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Free Goods Of The Week – Mar. 04
March 5, 2024
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Free Goods Of The Week – Mar. 12
March 13, 2024
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – Mar. 04
March 5, 2024
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – Mar. 12
March 13, 2024

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week


On building a cathedral


If you’re in need of a gathering place, a dry, functional, centrally located facility for your folks to meet, a cathedral is probably way more than you need. It’s far more expensive to build and maintain and not optimal in delivering what’s required. But what if this building needs to fill other functions as well? Perhaps it’s a message to your membership about longevity, status and commitment. P


How to Get Verified on TikTok: A Step-by-Step Guide

As a content creator and marketer, I often see creators and brands clamoring for verification checkmarks on TikTok — and I understand the excitement. To be verified on TikTok is like getting a golden ticket to the chocolate factory. It feels exclusive and rare, meaning you stand out from the crowd. And with TikTok predicted to be among the video-centric apps to see the most growth in 2024 , stand


New Wave of SocGholish Infections Impersonates WordPress Plugins

SocGholish malware, otherwise known as “fake browser updates”, is one of the most common types of malware infections that we see on hacked websites. This long-standing malware campaign leverages a JavaScript malware framework that has been in use since at least 2017. The malware attempts to trick unsuspecting users into downloading what is actually a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) onto their computer


From Web3 Drainer to Distributed WordPress Brute Force Attack

Two weeks ago we discussed a new development in website hacks: Web3 crypto wallet drainers. We’ve been closely following the most significant variant which injects drainers using the external cachingjs/turboturbo.js script. Our SiteCheck website scanner has already detected this version on over 1,200 sites since the beginning of February, 2024. Since our last post, this malware campaign has seen


WordPress 6.5 Release Candidate 1

The first release candidate (RC1) for WordPress 6.5 is ready for download and testing! This version of the WordPress software is under development . Please do not install, run, or test this version of WordPress on production or mission-critical websites. Instead, it’s recommended that you evaluate RC1 on a test server and site. Reaching this phase of the release cycle is an important milestone. W


The Role of Mobile Optimization in Your WooCommerce Store’s Success

Unlock the success of your WooCommerce store with mobile optimization. Learn strategies for responsive design, speed, and more!


The positive auction

[Sorry, I hit publish prematurely. I’ll be updating this and correcting the errors as we go.] In 2023, I developed a new idea that transforms an old way of doing commerce. In traditional auctions, there are rounds of bidding and the high bidder pays to get the prize. The last bid is the amount paid, and no one else is charged anything. This is an interesting ‘game’ in which all participants are a


TikTok Creativity Program: Is it better than the Creator Fund?

Just before the start of 2024, TikTok made a massive change in how the platform pays its creators by replacing the controversial Creator Fund with the new TikTok Creativity Program Beta. I wasn‘t surprised the fund was put to rest, considering how many creators expressed frustration over the fund’s payouts. However, I was skeptical of this new pay model, and if you‘re a creator on TikTok, you’re


YouTube Competitor Analysis: How I Do It in 5 Easy Steps

YouTube competitor analysis is essential to your video content strategy this year. Take it from me — I lead HubSpot’s YouTube growth strategy, overseeing content strategy, trend monitoring, performance reporting, and competitor analysis. As of 2024, YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform and the second-biggest social media in the world, with over 2.70 billion users . And believe me, it’s n


15 Email Preview Text Examples That Would Catch My Attention

I believe in the concept of inbox zero , so I have a sinking feeling every time we approach the holidays or big occasions (think Black Friday) when I know a mass of emails are heading my way. All floodgates burst open — my inbox quickly becomes an overflowing chaos. I usually send all these unread promotional messages straight to spam. But, occasionally, a few brilliant emails catch my eye becaus


How to Optimize Your Site SEO for DuckDuckGo

Do you want to optimize your site SEO for DuckDuckGo? While Google still dominates the search engine scene, DuckDuckGo is rapidly expanding worldwide due to its stance on privacy. Don’t overlook the chance to boost your site’s visibility and tap into organic traffic from this growing platform. In this article, we will show you how to optimize your WordPress site SEO for DuckDuckGo. What Is DuckDu


Instagram Updates: Video Stickers, Campaign Marketplace, and More

Are you up to date on changes from Instagram? Wondering which recent Instagram updates are important to marketers and business owners? In this article, we explore Instagram changes that affect your marketing. #1: Instagram Video Stickers Backdrop Sticker Instagram’s new Backdrop sticker uses artificial intelligence (AI) to replace the background of a photo in Stories. […]


Bluesky is Now Open to the Public. Should your business be there? [Expert Interview]

