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Free Goods Of The Week – May 06
May 7, 2024
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Free Goods Of The Week – May 13
May 14, 2024
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – May 06
May 7, 2024
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – May 13
May 14, 2024

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

WordPress 6.5.3 Maintenance Release

WordPress 6.5.3 is now available! This minor release features 12 bug fixes in Core and 9 bug fixes for the block editor . You can review a summary of the maintenance updates in this release by reading the Release Candidate announcement . WordPress 6.5.3 is a short-cycle release. The next major release will be version 6.6 planned for July 2024. If you have sites that support automatic background u

Boost Your Email List: 3 Easy Tactics to Expand Your Reach

Welcome to Creator Columns , where we bring expert HubSpot Creator voices to the Blogs that inspire and help you grow better. What keeps you up at night? If one of those things is building an email list, you’re not alone, my friend. I spent years (and lost MANY thousands of dollars) procrastinating my own email list, and I know how to get to the other side. My name is Amy, and I’ve made a career

How to Prevent WordPress SQL Injection Attacks (7 Tips)

Do you want to prevent WordPress SQL injection attacks? SQL injection is a security vulnerability that hackers can use to attack your website database. Once they do that, an attacker can read your sensitive data, modify it, and take control of your entire database. In this article, we will share some actionable tips to prevent SQL injection attacks in WordPress, step by step. Why Prevent WordPress

From Concept to Client: Streamlining Website Deliveries with Elementor Hosting

Explore how Elementor Hosting simplifies collaboration, speeds up project timelines, and ensures a smooth transition to clients. Whether you’re a solo designer or part of a larger agency, learn how to leverage the power of Elementor Hosting to deliver high-quality websites that delight clients and streamline your workflow from start to finish.

The half-life of magic

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke Try to imagine the you of twenty years ago holding a Rabbit R1, or using a cell phone or being able to listen to every song, ever recorded, for just a few dollars a month. We don’t just take these once magic items for granted, now we express frustration that they’re not better or cheaper or faster.

All in One Accessibility Review: AI-Powered Accessibility for WordPress

Looking for a way to improve your WordPress site accessibility? All in One Accessibility is an easy-to-use plugin that adds a user-friendly accessibility widget to the front end of your site. It solves the accessibility problem you’ve been facing very simply. We explore if this tool is the accessibility solution you’ve been looking for.

How to Get Started with AI as a Content Creator

Welcome to The Creative, a series that gives content creators actionable advice from professionals in the creator economy. Read The Creative to learn how to grow your platform, improve your content, and stay ahead in the ever-shifting creator landscape. Artificial intelligence is a bit of a controversial topic in the world of content creation. In an industry that prides itself on creativity and a

X in 2023: A Recap of Everything Marketers & Advertisers Need to Know

When rumors started swirling about Twitter changing its name to X, I couldn’t believe it at first. But then, in July 2023 , as I searched for my favorite blue icon on the phone, I found a black icon instead. It had actually happened! Elon Musk had indeed decided to rebrand this popular platform, choosing to dismantle something iconic. Something that has existed for 18 years. Some people say it‘s

How to Create a One-Click Checkout in WordPress (5 Ways)

Are you looking to learn how to create a one-click checkout in WordPress? Optimizing checkout for a smoother experience for customers is one of the highest priorities when running an eCommerce site. Specifically, adding a one-click checkout in WordPress helps users complete transactions faster, which makes them more likely to return. In this article, you’ll learn how to create a one-click checkout

She’s here!

Some restaurants keep a photo of the local reviewer in the kitchen. The thinking is that if someone notices she’s in the building, everyone can up their game. And some musicians wait eagerly for A&R person to be in the crowd. If they really kill it tonight, a record deal might ensue. The most resilient approach, of course, is to act as if. What if this is your most important post, or your last on

Don’t rush

…but hurry. The words matter. Rushing has a built-in excuse. Rushing pushes us to skip steps or ship junk. But hurrying acknowledges how precious this moment in time is. It honors our good fortune to be in this place, able to contribute something generous.

