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Free Goods Of The Week – May 22
May 22, 2023
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May 30, 2023
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – May 22
May 22, 2023
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Free Goods Of The Week – May 29
May 30, 2023

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week


Yes, nuclear can help answer the climate and energy security challenge

WWW.MCKINSEY.COM — As the world moves toward decarbonization, there is no shortage of commitments to countering climate change. At COP27 in Egypt last November, an international agreement reinforced pledges to limit global temperature rises to no more than 1.5 degrees above preindustrial levels. Countries with…

SEO: What is it and How Does SEO Work?

JONALLO.COM — SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a major building block of any successful online business. It’s how you get your website and business more visibility online, helping to increase traffic and sales for your products or services. But what exactly is SEO, and how does SEO work? To put it simply,…

Ferrari teams up with Bitdefender, as car racing security shifts into high gear

WWW.ZDNET.COM — Safety is no longer purely about cars and drivers. Formula 1 teams and their parent organizations must now also secure themselves against cyberattacks. Charlie Osborne/ZDNETIMOLA, Italy – Formula 1 racing once revolved around speed, and little else.There was always drama and politics on the…

DeSantis hits Trump over ‘Warp Speed’ COVID-19 vaccine mandates

NYPOST.COM — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took a swipe over the weekend at former President Donald Trump, playing off his accelerated push for a COVID-19 vaccine. Addressing the Florida Family Policy Council on Saturday, DeSantis asserted that vaccine mandates were an egregious violation of individual…

Network Marketing Tips: Top Strategies To Recruit More

COACHMIKEMACDONALD.COM — New team members are the life blood of your business, and it can create massive leverage in your network marketing business. In this post you’ll learn some of my top network marketing tips and the top strategies to recruit more to help you build a network marketing team. You’ll hear me say this time and time again, but your business will only grow to the point that you do. This is one of the key foundations to recruit more in your network marketing business.

35 Herb Garden Design Ideas + Growing Tips

WWW.HGTV.COM — Learn More: 24 Herbs That Grow in Some Shade Find More Ideas: Gardening Projects Kids Will Love …

Employee Retention Strategies: 9 Ideas That Are Working

TALENTCULTURE.COM — Keeping valued employees onboard is top-of-mind for many organizations these days. But what kind of employee retention strategies are actually working? To find out, we asked numerous HR and business leaders to tell us which methods are making a difference for their workforce. And they responded…

Can You Trust the Security of Password Managers?

WWW.MAKEUSEOF.COM — Today, you need a login for almost everything you do online beyond simple browsing. As a result, you’re likely to have multiple usernames and passwords to sustain your digital life. And to remember all those complex passwords, you use a password manager. Can you trust the security of your…

50 Best Small-Business Ideas

WWW.NERDWALLET.COM — If you’re trying to find the small business idea that’s right for you, ask yourself the following questions: Where is there a need in the market, and how can your skills satisfy that need?Who is your ideal client?What is your ideal work environment? If you have an answer to all those questions,…

5 Summer Professional Development Ideas for Teachers

WWW.TECHLEARNING.COM — However, if you are more than tired of virtual conferences and can’t find any in-person events to attend, here are five ideas for summer professional learning. This is a great way to keep your community connected over the summer with very little effort. Some incredible books are coming out this summer and you can always read those that you didn’t have time for. .

Are we dating the same guy? This Facebook group might know.

MASHABLE.COM — When you apply for a new job or for a spot at university, a reference letter is a common ask. We are prepared to have other people vouch for us, and other people’s opinions and experiences have immense power on the decisions we make. In fact, even while choosing a new concealer, we often rely on…

11 great apps for learning about mindfulness

MASHABLE.COM — Mindfulness has become one of those wellness buzzwords that can mean anything depending on who’s saying it. On Instagram, it might be the hashtag(opens in a new tab) posted alongside an inspirational quote. You’ve probably heard about school teachers(opens in a new tab) who use it to help wiggly…

Dissecting the language of the birds, or how to talk to a songbird

WWW.WIRED.COM — And this re-invention of language has been mirrored in the songbirds. An experiment from 2009 by Fehér and colleagues took newly hatched songbirds of the zebra finch species and raised them in sound proof chambers. They did this during their critical period of language development. Much like the…

Max Q: Double the fun

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Hello and welcome back to Max NASA has chosen a Blue Origin-led team to develop a second lunar landing system for the Artemis program, as the agency looks to provide competition with SpaceX and support long-term exploration of the moon. The winning team includes Lockheed Martin, Draper, Boeing, Astrobotic and Honeybee Robotics.

Affordable rental properties in Australian capital cities at ‘record low’

WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM — The number of properties listed for under $400 per week has halved in the last year, new data from PropTrack shows.The report, which analysed data from listings on, found the rental crisis had worsened in the past 12 months. In 2022, it said, 30.2% of all rental listings were under…

Naga Munchetty tells of ‘constant pain’ from womb condition adenomyosis

WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM — The BBC presenter Naga Munchetty has revealed the excruciating pain caused by a little-known womb condition in the hope of raising awareness of adenomyosis, which is thought to affect up to one in 10 women.Munchetty said a flare-up at the weekend was so painful that her husband called an…

Read Into A Bright Heart’s Stunning, Folklore-Inspired Cover|

GIZMODO.COM — Kate Chenli’s debut YA novel arrives in October, and I don’t think anyone would mind if you judged this book on its cover, because the cover is absolutely stunning. A Bright Heart is inspired by wuxia storytelling tropes and takes us on a journey of revenge, reincarnation, and court intrigue….

New App Hires Rideshare Drivers Who Pack Heat
GIZMODO.COM — A rideshare app allowing drivers to carry guns launched in Atlanta, Georgia last week. The people behind the app say it’s meant to combat the rising levels of gun violence in the U.S. The app, Black Wolf, boasts that it hires drivers who are trained in private security to give passengers peace of…
TikTok Sues Montana to Reverse App Ban

GIZMODO.COM — TikTok sued the state of Montana Monday in an effort to overturn a first-of-its-kind law banning downloads of the app in the state. The lawsuit, which comes on the heels of other suits filed by Montanan TikTok creators, alleges the state’s law violates users’ freedom of speech and illegally…

Carmelo Anthony announces retirement after 19 NBA seasons

WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM — Carmelo Anthony, the star forward who led Syracuse to an NCAA championship in his lone college season and went on to spend 19 years in the NBA, has announced his retirement.Anthony, who was not in the NBA this season, retires as the No 9 scorer in league history. Only LeBron James, Kareem…

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