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Free Goods Of The Week – March 06
March 6, 2023
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Free Goods Of The Week – March 13
March 14, 2023
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – March 06
March 6, 2023
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – March 13
March 14, 2023

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week


117 Time Management Tips For Greater Productivity (in 2022)

WWW.THEEXCEPTIONALSKILLS.COM — This is the ultimate list of time management tips. But it’s not a list of random tips. There are 9 sections to help guide you in managing your time better. The first section is the most important, as it makes sure what you are doing is productive in the first place. I recommend starting…

Officials Urge Public’s Involvement in Land Plan Development

STJOHNSOURCE.COM — Government officials and their consultants praised the public for their participation in meetings introducing the Comprehensive Land and Water Use Plan. About 35 residents from East St. John gathered for the third of five scheduled meetings held Friday in Coral Bay. What’s different about this town meeting series is the encouragement by organizers for active participation.

6 Ways SEO Pros Are Using ChatGPT Right Now

WWW.SEARCHENGINEJOURNAL.COM — Watch out, Google. There’s a new player on the search engine scene. Sure, you’ve heard this before, but this time it’s serious. ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a large learning model focusing on language. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and massive amounts of data, it can…

5 Affordable Marketing Tips for Startups

WWW.ENTREPRENEUR.COM — Marketing might not appear to be the most pressing thing to work on, especially when you’re in an early-stage startup, trying to build and define your product. Contrary to common belief, however, marketing is affordable and highly scalable. There are plenty of examples of good marketing regardless of the size of the business, whether you have a modest media budget or thousands of dollars to spend.

Flight Attendant Shares Her Top 10 Travel Hacks Including Tips I’ve Never Even Thought of Before

JOHNNYJET.COM — My mother-in-law has done it again. She sends me travel articles published in the U.K. papers; she reads a lot of them as she used to live there. The last story she sent me was this one on the ‘right’ way to ask airline passengers to switch seats with you, which also came from the Daily Mail….

Managing Fonts in WordPress Block Themes

CSS-TRICKS.COM — Fonts are a defining characteristic of the design of any site. That includes WordPress themes, where it’s common for theme developers to integrate a service like Google Fonts into the WordPress Customizer settings for a “classic” PHP-based theme. That hasn’t quite been the case for WordPress…

How SEO will change in 2023?

WWW.RELEVANCE.COM — Search engine optimization is a fast-moving field. To keep up, marketers must stay on top of trends, algorithm updates, and new tools. Have you updated your SEO strategy lately, or is it stuck in 2019? Is SEO still relevant in 2023? For those in the back, the answer is a resounding “yes!”…

Upgrade Your Microwave Meals: Healthy Hacks for Prepared Dishes

PLYVINECATERING.CO.UK — When you’re busy, hungover, or feel like something fast, tasty, and easy – the microwave has always been there for us. If you told someone back in the 1600s that you would have a metal container that heats up food, they would surely look at you in disbelief, to say the least. The microwave, or…

Roman-Era Sarcophagus Made of Lead Discovered in Gaza

WWW.ANCIENT-ORIGINS.NET — I am a graduate of History from the University of Delhi, and a graduate of Law, from Jindal University, Sonepat. During my study of history, I developed a great interest in post-colonial studies, with a focus on Latin America. I… Read More.

India housing market to remain resilient despite higher interest rates: Reuters poll

WWW.REUTERS.COM — BENGALURU, March 7 (Reuters) – India’s housing market will remain resilient despite rising interest rates and a weak global economic outlook, according to a Reuters poll of property analysts who have barely changed their forecasts from three months ago.Defying a global trend of falling housing…

‘They’d never seen sliced bread’: how a tiny film about Himalayan yak-herders conquered the world

WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM — It took eight days for Pawo Choyning Dorji to trek up to the location of his debut film, a settlement of 56 people so high in the Himalayas that it had no communication with the world below. Everything his 35-strong crew might need for the shoot had to be hauled up by mule, with solar batteries…

8 classic ‘stand-alone’ TV episodes, including that ‘The Last Of Us’ heartbreaker

MASHABLE.COM — As the entire internet fell in love with The Last of Us’ Bill and Frank this week, a side conversation broke out: how wild is it for a show to devote its third episode ever to a standalone story? In its third week of airing, HBO’s hit adaptation of the video game franchise panned away from the…

Meet UniUni, Shein’s last-mile solution delivered by gig drivers

TECHCRUNCH.COM — When we talk about e-commerce logistics, we think of an industry controlled by entrenched players like Amazon, FedEx and national postal systems. At the start of the pandemic in 2019, a brave startup from Vancouver, British Columbia, decided to take on the incumbents with a new model — last-mile delivery using an Uber-esque network.

Producers feared David Attenborough would catch bird flu and die during filming

WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM — Television producers feared David Attenborough would catch bird flu and die during filming for his latest series – likely to be the veteran broadcaster’s last job on location.Wild Isles, which premieres on Sunday, will be Attenborough’s first landmark series on the natural history of Britain and…

All the streaming boxes suck now

WWW.THEVERGE.COM — Streaming boxes had so much potential. They were going to reinvent the cable box for the internet age and make it easier for users to find and organize and watch everything available in this era of infinite content. They were going to turn our TVs, the hub of our homes, into smart gadgets through…

Only 1 In 10 Employees Use AI Skills At Work. Bosses Want To Change That.

WWW.FORBES.COM — In a Salesforce survey of 11,000 global workers, few said their day-to-day role currently involves artificial intelligence. But with the rise of technologies like ChatGPT and a focus on boosting workers’ skills, that’s shifting quickly. getty When Minneapolis-based Tony Nguyen lost his job as a…

Microsoft expands ChatGPT integration to more developer tools

WWW.REUTERS.COM — March 6 (Reuters) – Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) on Monday bundled the technology behind ChatGPT with its Power Platform that allows users to develop applications with little or no coding, the latest integration of artificial intelligence into its products.Big tech companies from Alphabet Inc…

Removing Demographic Data Can Make AI Discrimination Worse

HBR.ORG — Decisions about who to interview for a job, who to provide medical care to, or who to grant a loan were once made by humans, but ever more frequently are made by machine learning (ML) algorithms, with eight in 10 firms planning to invest in some form of ML in 2023 according to New Vantage. The…

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