Beyond CRM

Many marketers spend time with their CRM systems. Expensive cloud-based tools that automate Customer Relationship Management. Maybe customers don’t want to be managed. They probably don’t. It might be more useful to think of our most important work as customer relationship leadership . CRL is voluntary. It’s done with customers and for them, not to them. It’s not an app, it’s a point of view. The

A Simple Guide To Content Marketing For Small Businesses

Content marketing can be a powerful tool to drive customers, but many business owners find that their content earns little…

What is a Web Safe Font + 19 Best Web Safe Fonts (Beginner’s Guide)

Are you wondering what a web-safe font is and what the best web-safe fonts are to use for WordPress? Imagine pouring weeks or months into designing a beautiful website. You’ve checked all the boxes, paying attention to details like choosing the right website theme and even building out the important web pages for your business. The only problem? Your perfectly crafted site is marred by unreadable

The other choices

The intentional, noticed choices are obvious. “Vanilla or chocolate?” But most of the choices we live with are unseen. They’re expensive, challenging and invisible. When we plan an event with an outdoor component, we’re choosing to be anxious about the weather in the week leading up to the big day. When we buy something with a credit card, we’re choosing the long-term cost of paying the ongoing d

Mal.Metrica Redirects Users to Scam Sites

One of our analysts recently identified a new Mal.Metrica redirect scam on compromised websites, but one that requires a little bit of effort on the part of the victim. It’s another lesson for web users to be careful what they click on, and to be wary of anything suspicious that pops up in their browser — even if it’s coming from a website that they would otherwise trust. Please verify that you a

7 Ways to Grow Your Email List (and Your Revenue) in 2024

Welcome to Creator Columns , where we bring expert HubSpot Creator voices to the Blogs that inspire and help you grow better. If you want to double your sales, you need to double your email list. Your list is a direct line of contact to reach the people who are interested in what you have to offer and an asset that you own and control. Serving an engaged email list, no matter the size, is a tried

Audio AI: How AI Is Changing Podcasts, Audiobooks & More

Welcome to Creator Columns , where we bring expert HubSpot Creator voices to the Blogs that inspire and help you grow better. We are undeniably in the golden age of audio content. But what’s even more interesting is that we’re also in the early days of AI-generated audio content. AI-generated podcasts, AI-transcribed audiobooks, and AI-generated music are now more accessible than ever before. It’

How to Create an Effective Content Plan in WordPress (9 Expert Tips)

Are you hitting a brick wall trying to plan upcoming content for your blog or business website? A WordPress website is a powerful tool. But so many business owners waste their potential by not being intentional about the content they create. The right content will attract the right visitors. It will answer their questions and provide the information they are searching for. Plus, it can help you g Redesigns, Jetpack Stats Pricing, Woo Rebranding ?? May 2024 WordPress News w/ WPShout

Check-in for the latest WordPress news, including Jetpack Stats going paid, Woo rebranding, redesigns, and lots, lots more.

Managing Ideas: A Framework for Unlocking Creativity

Do your best ideas get lost? Are you looking for a proven process to capture and act on your ideas? In this article, you’ll discover how to create systems to help you better manage your ideas. Why Is Idea Management Important? In today’s fast-paced, information-driven world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume […]

Comfort and convenience

For the last thirty years, the easiest shortcut has been convenience. If a marketer or a politician or an institution wants to gain acceptance, make it convenient. Tim Wu has pointed out that we’ll trade almost anything to save a few moments of hassle or thought. But that doesn’t mean we’ve been spending our time and money on comfort. They’re not the same. Convenience in the short run often comes

Optimizing Your WooCommerce Store’s Performance

Learn key strategies to boost your WooCommerce store’s performance, from SEO optimization to leveraging AI and automated systems.

15 Best Examples of Professional Goals [+Tips to Achieve Them]

“So, where do you see yourself five years from now?” Oof, that can be a tricky interview question, especially if you’re unsure of your professional goals. When I graduated from college and started interviewing in my chosen field, I felt like I needed to plan my entire professional life, complete with one concrete end goal. To be honest, it was overwhelming. I desperately needed actionable advice

Can Automation Help You Ace Your RFP? I Used AI to Find Out

Almost any business, at a certain point, finds itself in need of external expertise. For some industries, the way to find the right partner is obvious — creating and putting a request for proposals (RFP) into the world. However, these businesses will tell you that it takes them hours upon hours to create each document. Let alone shortlist candidates and select the winning bid. Luckily, as in many

Introducing the Reimagined WP Charitable: Fundraising Has Got Easier Than Ever

Have you ever wondered if there was an easy way to collect donations for non-profits and fundraisers? While there are several donation platforms on the market, most of them charge a heavy transaction / platform fee or come with limited functionalities, restricting your fundraising abilities. Today, I am excited to announce that we’ve completely revamped WP Charitable from the ground up. Now, it’s…

How to Improve Client Campaigns With Agile Marketing Strategies

Could an overly detailed marketing strategy be hampering your success? Want to develop a flexible strategy to adjust quickly to market changes or client feedback? In this article, you’ll discover how agile marketing can improve results for your clients. Harnessing the Power of Agile Marketing In the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing, agencies and […]

Comparing the Best WooCommerce Product Filter Plugins

Struggling with customer engagement on your WooCommerce store? Boost sales and improve user experience by implementing the top product filters. These filters help customers easily search and find products based on their specific preferences, enhancing navigation and satisfaction.

