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Free Goods Of The Week – Oct 17
October 17, 2022
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Free Goods Of The Week – Oct 24
October 25, 2022
Free Goods Of The Week featuredimage
Free Goods Of The Week – Oct 17
October 17, 2022
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – Oct 24
October 25, 2022

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week


5 Asset Cleanup WordPress Plugins To Minify/Defer Scripts, Speed Up Your Site

WWW.WPSOLVER.COM — WordPress is a pretty lightweight platform but it could become bloated if you add too many CSS/JavaScript files and scripts. You can always go through them to see which one can be loaded conditionally. These Asset Cleanup WordPress plugins can also help:Asset CleanUp: a page speed booster that…

The Ultimate Ongoing SEO Maintenance Checklist For Your Website

WEIGNITEGROWTH.COM — If you have a website, you know that SEO is important if you want to increase website traffic and get more leads for your business.But SEO is not a one-time activity – it’s an ongoing process. You can’t just do things once and expect your website to rank high forever.To maintain good search…

Navy Ray Gun Development

WWW.MENSHEALTH.COM — The U.S. Navy just signed a contract for a new portable laser weapon system.Known as C-UAS HELWS, the service will use the weapon to target drones.Thanks to new technology, lasers are getting smaller, but the elusive, handheld laser blaster isn’t reality—yet. The U.S. Office of Naval Research…

Services Inflation; The Speed of Science

PEAKPROSPERITY.COM — Services Inflation; The Speed of Science Original Content By davefairtex October 16, 2022 Services Inflation; The Speed of Science Original Content By davefairtex on October 16, 2022 This week, it was hard to sort out the events that caused the various market moves. Here were the U.S. data…

10X Content Marketing Tips from Billionaire Business Influencer

GCTV.COM — Way back in 2007, I started this little YouTube channel to get my message out to the world. A year later, I jumped on Twitter, and soon after that, I made my Facebook page. Since then, I received the “#1 Marketer to Watch” title by Forbes, with millions of followers on every important platform. And I’ve probably done that number in articles, emails, episodes, and any other type of content you can imagine.

10 SEO Best Practices From Industry Experts To Grow Traffic

WPHUB.COM — FREE EBOOK: The Ultimate Guide To Speed Up Your Website and Increase Conversions! Site Speed Secretsis a is a step-by-step blueprint about how to speed up your website and increase conversions.

Intro to Web App Security Testing: Burp Suite Tips & Tricks

WWW.TRUSTEDSEC.COM — A brief list of useful things we wish we had known sooner Burp Suite Pro can be complicated and intimidating. Even after learning and becoming comfortable with the core functionality, there remains a great deal of depth throughout Burp Suite, and many users may not stray far from the staples…

Great Ideas For Entrepreneurial Success #FrizeMedia

WWW.INTERNETBUSINESSIDEAS-VIRALMARKETING.COM — We invite you to experience the distinctive style of Alisa Hotels Accra conference rooms and facilities designed to accommodate small to large events with a state of the art array of technology and catering services to make your event a total success. Entrepreneur: The goal of each and every Entrepreneur be they Home Based Business or not is to achieve success and rise to the top.

Essential Wordpress SEO Tips for Beginners & Advanced Webmasters

MAZEPRESS.COM — I can’t tell you how many websites, even established ones (not mentioning any names) that make some of the most glaringly obvious mistakes with their onsite SEO when using WordPress. I’m going to break these WordPress SEO tips into several groups. When you first install WordPress there are several defaults that are already set.

French refinery strike further hits petrol supplies, prime minister says

WWW.REUTERS.COM — A third of French stations face supply issueGovernment to order more requisitioningGeneral rebate on fuel extended to mid-NovemberBudget bill to probably pass with special constitutional powers PARIS, Oct 16 (Reuters) – Petrol supplies at French service stations fell further over the weekend due…

Saudi Arabia’s defense minister ‘astonished’ by ‘accusations’ that Saudis are aligned with Russia

WWW.FOXNEWS.COM — Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich reports on the White House’s reaction to Saudi Arabia’s OPEC+ production cut on ‘Special Report with Bret Baier.’Saudi Arabia’s defense minister said Sunday that he and other top officials are “astonished” by accusations that Saudi Arabia has…

Australia launches ‘world-leading’ bid to end violence against women and children within a generation

WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM — The Albanese government is setting an ambitious goal to end violence against women and children within one generation, with the release of a new national plan on family violence calling for better crisis housing and assisting men to develop “healthy masculinities”.The new plan calls for reforms…

Harry Potter alumni pay tribute to actor Robbie Coltrane

MASHABLE.COM — Everyone’s favorite half-giant Robbie Coltrane, the beloved actor who played Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter series, died at 72 years old on Friday. Coltrane’s career didn’t start in 2001 with the first Harry Potter film, but it was arguably his most iconic role. The Scottish actor raised an…

‘Grimcutty’ Review: The Internet meme becomes our professor?

MASHABLE.COM — Hulu’s newest thriller psychs out viewers with their social media monster meme, the eponymous Grimcutty. But this creepy critter is undercut by the movie’s incessant need to preach.From writer/director John Ross, Grimcutty features an internet meme turned boogeyman. Born from the depths of our…

How to Become an Instagram Influencer? This 12-Step Guide with Data Will Help You

NEALSCHAFFER.COM — (This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure.) The growth of influencer marketing is driving more and more people to want to learn how to become an Instagram influencer. Now there is some powerful data that hints at what people can do to become more influential on Instagram and…

No 10 chief of staff’s position untenable amid lobbying claims, says Labour

WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM — Labour has claimed Mark Fullbrook’s position as Downing Street chief of staff is no longer tenable after it was revealed that before his appointment he tried to change UK foreign policy by arranging for two cabinet ministers to meet Fathi Bashagha, a Libyan politician with links to the Russian…

Trump Tells Jews To ‘Get Their Act Together’ And Appreciate Him More

WWW.HUFFPOST.COM — Former President Donald Trump on Sunday said American Jews don’t appreciate him enough and that they need to “get their act together” and show more gratitude for his past policies toward Israel “before it is too late.””No President has done more for Israel than I have. Somewhat surprisingly,…

Zeldin outlines first actions he’ll take as NY gov if he beats Hochul

WWW.FOXNEWS.COM — New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin (R) discusses his odds of defeating incumbent Gov. Kathy Hochul and announces his plans to change the trajectory of New York’s crime crisis.New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Rep. Lee Zeldin is in a tight race against Democrat incumbent Gov….

Italy: Berlusconi calls Meloni ‘patronising’ and ‘bossy’ as relations fray

WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM — Silvio Berlusconi has described Giorgia Meloni, who is poised to become Italy’s prime minister, as “patronising” and “bossy” as the fragile dynamic between the pair unravels as they scramble to form a government.Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party, which has neo-fascist roots, won the biggest share…

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