaves and transfer radiant energy to the tea. This isn’t actually what happens. It turns out that the sun simply warms the water a bit, and tea happens


If a jacket is made by Patagonia or a piece of hardware is made by Teenage Engineering, you can probably tell who made it the first time you see it, even without a logo. A painting by Sonia Delaunay doesn’t need to be signed to know who it’s by. On the other hand, AppleTV streams shows that could have come from any streaming service. When your brand has fingerprints, don’t do things that require

Customer math for a new business

How much does it cost to get a new customer? How much do you make from every interaction with that customer? How long does the customer stick around? How many new customers will existing customers bring you over time?

How to Remove a Block in WordPress (4 Easy Methods)

Are you looking to remove blocks in WordPress? Removing, hiding, or deleting unnecessary blocks that are part of the content editor can clean up your block menu. It also helps you be more focused by making it easier to find the specific blocks you need quickly. In this article, we will show you step-by-step instructions on how to remove a block in WordPress.

Semantic algebra

Doing math problems in your head is a skill. No one is born knowing the answer to, “You have 35 coins in nickels and quarters. They add up to $4.15. How many quarters do you have?” but we can learn. And some people find it easier than others, but yes, we can learn. The same is true for analogies and relationships of words. If someone says, “A baseball manager is like the conductor of an orchestra.

How To Market Online Courses And Get Customers Now

The problem with most best practice advice for marketing online courses is that it’s geared towards people who already have…

20+ Best WordPress Plugins for 2024 – We Did the Research for You

Just like apps enhance your phone, some of the best WordPress plugins can transform a basic WordPress site into something special. From powerful SEO tools to simple contact form plugins, it’s impressive how a quick ten-second installation can make such a big difference.

Why Every CMO Needs to Know Their Search TAM

As ad costs have exploded in the last year, founders and CMOs are seeking alternatives to paid acquisition. HubSpot recognized the value of organic search early, enabling our growth alongside the expanding search landscape. While AI-powered search experiences are reshaping the search landscape, we’re still firm believers in search. To vet whether organic search is an opportunity for you, you need

How to Use the Psychology of Popups to Boost Signups by 250%

I’ve been doing popup marketing for over a decade now, and I’ve found that it is one of the most effective ways to prompt action and get more leads online. It’s important to use psychological principles in your popups to grab attention and influence user behavior. This can help you create popups that offer real value to your visitors instead of annoying them. Here are some of my favorite tactics

How to Optimize Your Videos to Reach More of the Right People

Want to ensure that your videos are relevant to your target audience? Looking for tactics to retain viewers at various stages of the customer journey? In this article, we’ll explore how to optimize your videos to reach the right people. Why Videos Tend to Underperform In today’s digital age, video has become an essential tool […] The post appeared first on Social Media Examiner .

Complaints are a gift

It’s easy to see a complaint as simple whining, the narcissistic impatience of someone who has enough insulation from the real world that they can share their dissatisfaction over just about anything. But a complaint unheard gives us no way to improve. In our current medical system, doctors can seek to minimize complaints, to explain them away with a negative test or a shrug of the shoulders. But

The obligations of the Town Hall

A few hundred years ago, small towns in New England embraced the idea of the town hall. Citizens (at the time, just the white men) came together and worked through the town’s agenda. Each person could speak, each person could vote, it was direct and sometimes effective. Part of the innovation was the idea that each vote was equal, regardless of how much land you owned or wealth or status you had

Building the Optimal WordPress Development Environment and Hosting Stack

Choosing the right hosting stack informs your server response times, resource availability, and compatibility with other tools. A good setup can help you scale your site, too. Let’s take a look at where your hosting fits in when it

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