No Code Method: Customizing WooCommerce Product Pages

Elevate your WooCommerce store by customizing your product pages to enhance the overall user experience and boost sales, all without needing any prior coding expertise. This approach not only tailors your storefront to better meet the specific needs and preferences of your customers but also streamlines the buying process, potentially increasing conversion rates.

What does reality look like?

Not what we see when we’re present, but what do we see when we imagine we’re present? In the early days of photography, the world was black and white, and sort of flat. It’s worth noting that no one who saw these pictures complained about the fact that they didn’t exactly match what the world was like… it was normal. Color changed our perception of what normal looked like. Movies and then Technic

Healthcare Reputation Management: 7 Tricks to Do First

Staying on top of what people are saying or writing about you is about more than ego. It helps you amplify the positive and quickly resolve anything negative—before it blows up. Healthcare providers face a unique challenge when it comes to their reputations. How current and future patients view you […] The post appeared first on .

Big News! WPShout Unites With CodeinWP to Create a Powerful WordPress Hub

It took some time to find the right place for WPShout in our portfolio, but now we think we’re there. We’ve merged the WPShout and CodeinWP websites together under WPShout’s brand and name!

13 Best Fun WordPress Plugins You’re Missing Out On

Are you looking to find the best fun WordPress plugins for your website? Since there are thousands of plugins available on the market, it can be difficult to pick the ones that will actually add a fun and interactive element to your site while boosting conversions. To make this easier for you, we tested some of the most popular plugins on the internet and examined factors such as ease of use,

LinkedIn Updates: Short-Form Video, Premium Company Pages, and More

Are you up to date on changes from LinkedIn? Wondering which recent LinkedIn updates are important to marketers and business owners? In this article, we explore LinkedIn changes that affect your marketing. #1: LinkedIn Content Tools LinkedIn is testing a new “Contribute your expertise” feature within the post composer. When users click on this option, […]

Inverting the vex

Life can be irritating. And sometimes, we can make a choice. The thing that’s vexing you: is it a situation or a problem? Problems have solutions. If we care enough, we can find a way to solve a problem, but it might cost more money, require more effort or involve more risk than we’d prefer. If we’re ready to ease some of the constraints, that problem might go away. Situations don’t have a solution

Introducing … WPMU DEV Expert Services for Enhanced WordPress Site Management

Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks and hello to streamlined workflows and enhanced efficiency with our time-saving Proactive Monitoring, Site Speed Optimization , and Malware Removal services … welcome to a new era of done-for-you WordPress site management! Save time working with clients…let WPMU DEV Expert Services do the heavy lifting for you! Would you like to focus more time on attracting new

WordPress Vulnerability & Patch Roundup April 2024

Vulnerability reports and responsible disclosures are essential for website security awareness and education. Automated attacks targeting known software vulnerabilities are one of the leading causes of website compromises. To help educate website owners about potential threats to their environments, we’ve compiled a list of important security updates and vulnerability patches for the WordPress ec

15 Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers Compared (14,000 Individual Tests Between 2021-2024)

The problem with trying to find the fastest WordPress hosting available is that you can’t really do it overnight. You certainly don’t just want to believe the hosts’ own marketing materials (since I have yet to come across a host that doesn’t say they’re the fastest around), and doing any performance tests of your own will take time.

WP Briefing: Episode 78: Guided Growth: Cultivating Contributors Through Mentorship

Explore the transformative world of the WordPress Contributor Mentorship Program with guest host Angela Jin and special guest and sponsored contributor Hari Shanker. Whether you’re a long-time WordPress enthusiast or new to the scene, this episode is packed with insights, stories, and tips to help you engage more deeply with one of the most passionate open-source communities.

90+ Impressive eCommerce Statistics You Won’t Believe (2024)

Are you ready to see some eCommerce statistics that will help you take your online business to the next level? It’s safe to say that in the last 20 years, e commerce has grown beyond our wildest expectations. And it’s still evolving faster than ever. If you want to keep your customers happy and build a relationship with new prospects, you need to stay current on the latest stats and insights. In t

The Rise of Rewatch Podcasts & Nostalgia Bait

Ever feel like Hollywood is stuck on rewind? Sequels, reboots, remakes — it’s all a bit … well, repetitive. And it’s not because Hollywood is unoriginal or out of ideas. It turns out that we, as the audience, crave the comfort of revisiting what we know and love. Barbie and Top Gun? Enough said. I also noticed that re-watch podcasts have been super popular lately and wanted to understand why. So,

The Net Promoter Score

More than two-thirds of the companies surveyed said that they used NPS methodology with their customers. Some are using it to measure employee satisfaction as well. The P stands for ‘promoter’, but of course, it doesn’t

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