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Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

Hootsuite names new CEO amid social-media ‘reckoning’BNNBLOOMBERG.CA — VANCOUVER – Hootsuite has named a new CEO to replace founder Ryan Holmes after his 12 years at the helm of the Vancouver-based tech company. Tom Keiser, former chief operating officer of Zendesk, headquartered in San Francisco, will take over as of July Keiser helped drive the company’s annual revenue from $200 million to nearly $1 billion during his four years at the firm that went from 1,000 to 4,000 employees, Hootsuite said in a release.
The secret economics of a VIP party1843MAGAZINE.COM — The nightclub pulsed in the Miami heat. Dancers waved glow sticks with neon letters spelling out “F*** me I’m famous”. The millionaire was dressed in a black -shirt and jeans, and would have been easy to miss if he hadn’t been surrounded by a dozen tall, thin, beautiful women and waving a pink bottle of Cristal champagne.
Verizon decides Facebook doesn’t need its ad money after allMASHABLE.COM — The telecommunications giant announced Thursday that it is immediately ceasing all advertising on Facebook. So which notes that Verizon is joining the likes of Patagonia, REI, and Ben & Jerry’s in financially distancing itself from the controversial social media platform. . “Our brand safety standards have not changed,” a Verizon spokesperson told Mashable.
Congress needs to pass this facial recognition ban nowMASHABLE.COM — Now, members of Congress are finally taking action. On Thursday, Sens. Ed Markey and Jeff Merkley, and Reps. Pramila Jayapal and Ayanna Pressley, all Democrats, introduced the Facial Recognition and Biometric Technology Moratorium Act of 2020. It’s the most aggressive move yet by Congress to limit the use of facial recognition by police, in this case, by banning federal law enforcement from using it and cutting off state and local police from federal grants if they fail to do the same. .
Four perspectives: Will Apple trim App Store fees?TECHCRUNCH.COM — Apple takes a 30% cut of subscriptions purchased via the App Store isn’t news. But since the company threatened to boot email app Hey from the platform last week unless its developers paid the customary tribute, the tech world and lawmakers are giving Apple’s revenue share a harder look. Although Senior Vice President of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller denied the company was making any changes, a new policy will let developers challenge the very rules by which they were rejected from the platform, which suggests that change is in the air.
What is the Worst Leadership Styles and WhyLOLLYDASKAL.COM — People who study leadership theory learn about numerous styles of leadership: autocratic, democratic, strategic, transformational—on and on. It can be interesting to debate the pros and cons of each. But whatever theory you subscribe to—or if you’re a self-taught leader who doesn’t believe in…
How the Virus WonNYTIMES.COM — Notes: Our understanding of the early outbreak in the United States draws on case reports, travel patterns, genetic sequencing and disease modeling that simulates the course of the outbreak based on how it spread and what is known about the virus. All models are estimates, and it is impossible to…
Trump’s worker visa ban will hit Silicon Valley hardTECHCRUNCH.COM — Trump released an executive order that extended an existing ban on immigrant work visas through the end of the year. The move prohibits immigrants who are outside the United States from applying, but because new visas are generally issued in October, the impacts of the new rules will be felt well into 2021.
10 extremely 2020 moments that brought us togetherMASHABLE.COM — Nobody’s 2020 has been exactly the same as anybody else’We’ve all had our own experience of a year unlike any other in living memory, our own coping mechanisms, our own battles to fight. We are “in the same rough seas, but in different boats.” But as the coronavirus pandemic brought the lives of people all over the world into a strange and necessary uniformity, most of us found ourselves having more in common with more people than ever before.
Inclusion Is a Job For EveryoneMEDIUM.COM — I firmly believe that you don’t have to have the words “Diversity,” “Inclusion,” or “Belonging” on your business card to make a difference. There are myriad everyday actions we all can take to create more inclusive workplaces. Now, perhaps more than ever, we need to focus on them. Yet, as a white person, I have to admit it can be hard to have conversations about race.
How to Make Your Marketing Emails More EffectiveENTREPRENEUR.COM — June 23, 2020 9 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. This article was written by Alex Sixt, an Entrepreneur NEXT powered by Assemble expert. If you are looking to take the…
Reddit turns 15: The dramatic moments that shaped the internet’s front pageMASHABLE.COM — It may seem like it has been part of the internet landscape forever, but Reddit — which turns 15 Tuesday — is a mere teenager. An uncoordinated, gangly teenager that still struggles with its size, its group of friends, and truly damning content in its browser history. On its best days, Reddit in…
Interesting Articles This Week

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