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Free Goods Of The Week – OCT 11
October 11, 2022
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Free Goods Of The Week – Oct 17
October 17, 2022
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – OCT 11
October 11, 2022
Free Goods Of The Week featuredimage
Free Goods Of The Week – Oct 17
October 17, 2022

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week


Ideas And Solutions Update

IDEARULES.BLOGSPOT.COM — Hello friends, readers and visitors, welcome to my blog. A digital information online space, with interesting ideas, post updates for your benefit. at the University of Ilorin. for regular updates. I am a trained support computer systems engineer, audit/reconciliation, account officer. I actively practice systems hardware, software, solutions, repairs and services.

The Hottest WordPress Plugins

WPPLUGINSATOZ.COM — The Hottest WordPress Plugins Click To Tweet It’s Episode 564 – We have plugins for Sliced Invoices – WordPress Invoice Plugin, Woo Invoices – Quotes and Invoices, Login Page Editor, Event Registration pro Calendar, WP Event Manager – Easily Build your Calendar of Events!, Events Manager… and…

How to Update Old Posts for SEO

WWW.BLOGGINGFROMPARADISE.COM — After ranking a few old Blogging From Paradise posts on page 1 position 1 of Google I want to explain how to update old posts for SEO. Bloggers typically ignore the goldmine of passive, targeted blog traffic resting within old blog posts. Few bloggers know that Google gives a high priority to posts with a seasoned domain age.

How No-Code Development Drives Digital Transformation in Finance

WWW.WEBPRECIOUS.COM — Digital transformation is the process of integrating digital technologies into a company’s operations. This process creates new business opportunities and improves customer experience. One way to speed up digital transformation is through no-code development. No-code development can help…

7 Essential Plugins for Running a WooCommerce Online Store

WWW.PIXELPRODUCTIONSINC.COM — 7 Essential Plugins for Running a WooCommerce Online Store More than 1 million online stores are powered by WooCommerce, find out what 7 Plugins are essential for WooCommerce Success. ScreenShot: WooCommerce Products There are no shortage of options to help you build and launch a new online…

Why Should You Do An SEO Audit?

WWW.BRICKMARKETING.COM — Why Should You Do An SEO Audit? Written by Nick Stamoulis As long as the search engines are a factor in our behavior online, there will be a need for search engine optimization. These days, the focus really should be on your audience and making sure they are happy with your website…

A Beginner’s Guide to eCommerce SEO

WOOCOMMERCE.COM — Stocking your ecommerce store with high-quality, desirable products is only half the battle to building a successful and profitable online business. You also need to help shoppers discover your website and find the items they want. That’s what ecommerce search engine optimization (SEO) makes possible.

13 Best WordPress Multisite Plugins You Should Use (Expert Pick)

WWW.WPBEGINNER.COM — Are you looking for the best WordPress multisite plugins? WordPress multisite plugins can help extend your multisite network’s features and make it much easier to manage your network of websites. In this article, we will share some of the best WordPress multisite plugins for your WordPress…

SEO vs. SEM: The Differences Explained

NEILPATEL.COM — These terms are two of the most important in the digital landscape, but what makes them different? As you may have guessed, the “SE” portion in SEO and SEM are the same. Everything pertaining to search engines (SE), such as traffic quality and quantity, falls into that SE category. Google search results contain both paid search results and organic search results.

Elon Musk’s X app for ‘everything’ might be a non-starter in the US

TECHCRUNCH.COM — As Elon Musk again nears a deal to buy Twitter, speculation is resurfacing around how the billionaire plans to transform the social network. Musk’s tweet this week offered a clue: “Buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating the everything app.” While Musk didn’t elaborate on what X would look like, many reckon he’s aspiring to replicate the success of WeChat, which over the past decade has virtually become the everything app in China.

Close Friends isn’t as close as you may think

MASHABLE.COM — You may think the posts on your Close Friends Story on Instagram are just for your closest friends. But it’s being monitored, so post carefully.In a world in which the Venn diagram of our physical and digital selves approaches a circle, it’s important to feel like we’re in charge of our ability…

How To Spot A Relief Rally In Stocks And Stock Markets

WWW.FORBES.COM — stock trading with bull and beargetty After stocks sell off and make a new low, some buyers come back in and provide support for a few days, sometimes a few weeks. That’s a relief rally and it’s usually identifiable by its failure to reassert price back above downtrend lines. A confirming factor…

Anonymous artist dyes Tehran fountains blood-red during protests

WWW.WASHINGTONPOST.COM — CommentAs Iranian protests sparked by the death of a woman in police custody continued, several Tehran fountains on Friday appeared as if filled with blood, according to photos and a video — verified by Storyful — that were shared widely on social media. The Persian-language Twitter account…

A Marine who hated Muslims went to a mosque to plant a bomb. His intended victims ended up saving his life

WWW.CNN.COM — Editor’s Note: This article is part of CNN’s Undivided series, which chronicles how Americans of very different backgrounds have found common ground. In this series, which runs through the midterm elections, we profile unlikely friendships between people of differing ages, races, religions and…

Your LinkedIn Profile Probably Features These 5 Mistakes

WWW.ENTREPRENEUR.COM — Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. A dazzling LinkedIn account is an invaluable asset for professionals and almost necessary for networking purposes. The website currently hosts nearly 740 million accounts, and all it takes is a few costly mistakes to make…

15 best crime shows on Netflix to add a little stress to your life

MASHABLE.COM — Nothing gets the juices flowing quite like crime, eh? A heist, some weapons trafficking, maybe a little arson?The problem is the consequences. The court appearances, the jail time, the change of relationships with family and friends. Sometimes it’s just not worth it. That’s where crime TV shows…

The most watched movies and TV of the week: It’s all a bunch of ‘Hocus Pocus’

MASHABLE.COM — So, what’s everyone been watching this week? Hmmmm?Just to get a sense of what everyone’s streaming, we’ve used data from streaming aggregator Reelgood, which gathers viewership numbers from hundreds of streaming services in the U.S. and UK. Each week, the most streamed TV shows and movies come…

Park rangers saw something unprecedented in this year’s fat bears

MASHABLE.COM — The fat bears continue to surprise us. Brown bears live largely solitary lives. Mothers and cubs, wary of potentially threatening outsiders, also live as independent families. Yet 2022 bucked this tradition. For the first time, fat bear viewers, naturalists, and former rangers watched two family…

Who is ‘The Mole’ on Netflix’s show? Let’s yarn-wall it!

MASHABLE.COM — It’s going to be the biggest question after “Who will end up on the Iron Throne in House of the Dragon?” Who is the Mole?Netflix’s reboot of the beloved reality competition series has landed, with the first five episodes now streaming. Like the various versions before it, the show is a game of…

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