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Free Goods Of The Week – Sept. 19
September 19, 2022
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Free Goods Of The Week – Sept. 19
September 19, 2022
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Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week


Parenting tips: Know the factors that influence motor development skills in children

WWW.HEALTHSHOTS.COM — Motor development resembles physical and quick activities, and your child’s brain is a big component of this. It entails the brain and your child’s muscles to achieve and make the use of important abilities such as language, social and emotional involvement, and behavior. Your child’s motor skills can help facilitate the establishment of a close human bond.

6 SEO Content Writing Tips For Law Firms

WWW.SEARCHENGINEJOURNAL.COM — How often should law firms write new content? The answer depends on their goals. They should create informative content often if they want to get more leads or increase sales. To improve their brand image and reputation, they should create in-depth, high-quality content more slowly (but still…

Five SEO content tricks you haven’t heard of yet

SEO-WRITER.COM — The best content pleases readers and search engines. Here are five creative ways to hit both targets at once. Content creation is a creative process. Few writers think about search engine optimization (SEO) when creating content. Yet, the hard truth is that without ranking, your content will…

The Beginner’s Guide to Crypto Business Ideas

WWW.QUICKSPROUT.COM — Good crypto business ideas are always in season. If you can figure out how to provide a simple service or practical product for this growing market, the value will come. Businesses in retail, ecommerce, and manufacturing are already gaining competitive advantages by adopting this new form of…

30 Best Magazine WordPress Themes

PIXEL2PIXELDESIGN.COM — WordPress is an excellent platform for creating a magazine website. Nowadays theme developers developed and designed a comprehensive list of the best magazine WordPress themes in 2019. These themes are well suited for news portals, tech blogs, gaming websites, fashion blogs, gossip, and any other topic.

5 Best WordPress VR and Metaverse Plugins

WWW.ELEGANTTHEMES.COM — Virtual Reality (VR) has become increasingly popular in recent years. It enables users to enjoy immersive experiences from the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, adding this feature to your website can help make your content more interactive, which may lead to more conversions. Fortunately,…

Episode 5: What is Conversion Rate Optimization

WWW.SQUIRRLY.CO — In today’s episode we discuss about a very important Facebook story, from the time when Mark, the CEO of Facebook, was having troubles with his team, because they came up with many ideas all over the place. What did he do to make them focus? What can you learn and apply to your business? All in a day’s episode…

15 Social Media SEO Tools to Increase Conversions

BULK.LY — Are you looking for ways to increase conversions? Increasing conversions is vitally important. It directly impacts the overall revenue and growth of your business. Unfortunately, the fierce competition is making it nearly impossible to appear on the top search engine results, but with help from social media SEO tools it is possible.

8 Best Professional Development Goals for Managers

GETLIGHTHOUSE.COM — Ever worked with an unhappy manager? Seen them frazzled, frustrated, or run down? Chances are, their team felt the same way. There’s even a name for it: the Cascade Effect. According to Gallup’s “State of the American Manager” report:. “Employees’ engagement is directly influenced by their managers’ engagement — whose engagement is directly influenced by their managers’ engagement.” This happens all too often- especially for new managers- and their team and department suffer greatly because of it.

YouTube SEO Tips: How to Get Your Videos Ranked

WWW.MUNRO.AGENCY — YouTube SEO strategies help to optimise the performance of your content on the video streaming platform. Discover how to get your videos ranked and seen for a relevant search on YouTube and search engines. According to the State of Video Marketing report from Wyzowl, the amount of online video content viewed by web users has doubled since 2018.

5 challenges of taking college classes in the metaverse

WWW.FASTCOMPANY.COM — For instance, Roblox has launched. to bring 3D, interactive, virtual environments into physical and online classrooms. Roblox says it has. They require high-speed data networks to handle all of the. across the virtual and physical space. For instance, 97% of the population living in urban areas in the U.has.

TikTok Copies BeReal with New ‘TikTok Now’ Feature

WWW.SOCIALMEDIATODAY.COM — Well, it didn’t take long for TikTok to get the gist of the social media cloning game. Today, TikTok has announced a new feature called ‘TikTok Now’, which will prompt users to share a selfie, using the front and back camera, at a random time each day. “Making possible deeper connection and entertainment in a fun format, TikTok Now invites you and your friends to capture what you’re doing in the moment using your device’s front and back camera.

Twitter Adds New Thread Creation Tools to its ‘Twitter Toolbox’ Collection of Recommended Apps

WWW.SOCIALMEDIATODAY.COM — Twitter has added some handy new apps to its Twitter Toolbox hub, where it highlights officially endorsed third-party tools that can help in your tweeting process. The two additions are both focused on creating tweet threads, with the first being ‘ThreadStart’, an integrated composer for tweet threads.

How should ‘Game of Thrones’ have ended?

MASHABLE.COM — Welcome to Pop Culture Throwdown, a weekly column where Mashable’s Entertainment team tackles the big questions in life, like what Star Wars movie is best and which superhero would win in a fight.This week, we asked each other (and all of you, on Twitter): How should Game of Thrones have ended?…

Massive GTA 6 gameplay video leak depicts male and female playable characters

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Rockstar’s next instalment in its Grand Theft Auto series could be one of the most anticipated video games in existence, and a new purported leak could offer us our best look yet at GTA The trove of data, which PCGamer discovered via a GTAForums post by the alleged hacker themselves, contains some 90 videos of clips from the game, with debug code and interfaces running and helping back up the veracity of the claims.

US Customs agents have been seizing Americans’ phone data unchecked for 15 years

MASHABLE.COM — It’s a known fact to anyone who has traveled outside the country that U.S. Customs and Border Protection are exempt from needing a warrant to access phones and other electronic devices. But in a shocking report from The Washington Post, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) leaders have admitted…

Agatha Christie by Lucy Worsley; Marple: Twelve New Stories

WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM — Agatha Christie was arguably the first modern literary celebrity, and it follows that her long writing life, from her first published novel in 1920 to her death in 1976 at the age of 85, has been thoroughly picked over, not only by journalists during her lifetime but by the author herself in her…

Sarah Kendzior explains how conspiracy theories went mainstream

WWW.FASTCOMPANY.COM — They Knew explains how powerful elites like Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein managed to engage in questionable, and sometimes criminal, behavior with impunity, enabled by skilled propagandists who use conspiracy theories to distract the public and keep would-be crooks out of the glare of public…

Gen-Z Is Really into Authenticity. How to Use BeReal to Broadcast a More Transparent Brand Vibe

WWW.INC.COM — For years, social media has been dominated by aesthetics: think perfectly sculpted hairdos, floral arrangements and houseplants–lots of houseplants. However, younger consumers are eschewing the filter–looking instead for more realistic vistas. The trend is, in part, why new social media app, BeReal, has become popular.

We need to talk about ‘Speak No Evil’s twisted ending

MASHABLE.COM — It’s always nice when the ending of a horror film packs a punch, but every now and then one comes along that actually leaves you winded.Speak No Evil, Christian Tafdrup’s dark thriller about a family who make some unusual new friends abroad, falls comfortably into this category, luring us in with…

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