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April 6, 2021
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Free Goods Of The Week cover image
Free Goods Of The Week – Apr.05
April 6, 2021
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Free Goods Of The Week – Apr.12
April 12, 2021

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week


10 Best Malware Removal Services (Hosting + Plugins) in 2021

WWW.GUIDINGWP.COM — Are you looking for the best Malware removal hosting services and WordPress plugins? If so, this is the right page to get all details. As a WordPress website owner, your business will naturally be on the target list of hackers. They will make constant efforts to access your admin panel and…


WWW.ANGELAGILES.COM — We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. when you see all the other super talented peeps out there sharing theirs. Heck, I don’t have a creative bone in my body but once I got started, I couldn’t stop! It is so much fun. So here is a list of 11. that you will for sure want to copy and make your own.

3 Face Recognition WordPress Plugins

WWW.WPSOLVER.COM — Face recognition technology is now integrated into many security cameras and phones. You can also use this technology on your site to make life easier for your visitors. Here are 3 WordPress plugins with face recognition that you don’t want to miss: Face Age: a WordPress plugin with age, gender,…

Productivity Tips To Improve Team Performance

ECOMMERCEFASTLANE.COM — Teamwork is the best way to increase your call center team’s productivity levels. But if you’re not sure how to go about fostering better teamwork in your contact center, then these productivity tips will help take your agents’ performance to the next level. . If you’re struggling with improving productivity and reducing burnout, you’re not alone.

Best WordPress Website Building Tips to Know –

VENTSMAGAZINE.COM — Are you looking for crucial advice on how to build your own website using WordPress? You’ve come to the right place! . Believe it or not, knowing how to build a website on WordPress is an essential skill in today’s highly digital world, especially if you’re a small business owner. Why? There are several reasons, including saving a ton of money you’d otherwise spend on web developers and designers.

8 Low Key Social Media Hacks for the Busy Social Manager

BULK.LY — Even with a modest level of ambition behind it, managing social media for a business is a mammoth task. How are you realistically supposed to keep up with the relentless pace of updates, queries, feedback, and even complaints? Even if you do manage it somehow, it’ll likely lead to burnout, as…

The Best Cleaning Hacks to Save Time and Money

WWW.TORONTONICITY.COM — This is a sponsored post by Shark Vacuums. Mark your calendars because my favourite day of the year (well, next to my birthday and Christmas) is fast approaching! “National No House Work Day” is on April Yes, this is the day to schedule some special leisure activities with your kids or some reading, running, at-home spa treatments, or gardening to enjoy during your precious alone time.

Brands Using Conversion Rate Optimization In Paid Media

ECOMMERCEFASTLANE.COM — Conversions (and their value/cost) are the guiding light for paid media marketers. When we pay for the click/view/impression, we’re much more critical of conversion rate. . Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is a marketing technique to get as many conversions out of your traffic as possible. It can focus on the user journey and identifying creative/functionality optimizations, A/B testing, on-page promotions/chats, and other forms of enhancing the path to conversion.

2021 RunBlogRun, week # 13, speed development, day 1

WWW.RUNBLOGRUN.COM — Monday: light run, 30 minutes easy pace, stretch, 2 x 150 m stride-outs, light cooldown. every 80-second run, on a trail, with a 30-minute cooldown. Wednesday: light run, 30 minutes easy pace, stretch, 2 x 150 m light cooldown. riday: light run, 30 minutes easy pace, stretch, 2 x 150 m stride-outs, light cooldown.

the surprising reasons we turn off autocaps and embrace the lowercase

MASHABLE.COM — Technology is always transforming language and communication. After all, it’s thanks to predictive text and autocorrect that a word as innocent as “duck” became synonymous with “fuck.” Online text for many of us is now our primary form of communication. So necessarily, web culture started breaking all the traditional rules of grammar to make it better fit the medium, with trends like the extra space before punctuation …

Why America’s Congress is reviving a once-reviled practice

WWW.ECONOMIST.COM — Apr 4th 2021″DIRT’S A FUNNY thing,” says the Boss, the populist southern governor in Robert Penn Warren’s classic American novel, “All the King’s Men”, as he muses about the application of political leverage. “It’s dirt makes the grass grow. A diamond ain’t a thing in the world but a piece of…

11 superb speeches to inspire us to keep fighting for gender equality, even when we’re exhausted

MASHABLE.COM — It’s been a particularly distressing year full of chaos, heartbreak, and loss. And though circumstances are tough and constantly striving for a better world can be exhausting, it’s crucial that women (and men, too) continue in the fight for gender equality. Gender discrimination and the gender…

Comedy wildlife photo finalists are every bit as glorious as you’d expect

MASHABLE.COM — Earlier this month we got a glimpse of some highly commended entries from the Wildlife Photography Awards 2020, but there’s another like-minded competition that’s a little cheekier: the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Winners will be announced on Oct. 22, and you can even vote for your favourite on the website.

Miss Hipmunk? Meet Flight Penguin, its founders’ new travel search engine

WWW.FASTCOMPANY.COM — The bad news is that Hipmunk remains dead. However, some of its creators are back with a new travel tool called Flight Penguin that—though not at all a straightforward revival of the Hipmunk concept—will certainly appeal to some of the folks who were once fond of the ‘munk. Like Hipmunk, it’s got a quirky name, an adorable mascot (drawn, in Hipmunk’s case, by Alexis Ohanian), a clean interface, and a focus on finding flights that offer an attractive price without needless layovers and other complications.

Clubhouse launches payments so creators can make money

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Clubhouse, a one-year-old social audio app reportedly valued at $1 billion, will now allow users to send money to their favorite creators — or speakers — on the platform. In a blog post, the startup announced the new monetization feature, Clubhouse Payments, as the “the first of many features that allow creators to get paid directly on Clubhouse.” Clubhouse’s press team did not immediately respond to comment.

15 Netflix movies and TV shows we can’t wait to stream this spring

MASHABLE.COM — Planning your next season of streaming? Netflix has you covered. . This spring, the streaming service is dropping tons of new series and specials, as well as making good on its promise to deliver new films to subscribers every week of 2021. We’ve got horror movies, reality shows, sci-fi thrillers, superhero epics, fantasy dramas, nature docs, and more to look forward to.

The Supreme Court sides with Google in Oracle suit – TechCrunch

TECHCRUNCH.COM — The Supreme Court announces several tech-related rulings, LG will shut down its smartphone business and we take a deep dive into the story of StockX. This is your Daily Crunch for April 2021. The U.Supreme Court announced a couple of tech-related rulings today. In one, it overturned Oracle’s victory in its copyright battle with Google, which would have otherwise required Google to pay Oracle $8 billion for incorporating pieces of Oracle’s Java software language into the Android mobile operating system.

Yahoo Answers is shutting down

MASHABLE.COM — Say “goodbye” to one of the internet’s favorite dinosaurs. Yahoo announced today that its’ social Q&A platform, Yahoo Answers, will shut down on May In addition to the shut down, users will no longer be able to post questions or answers on the site beginning on April 20. Head on over to Yahoo Answers right now — what that’s not a site you already visit daily?

Dammit, Google’s ad about the COVID vaccine got me good

MASHABLE.COM — Replicating the format of the 2009 ad Parisian Love, it tells a story through typed search queries and other Google products. The video begins with searches for terms like “quarantine” and “social distancing.” Then, things begin to change when the search term “sweat pants” gets changed to just “pants.” Virtual events on the Google calendar become regular playdates and happy hours, not virtual ones.

Interesting Articles This Week

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