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March 21, 2023
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Free Goods Of The Week – March 20
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Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

How To Measure SEO Performance and Results

WWW.SEMRUSH.COM — Search engine optimization ( SEO) is the process of optimizing your webpages and content to rank high on a search engine. Ideally, you want your content at the top of a search engine’s results for keywords relevant to your product or services. This is why SEO is also the practice of attracting…

Link Building for Software Development: What to Pay Attention to

DIGITALOLYMPUS.NET — For software development companies, link building is one of the most important aspects of website optimization. It helps improve your site’s visibility to search engines and directs more traffic your way. But what are the key factors and tactics to keep in mind when conducting a link-building campaign for a software development company?

Grow your website using SEO

BUSINESSPARTNERMAGAZINE.COM — Click here to get this post in PDF This article contains affiliate links. For more info, see disclosure. What is SEO? Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to improving a website’s ranking on search engines. It is the process of using non-paid (“organic”) search engine results to improve the…

The 5 Best Marketing Campaign Tracking Plugins for WordPress

WWW.COMPETETHEMES.COM — If you run a WooCommerce store, you’re probably no stranger to paid advertising. While organic channels can be tough to track, finding the profitability of ads is much easier, thanks to tracking pixels. And yet, when it comes to implementing pixels, you can end up with a whole new suite of wonky plugins from Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.

7 on-page and technical SEO tips to boost traffic to your product pages

GETSTAT.COM — A great service offering or high-quality product line will struggle to rank well if your product pages have any on-page and technical SEO issues, therefore a good SEO strategy focuses on both of these key areas. By prioritizing this work, you’ll be able to provide a better user experience for your customers, increase your page’s security, and improve your visibility on the SERPs.

How to Write Faster: 6 Hacks to Help You Write More in Less Time

ASHLYNWRITES.COM — Writing copy for your business or for your businesses’ website can be a tedious task—I get it, we just launched a mini website. I feel like I birthed two babies this year—one, the website, I carried a lot longer than the *actual* human baby. Okay, but the thing is your website, my website, it’s got to work when we can’I believe that so firmly it is worth putting the time into figuring out how to get great words that actually convert and pull their weight. .

Garden decking, patio and terrace ideas

WWW.HOUSEANDGARDEN.CO.UK — A plot of patio or decking is an essential consideration in gardens both big and small, from city gardens to country idylls. A lawn is of course lovely, but patios provide a good spot for an outdoor seating area. Whether you prefer a lush, plant-filled oasis or a chic, minimal garden room, you…

Level Up Your Business Writing Skills: 9 Tips + a Checklist

WWW.SEMRUSH.COM — Strong writing skills are essential for effectively communicating your message and selling your ideas.In this article, you’ll learn the different types of business writing and how to use them to engage your audience. And you’ll get a free 22-point checklist to check your content before…

How to write for SEO: A step-by-step guide for beginners

TRIGGERGROWTH.COM — We often collaborate with writers and build sites for clients that have limited experience writing with SEO in mind. We decided to make this overview to help get an understanding of how to optimize your content for search engines. Writing for SEO involves creating content that people enjoy reading and that helps them solve their problems as fast as possible.

HustleGPT is a hilarious and scary AI experiment in capitalism

MASHABLE.COM — With 100 bucks and a simple prompt, GPT-4 is on a mission to automate hustle culture. Shortly after OpenAI launched GPT-4, a more advanced version of its generative AI model, brand designer and writer Jackson Greathouse Fall(Opens in a new tab) devised a plan and fed it into GPT-4: “You are…

When it comes to early-stage growth marketing, it’s often better to imitate than innovate

TECHCRUNCH.COM — at early Uber or Lyft, they were notorious for copying each other on offers, features and more. A recent look at Instagram reveals how they’ve added new features to their product over the last few years to fend off competitors such as Snapchat (Stories) and TikTok (Reels). There’s a lesson here: If you’re not imitating what growth marketing industry leaders are already doing in your vertical as a startup, you’re going to be adding months and possibly years of unnecessary testing to your timeline.

Next-Generation Luxury In The Indian Ocean: Patina Maldives, Fari Islands

WWW.FORBES.COM — Over-water villas at Patina Maldives, Fari IslandsGeorg Roske Aerial There are many resorts in the Maldives. There is only one that has a James Turrell artwork. More specifically, the new Patina Maldives, Fari Islands has a pavilion envisioned by the American Turrell, who is known for his…

Is Married Filing Separately The Right Tax Filing Status For You?

WWW.FORBES.COM — Close up woman and man sitting in cafe, holding warm cups of coffee on tablegetty Over the past few years, there has been an uptick in the number of taxpayers asking about married filing separately as a tax status. Some of the inquiries are because the status can be confusing, but others have…

Experts Lament US Failure To Resolve $275B Trade Agreement With UK

WWW.FORBES.COM — The UK is the 5th largest market for US exports with digital goods and services taking a quarter of … [+] the 2021 total.getty Trade experts gathered at the Center for Strategic & International Studies to discuss the new CSIS report “U.S.-UK Trade Agreement: Now Is the Time” by Meredith…

How remittances affect a country’s development

WWW.ECONOMIST.COM — IN 2022 MIGRANTS sent home nearly $800bn, according to data from the World Bank. Around 80% of these remittances were sent to low- and middle-income countries. India received $100bn; Mexico got $60bn. Remittances were the biggest source of capital inflow for low- and middle-income countries in…

Aruba Is Offering Applicants the ‘World’s Easiest Job’

WWW.ENTREPRENEUR.COM — Aruba is known to tourists and locals alike as “One Happy Island,” which would make working and living there seem like a breeze in comparison to the corporate, city grind that many are accustomed to. Now, the Aruba Tourism Authority is hoping to give anyone looking to escape to paradise the chance to work and play in blue water and bright sunshine.

Meta Security Exec Hacked and Tracked for a Year by ‘Predator’ Spyware

GIZMODO.COM — A former executive on Meta’s security policy team was hacked by the Greek government using sophisticated spyware known as “Predator,” which tracked her for a whole year. Artemis Seaford, who formerly worked as a trust and safety manager on Meta’s security policy team, had her phone digitally…

A centuries-old secret society is hanging out in Facebook groups

MASHABLE.COM — What do you do when you’re a centuries-old secret society looking to grow your membership? Make a Facebook group.Centuries ago, Rosicrucians were only able to maintain their society through their ability to be invisible. But over the past several hundred years, the world has changed — and, along…

Meta faces third lawsuit in Kenya as moderators claim illegal sacking, blacklisting

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Social media giant Meta and its Kenya-based content moderation partners, Sama and Majorel, are facing a new lawsuit in Kenya. In a petition filed today, 43 content moderators allege “unlawful termination” by Sama, whose contract with Meta comes to an end this month after shutting down its content review arm in January.

Interesting Articles This Week

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