Like dozens of other “Twitter killers,” Bluesky has sat in limbo since its launch– thanks mostly to an invite-only policy. But when the micro-blogging site went public last month, it skyrocketed to an estimated 4 Million users almost overnight. That kind of growth can be chum in the water for marketers. But is the social media startup worth your time? I sat down with HubSpot’s Manager of Brand So


No Phone Work From Home Job Opportunities in 2024

Do you want to start a work-from-home job? It’s a dream for most of us to earn extra cash for our personal desires. But the problem is you want to work remotely. I mean, everyone wants to work at home from their comfort at their flexible work hours without talking on the phone all day. So, without further ado, I have compiled no work, no phone jobs for you, including customer service representati


WordCamp Asia 2024: Q&A with Matt Mullenweg

WordCamp Asia 2024 is just a few days away—starting on March 7 in Taipei, Taiwan. This unique three-day summit will feature a distinguished lineup of speakers, numerous networking opportunities, and a closing Q&A experience with WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg. The live Q&A session will be streamed for WordPress enthusiasts worldwide, beginning at 3:30 p.m. Taipei Standard Time (7:30 a.m. UTC


Gravity Shop Product Configurator Review: The Best Way to Embed Forms into Woo

Woo is the gold standard of selling with WordPress. Gravity Forms is a front-runner when it comes to premium form building. However, you can combine both to spice up your product configuration options. In this review, we introduce Gravity Shop Product Configurator and show you what it can achieve!


6 Best Inventory Management Plugins for WordPress (Compared)

Are you looking for the best inventory management plugins for WordPress? If you have an online store, then using an inventory management plugin can streamline product tracking, automate tasks, and simplify order management. This can help boost conversions by improving customer experience in your store. In this article, we will share with you our list of the best inventory management plugins for W


Evaluating the Most Common SEO Website Analysis Tools

How good is the search engine optimization on every single page of your website? And how sure are you about your answer? Most B2B brand sites have hundreds of pages. If yours includes a blog, that number could easily be in the thousands. You could analyze each of these pages manually, one by one. You could also use an eyedropper to drain a swimming pool. Neither are particularly good uses of your


7 Email Banner Examples I Love (For Your Inspiration)

Last week, I was drinking coffee when an email from Adidas popped up. At the top, I could see my 9,000+ loyalty points displayed prominently in the banner, along with an offer that immediately caught my attention: a 30% discount on my next purchase if I redeemed those points. I quickly forgot my initial plan for a quiet coffee and was intrigued and excited by the potential savings. Points I’d acc


WP Briefing: Episode 74: Kickstart (Or Level-Up) Your Contributor Journey

Explore the impact you can make on WordPress without coding in this WordPress Briefing episode hosted by Executive Director Josepha Haden Chomphosy. She’ll guide you through diverse non-coding contributions suitable for all skill levels, including content translation, photo submissions, event organization, and software testing. Listen and discover how you can enhance the WordPress community in wa



When it’s tough going and it feels fraught, it’s easy to imagine that the headwinds will never end. And yet, when all is going well and the wind is at our back, it’s tempting to imagine that this is the way it’s going to stay. Neither is true. The reason we see them as headwinds is that they shift.


Becoming intentional about virtual meetings

A manual I recently read listed the “cons” of having a meeting virtually: Limits options for engagement Engagement can be less meaningful At home distractions More difficult to read body language and ensure participants are engaged Technical difficulties can impact the quality of the training To be accurate, every one of these points should have “so far” added. The videogame market is far bigger


Forminator Crosses 500K+ Installs and Reaches Top-Five Free Form Plugin Status ?

With over 500,000 active installs, Forminator has evolved into a powerful plugin, beloved for its user-friendly design, extensive features, and robust integrations. Forminator’s journey from zero to form hero … 500K+ active installs and counting! How do you grow a plugin from zero to hero and make it shine in a market saturated with plugins? Read on to find out… Since its inception, Forminator ha


I Asked ChatGPT to Write 5 Types of Counteroffer Emails — Here’s What I Got

You’ve made it through multiple rounds of interviews, the hiring team has selected you as their top candidate, and they’ve made you an offer. But you aren’t quite satisfied with all of the terms. This is where a counteroffer comes in. Counteroffers are expected. If you haven’t written a counteroffer email before or feel like it’s not something you need to do, it may be time to reconsider. Accordi


The weird math of halfway

6 times 1/2 doesn’t equal 3. It equals zero. We’re tempted to do a little less than we need to. Perhaps we’re busy, with too many options. Perhaps it’s resistance, pushing us to hold a little bit back. Whatever the reason, when we

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