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Free Goods Of The Week – June 21
June 22, 2021
Free Goods Of The Week featured
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June 29, 2021
Free Goods Of The Week featured
Free Goods Of The Week – June 21
June 22, 2021
Free Goods Of The Week featured
Free Goods Of The Week – June 28
June 29, 2021

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week


14 Best Tips to Boost WordPress SEO

WWW.SITEPRONEWS.COM — More than 75 million sites use WordPress. However, not all of them take the required steps to optimize their website for the major search engines to acquire traffic. . If your business runs on WordPress, then following some basic SEO tips can play a significant role in boosting your site’s organic presence resulting in more leads, sales, and higher revenue.

Blog SEO: The Complete Guide

SIMONWHITESEO.COM — Since 2015, we’ve grown the Ahrefs Blog from zero to over 600,000 monthly search visits. What’s our secret? Consistency. We’ve been using the same SEO strategy for the past six years, and it works well. In this guide, you’ll learn: But first, let’s make sure we’re on the same page. Blog SEO is…

Employee Retention Program Ideas, Examples and Tips

MRDASHBOARD.COM — Succeeding in the employee retention initiatives demands you to consider initiatives out of the team’s point of view. All workers tend to be different, after all and every has distinctive desires and objectives. However it is a dependable bet to believe them all have to know they can be getting paid and above market rates plus also have great benefits.

25 Best Minimalist WordPress Themes for Writers

WWW.WPBEGINNER.COM — Are you looking for the best minimalist WordPress themes for writers? Most WordPress themes are designed for business websites, focusing more on selling than readability. As a writer, you want a theme that’s easy to use and that makes your content stand out. In this article, we will share some of…

36 Top Cyber Security Tips to Protect your Digital World

WORKINGTHEWEBTOWIN.BLOGSPOT.COM — By Hector Cisneros. We live in a world where we depend on our digital technology for everything from staying in touch with our family and friends to engaging in work and executing our financial transactions. What would happen if suddenly, your smartphone, tablet or computer was infected with malware or worse, hacked?

Top three Wordpress Security Plugins in 2020

DIGIPROMARKETERS.COM — WordPress is a perfect and secure platform to build and maintain a website. But the question arises “is it secure enough to face the world’s best, deadly and scary attacks.” You don’t want your website to be hacked, costing you millions. We have used many security plugins on our site, and we…

How to Write SEO Optimized Blog And Article for Website

SEO.LONDON — Reading Time:8 minutes This is a world of digitalization where the content of all forms is available everywhere. Be it quality education or cringe-pop, be in noteworthy content or doodled scribbles, be it poetic musings of your dear product reviews- everything is available at the click of a…

The Future of IoT is in Speed—and Security

WWW.MACHINEDESIGN.COM — Harald Remmert is an accomplished technology leader in the IoT ecosystem. He has more than 20 years of experience in product strategy, design, development, testing and engineering. He’s working with new technologies and tools such as 5G, edge compute, machine learning and artificial intelligence in his role at.

Hormonal Optimization Through Sleep

WWW.T-NATION.COM — How about a boost in muscle growth, fat loss, and recovery? How about getting a more restful sleep while doing so? The following tips can help to optimize hormonal output to help with our body composition and performance, and make us feel better while doing it! This optimization includes not only…

What is Signal? The basics of the most secure messaging app.

MASHABLE.COM — Existing Signal users might be getting more notifications than usual. “Jack is on Signal,” “Cathy is on Signal,” “Miriam is on Signal,” all pings showing phone contacts who are joining the secure messaging app. Those pings reflect the fact that there’s been an influx of new users. Known for its end-to-end encryption and independent structure as a non-profit organization run by a foundation — not a big tech company — Signal has previously been the communication method of choice for activists, people in the hacker community, and others concerned about privacy.

iPhone Bug Breaks Wifi if You Connect to a Specific Network

GIZMODO.COM — If you have an iPhone, beware of a strange wifi network with the name “%p%s%s%s%s%n.” This name causes a burdensome bug. Do not connect to this network unless you want your phone’s wifi functionality to break. The bug was found by security researcher Carl Schou, who shared the problem on Twitter….

Evolution, rewards, and artificial intelligence

VENTUREBEAT.COM — Elevate your enterprise data technology and strategy at Transform 2021. Last week, I wrote an analysis of Reward Is Enough, a paper by scientists at DeepMind. As the title suggests, the researchers hypothesize that the right reward is all you need to create the abilities associated with…

Get Clear on Your Remote or Hybrid Work Policy With This Framework

WWW.INC.COM — As offices reopen, many executives are grappling with what their future remote or hybrid work policy will be. Some companies have laid down the law from the top, while others have adopted a more bottoms-up approach–giving significant authority to individual managers to decide their individual team’s policy. .

MIKE GINGERICH: How website SEO is impacted by schema validations

WWW.WASHTIMESHERALD.COM — Schema markup errors can be confusing and even scary. And, unless you’ve handled the issue before, you may need to find a web professional to fix the errors for you. So, like many other website owners, perhaps you wonder why you have to go through the trouble. Is schema markup even necessary?…

America says it’s back. But where are its ambassadors?

WWW.ECONOMIST.COM — SOME IMPORTANT people were nowhere to be seen as Joe Biden touched down in Europe last week on his first trip abroad as president: American ambassadors to all three countries he visited. Mr Biden has not yet nominated envoys to Britain, Belgium or Switzerland, where he ended his whirlwind of…

The 19 best shows on Amazon Prime streaming free right now

MASHABLE.COM — Need a new binge? We’ve looked through Amazon’s catalog for the best shows included with a Prime membership. So whether you’re searching for a snappy comedy, a historical adventure, or an emotional medical drama, we have you covered. In no particular order, here the 19 best shows on Amazon Prime…

Williams F1 drives digital transformation in racing with AI, quantum

VENTUREBEAT.COM — Elevate your enterprise data technology and strategy at Transform 2021. “The thing that really attracted me to Formula 1 is that it’s always been about data and technology,” says Graeme Hackland, Williams Group IT director and chief information officer of Williams Racing. Since joining the motorsport racing team in 2014, Hackland has been putting that theory into practice.

Make These 4 Mindset Shifts to Optimize Yourself and Live an Incredible Life

ADDICTED2SUCCESS.COM — We start every year with big goals and a desire to accomplish more than any previous year. We spend each day telling ourselves that tomorrow will be the day we’re going to start living life the way we’d like to live it. There’s always an inherent desire for more on the horizon but not acted upon. We work hard and hit roadblocks.

30 Inspirational Quotes About Summer for June 2021

WWW.INC.COM — It’s officially summer, so here are 30 great quotes about the season for June. If you’d rather get a full year’s worth of inspirational quotes, check out my free ebook, 365 Inspirational Quotes for 2021, which you can download here. I know some people read these lists straight through, while other readers use them to add inspirational quotes to their internal newsletters or other corporate communications.

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