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Free Goods Of The Week – Oct. 25
October 26, 2021
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Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – Oct. 25
October 26, 2021
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Free Goods Of The Week – Nov. 01
November 2, 2021

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week


On-Page SEO: The Practical Guide For SEO Beginners [2021]

MANGOOLS.COM — Check robot accessibility and page indexation The accessibility of your site is the foundation of technical SEO. Search engines crawl web pages and index them into databases to display the most relevant results to their users. How to find out if your pages are being indexed? By using Google…

9 SEO report templates you can swipe today

SUPERMETRICS.COM — If you’ve ever tried to build an SEO report from scratch, you’ve probably noticed that it’s anything but easy. Even if you have a good idea of what KPIs to include, how to analyze your data, and which tools to use for reporting, you’ve still got a ton of decisions to make. Stuff like, how to…

The How-To: Leveraging SEO Optimization In 2022

WWW.ENTREPRENEUR.COM — Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. You’re reading Entrepreneur Middle East, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media. Over the years, there have been countless rumors about search engine optimization (SEO) losing its relevance. Then,…

eCommerce A/B Testing: Ideas & Tips You Should Know

WWW.GROOVECOMMERCE.COM — What is eCommerce A/B Testing? eCommerce A/B testing is a scientific method of evaluating a marketing variable compared to a control. This occurs when brands show a percentage of users either a control or variable version of a marketing asset. When properly executed, this exercise helps…

30+ WordPress Corporate Business Themes

TEMPLATIC.COM — The 90+ Themes Club License You Don’t Want To Miss Get Any Templatic Theme For Free Get The Best And Cheapest WordPress Hosting Buy All Templatic Themes For 1 Low Price Earn 30% On Every Sale – Become Our Affiliate.

Nonprofit website checklist for optimization and engagement

4AGOODCAUSE.COM — The anatomy of a great nonprofit website is built by telling the story of who you are, what you do and why your audience (donors!) should care. We’ve taken that a step further by putting together a website checklist with additional key elements and best practices for nonprofit website engagement….

Mental Tips, Tricks, and Life Hacks Involving Food, Money, and More

WWW.FOOL.COM — In this episode of Rule Breaker Investing: Mental Tips, Tricks & Life Hacks, Vol. Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner and The Motley Fool community share thoughts on how to improve your quality of life, spend wisely, make things your own, free up time, and much more. To catch full episodes of all The Motley Fool’s free podcasts, check out our podcast center.

How To Speed Through LAX Security Without Paying Extra

WWW.JOHNNYJET.COM — There’s no doubt we’re going to see an uptick in travelers at TSA security checkpoints starting November 8 when the United States opens up to much of the world. It’s unclear how much this will impact security lines but the TSA is already short-staffed so it seems things can only get worse. On top…

What do SEO Plugins do For You as a User of WordPress?

HSEO.TV — What do SEO Plugins (other than — the #1 SEO Software package for WordPress users) do For You as a User of WordPress? SEO Plugins are code pushers. They only push code inside the pages of your WordPress. Code is just a very tiny part of what Google needs to see about your online brand to figure out if it wants to move you up to the first positions in search results.

WordPress Performance Tuning: Best Tips for 2021+

WORDPRESS.COM — Running a website is a juggling act where you have to keep both functionality and performance going at the same time. And necessary website features should never be dropped just because site speed will suffer otherwise. However, with many self-hosted installations, because of the…

Luke Kennard wins Forward poetry prize for ‘anarchic’ response to Shakespeare

WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM — Luke Kennard has won the Forward prize for best collection for his “anarchic” response to Shakespeare’s sonnets, a work which judges are predicting could “transform” students’ relationship with the Bard.Kennard’s Notes on the Sonnets, published by small press Penned in the Margins, took the…

Morning mail: Nationals back net zero, labour shortages, millennials and money

WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM — Good morning! We’re bursting with political climate news today. The Nationals have finally agreed to a net zero target by 2050 as a group of young Australians fed up with the Morrison government dragging its feel on climate action take their complaints to the UN.Nationals MPs have agreed to a net…

A Leader’s Words Can Change A Culture

WWW.FORBES.COM — LONDON – JUNE 15: Steve Jobs, Chief Executive Officer of Apple computers, launches iTunes Music … [+] Store on June 15, 2004 in London. (Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images) Getty Images Your company’s success begins with the words you choose to reflect your values. A story ran in the…

Former Credit Suisse security head targeted in Swiss regulator’s investigation

WWW.REUTERS.COM — ZURICH, Oct 24 (Reuters) – Credit Suisse’former head of global security services is one of three people targeted in a new investigation announced last week by Swiss financial markets watchdog FINMA following an espionage affair at the bank, a lawyer told Reuters on Sunday. Zurich-based lawyer Andreas Josephsohn confirmed his client was one of three individuals targeted by the proceedings, speaking on condition his client wouldn’t be named.

Colombia’s priority is to extradite drug lord Otoniel to the United States -sources

WWW.REUTERS.COM — BOGOTA, Oct 24 (Reuters) – Colombia’s priority is to extradite the captured drug lord Dairo Antonio Usuga, known as Otoniel, to the United States, government and security sources said on Sunday. Otoniel, 50, by Colombia’s armed forces during an operation in a rural area of Colombia’s Uraba region, Antioquia province, officials said on Saturday.

This Physician is Making Canadian Healthcare More Inclusive

TIME.COM — Chika Stacy Oriuwa was on a clinical rotation in the emergency department one day in 2018, wearing her scrubs and stethoscope when she felt a tug on her shirt. It was a patient, who said: “Excuse me. You forgot to clean the vomit off the floor.” Oriuwa is a medical resident, on the path to…

History, Imagination & Opportunity Combine In The New Paint Scheme On This U.S. Navy Test Pilot School T-38

WWW.FORBES.COM — USNTPS’ “Tester 15” carries a new paint scheme that trades the school’s familiar orange and white … [+] livery for a baby blue design wrapped in historical significance and esprit de corps. US Navy Test Pilot School Over its 76 year span, United States Navy Test Pilot School (USNTPS)…

What the armed forces can teach business

WWW.ECONOMIST.COM — Oct 22nd 2020WHEN CAPTAIN Gareth Tennant was patrolling with the Royal Marines in the Gulf of Aden in 2010, his team intercepted some Somali pirates on two skiffs. The pirates’ weapons were confiscated and the marines waited for clearance to release their prisoners. The plan was to tow the…

Google’s future in enterprise hinges on strategic cybersecurity

VENTUREBEAT.COM — Gaps in Google’s cybersecurity strategy make banks, financial institutions, and larger enterprises slow to adopt the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), with deals often going to Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services instead. It also doesn’t help that GCP has long had the reputation that it is more aligned with developers and their needs than with enterprise and commercial projects.

Moscow decries U.S. move to call Russians ‘homeless’ for visa purposes

WWW.REUTERS.COM — MOSCOW, Oct 24 (Reuters) – Russia on Sunday condemned a decision by the United States to add Russians seeking U.visas to a list of “homeless nationals” who can apply for visas in third countries. The move allowed Russians to apply for U.visas in Warsaw instead of their home country after the American Embassy stopped processing most visa applications in May due to Moscow’s ban on employing embassy staff in Russia.

Interesting Articles This Week

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