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Free Goods Of The Week – Sept. 06
September 7, 2021
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Free Goods Of The Week – Sept. 13
September 14, 2021
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – Sept. 06
September 7, 2021
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – Sept. 13
September 14, 2021

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week


Essential statistics about B2B SEO

WWW.ARTICULATEMARKETING.COM — Type ‘B2B SEO’ into Google and press enter. You’ll be rewarded with 30.8 million results, offering ‘fresh perspectives’ and promising ‘high quality leads’. You’re experiencing the SEO while researching the SEO, finding yourself swallowed by SEO-ception. Facing a wall of opinions and advice is…

How 9/11 changed air travel: more security, less privacy

WWW.DETROITNEWS.COM — Dallas – Ask anyone old enough to remember travel before Sept. 11, 2001, and you’re likely to get a gauzy recollection of what flying was like. There was security screening, but it wasn’t anywhere near as intrusive. There were no long checkpoint lines. Passengers and their families could walk right to the gate together, postponing goodbye hugs until the last possible moment.

Lendlease signs Google Cloud to speed up digital transformation strategy

WWW.ZDNET.COM — Lendlease has signed a global partnership with Google Cloud as part of the next stage of its digital transformation strategy. Under the agreement, Google Cloud will assist the multinational group with migrating its mission-critical enterprise workloads, including its CAD platforms, in-house “project excellence” platform Oli, and its Oracle-based e-finance system, which currently reside in eight on-premise data centres located across four continents, onto the cloud.

How to Check if Your Website is SEO Optimized (2 Easy Ways)

WP-DD.COM — Do you want to check if your website is SEO optimized? By analyzing your WordPress website’s on-page SEO setup, you can easily find and fix SEO errors, so you can improve your search engine rankings and get more traffic. In this article, we’ll show you how you can check if your WordPress website is SEO optimized, step by step.

Apple iMessage Zero-Click Hacks

NEWS.YCOMBINATOR.COM — A small way to reduce attack surface – have iMessage just setup for your iCloud email address instead of phone number. Phone numbers are becoming increasingly useless.> In fact, Citizen Lab researchers and others suggest that Apple should simply provide an option to disable iMessage…

11 Cloud Storage Plugins for WordPress You Never Knew You Needed

SPYRESTUDIOS.COM — 11 Cloud Storage Plugins for WordPress You Never Knew You Needed September 6, 2021 by Sangalang Kristine Leave a CommentHaving a cloud storage plugin installed in your WordPress site improves a lot of its aspects. Cloud storage allows the website owner to save data on a safe offsite location. The…

Loaded in 600 Milliseconds: How To Improve Website Speed

HACKERNOON.COM — Loaded in 600 Milliseconds: How To Improve Website Speed The goal is to bring your website performance up as fast as possible. 90% of the time, the content we are loading on the rest of the website is images and videos. Lazy loading is probably the simplest and most effective thing you can do to…

Best Productivity Hacks – 26 Ways To Stay On Task

WISDOMFUEL.COM — If you struggle with focusing on the task at hand, you may have heard people mention some of their favorite productivity hacks – but wondered if they’re right for you. When you’re tackling important tasks, the key is to understand which productivity techniques work well for you. . Silence your email notifications, grab a cup of Joe, and take some time to read this guide – these productivity hacks are going to change the way you think about all the things you have to do.

Collection of 39+ Free and Premium Bootstrap Admin Themes

PIXEL2PIXELDESIGN.COM — Looking for bootstrap admin themes? We showcase here some free & premium amazingly designed responsive bootstrap dashboard templates. These templates can be used in CMS, CRM, custom admin panel, admin dashboard, web applications, clients panel, mailing systems etc. There are many bootstrap admin themes available on the web.

13 Best Wiki Knowledge Base WordPress Plugins 2021

WBCOMDESIGNS.COM — Are you on the lookout for tools that assist in creating the latest WordPress Wiki website? You must be preferring something more simple, convenient to use, and effective than the conventional wiki software. Why not build a stunning wiki website using WordPress and Wiki plugins. You can use these Wiki plugins with every Multipurpose theme and scale up the plugins’ styling and functions.

Financial comparison “super app” Jeff raises $1.5M seed extension

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Financial services, especially those for people who don’t have access to traditional bank accounts or lines of credit, are proliferating in Southeast Asia. Jeff App wants to give consumers a “super app” where they can compare many financial products and apply for them using the startup’s proprietary data-scoring models.

How to Break Up with Your Bad Habits

HBR.ORG — Breaking habits is hard. We all know this, whether we’ve failed our latest diet (again), or felt the pull to refresh our Instagram feed instead of making progress on a work project that is past due. This is largely because we are constantly barraged by stimuli engineered to make us crave and…

Best yoga apps and YouTube channels for practicing at home

MASHABLE.COM — As yogis like to say, yoga is as much about the body as it is about the mind. Both deserve attention in these times of social isolation and uncertainty. That’s why now is a great time take up a yoga practice — virtually.Maybe you want to start the day with yoga, boosting your energy and…

Portcast gets $3.2M to create more transparent and sustainable supply chains

TECHCRUNCH.COM — For many manufacturers and freight forwarders, managing logistics is still a very manual process: tracking shipments with a call or online lookup, and entering that data into an Excel spreadsheet. Portcast, which describes itself as a “next-generation logistics operating system,” makes the process more efficient by gathering data from myriad sources and not only track shipments in real-time, but also predicts what might affect its progress, like major weather events, the tide and pandemic-related issues.

N.Korea promotes general to ruling party’s powerful presidium

WWW.REUTERS.COM — SEOUL, Sept 7 (Reuters) – North Korea has elevated a general long seen as a rising star in the country’s powerful military and a major player in its missile programme to a position in the presidium of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) politburo, state media reported on Tuesday. Pak Jong Chon will also serve as secretary of the WPK Central Committee, KCNA news agency said.

Morris Chestnut Brings Signature Swag to ‘Our Kind of People’

BLACKGIRLNERDS.COM — Making his film debut as Ricky Baker in the great Black tragedy Boyz in the Hood, Morris Chestnut went from dreams of the NFL to becoming a household name in Black Hollywood and beyond for decades. He has starred in iconic roles such as Lance Sullivan in The Best Manseries and numerous other Black rom-coms that shaped the ’90s.

7 Google Chrome extensions to up your Netflix and chill game

MASHABLE.COM — Amid the countless streaming apps available today, Netflix reigns supreme.At 209 million subscribers — Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ follow at 175 million and 103.6 million, respectively — Netflix remains the most widely used streaming service in the world. But after more than 18 months of…

H2O Hospitality secures $30M Series C to expedite hotel digital transformation

TECHCRUNCH.COM — The pandemic has triggered more demand for contactless and staff-less operations in the hospitality sector, and now H2O Hospitality, the unmanned hotel management company, has closed a $30 million round on the back of that boost. The South Korea and Japan-based startup automates front and backend processes including accommodation reservation, room management and front desk duties, and it will be using the funds to continue expanding its business.

Interesting Articles This Week

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