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Application Performance Monitoring: How APM Alters Productivity
Application Performance Monitoring: How APM Alters Productivity
April 3, 2019
Free Goods Of The Week – Apr.08
Free Goods Of The Week – Apr.08
April 9, 2019
Application Performance Monitoring: How APM Alters Productivity
Application Performance Monitoring: How APM Alters Productivity
April 3, 2019
Free Goods Of The Week – Apr.08
Free Goods Of The Week – Apr.08
April 9, 2019

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

Facebook’s Considering Implementing Restrictions on Who Can Go Live

SOCIALMEDIATODAY.COM — The attackers’ aim was obviously to achieve a level of notoriety, of fame, and the lingering concern is that it may spark further, similar incidents, which casts live-streaming options, in particular, in a negative light. By its nature, live content cannot be reviewed before broadcast – it’s real-time, in-the-moment.

Mark Zuckerberg actually calls for regulation of content, elections, privacy

TECHCRUNCH.COM — It’s been a busy day for exec op-eds. Earlier this morning, Sheryl Sandberg broke the site’s silence around the Christchurch massacre, and now Mark Zuckerberg is calling on governments and other bodies to increase regulation around the sorts of data Facebook traffics in. He’s hoping to get out in front of heavy-handed regulation and get a seat at the table shaping it.

10 Things Meme Accounts Get Right About Instagram Marketing

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social Does it feel like meme accounts are taking over your social media feeds? The format is everywhere these days, including Instagram, where accounts like Kale Salad and Daquan have amassed millions of followers and become brand names. While these accounts seem silly and…

Apple Cancels AirPower Charging Mat: This Is No April Fool’s Joke

FORBES.COM — Apple announced today that it is not going to deliver its AirPower wireless charging mat that has been in the works for more than 18 months. Apple’s iPhone X with the Apple Watch, AirPods with wireless charging case and long-awaited AirPower wireless charging pad. Apple Here’s…

How to Use Twitter Ads: The Complete Guide for Marketers

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social With hundreds of millions of tweets sent per day, it can be easy for your brand’s Twitter marketing to get lost in the noise. Twitter ads can help you get your message in front of the users who are most likely to be interested in your products, and your brand….

We need to stop romanticizing the ‘extremely offline’ life

MASHABLE.COM — Remember the people who used to brag about not having cable or, better yet, not owning a television? You know the ones (if you were alive back in the early 2000s). They were the kind of friend who showed up to trivia claiming to “know nothing about pop culture.” They always thought the book was better than the movie, even when it wasn’They bragged about not owning a television even though you saw them binge a dozen Netflix DVDs at a time.

Instagram verification will make you Public Enemy No. 1

MASHABLE.COM — In a folder on my phone called “PUBLIC FIGURE,” I save screenshots of some of the most outrageous messages strangers have sent me since I got verified on Instagram, primarily because I still can’t believe I get so many. There are dozens of DMs that demand to know “why tf” and “how tf” I got a little blue badge. .

New Facebook tool answers the question “Why am I seeing this post?”

TECHCRUNCH.COM — announced today that it is adding a feature called “Why am I seeing this post?” to News Feeds. Similar to “Why am I seeing this ad?,” which has appeared next to advertisements since 2014, the new tool has a dropdown menu that gives users information about why that post appeared in their News Feed, along with links to personalization controls.

Covert data-scraping on watch as EU DPA lays down “radical” GDPR red-line

TECHCRUNCH.COM — An interesting decision came out of Poland’s data protection agency this week after the watchdog issued its first fine under Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). On the surface the enforcement doesn’t look so remarkable: A ‘small’ ~€220K fine was handed to a Sweden-headquartered European digital marketing company, Bisnode, which has an office in Poland, after the national Personal Data Protection Office (UODO) decided the company had failed to comply with data subject rights obligations set out in Article 14 of the GDPR.

The app uses music to tune out stressful thoughts

MASHABLE.COM — March Mindfulness is our new series that examines the explosive growth in mindfulness and meditation technology — culminating in Mashable’s groundbreaking competitive meditation bracket contest. Because March shouldn’t be all madness. When I’m under a tight deadline (read: panicked), a common refrain that runs through my mind is “You’ll never get this done on time.” To tune out negative thoughts, I’ll often listen to the “chill” genre on Spotify.

Toast, the restaurant management platform, has raised $250M at a $2.7B valuation

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Restaurant sales hit $825 billion last year in the US, but with margins averaging at only three to five percent per business, they’re always looking for an edge on efficiency and just generally running things in a smarter way. Now, a startup called Toast, which has built a popular platform for restaurant management, has closed a hefty round of funding to double down on that opportunity to do that.

Snap CEO’s sister Caroline Spiegel starts a no-visuals porn site

TECHCRUNCH.COM — If you took the photos and videos out of pornography, could it appeal to a new audience? Caroline Spiegel’s first startup Quinn aims to bring some imagination to adult entertainment. Her older brother, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, spent years trying to convince people his app wasn’t just for sexy texting.

8 Essential Social Media Etiquette Rules for Businesses

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social Jump up out of your seat to record a video at the symphony. Grab and eat someone else’s food from the work fridge. On purpose. Use speaker phone when talking on the bus, train, or plane. RSVP for an event, then don’t show. There’s a way to behave (and not to) for…

How Apple Card works

TECHCRUNCH.COM — One of the most buzzy announcements on Apple’s stage this week was Apple Card, its in-house credit card powered by Goldman Sachs and Mastercard. Consumers, tech press, financial press and Wall Street were all intrigued for various reasons. But there are still a ton of questions around the way it works mechanically, the terms involved for consumers and its overall benefits.

10 Vital Traits to Look for In People You Hire

LOLLYDASKAL.COM — Generating value in any organization requires bringing together an amazing group of people around a worthy cause and compelling vision. Too many people look only to innovative technology or strong processes or new products. Those things have their role, but there is one thing successful companies…

Before breaking up with Shopify, Mailchimp quietly acqui-hired LemonStand, a Shopify competitor

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Here’s an interesting twist on the story from last week about the break-up between Shopify and Mailchimp, after the two said they were at odds over how customer data was shared between the two companies. It turns out that before it parted ways with Shopify, Mailchimp had quietly made an acquisition of LemonStand, one of the e-commerce platform’s smaller competitors, to bring more integrated e-commerce features into its platform.

Wyze launches a $20 home sensor system for its $20 security cam

TECHCRUNCH.COM — comparably priced home sensor system. The $20 Wyze Sense kit ships with a motion sensor, two contact sensors (to be mounted on doors or windows) and a bridge system that connects them to the aforementioned cheap camera. The sensors are roughly the size of a quarter, according to the company, and send alerts to the connected app when something has moved.

A Short History of “Instagram Husbands” and What They Do

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite influencer always has a photographer ready to capture her latest outfit or vacation, the answer is simple: she’s got an Instagram husband. If you were to draw a Venn diagram, the circles of “Actual husband” and “Instagram husband” would overlap for many…

The danger of “I already pay for Apple News+”

TECHCRUNCH.COM — about news, it cares about recurring revenue. That’s why publishers are crazy to jump into bed with News+. They’re rendering their own subscription options unnecessary in exchange for a sliver of what Apple pays out from the mere $10 per month it charges for unlimited reading. The unfathomable platform risk here makes exploitative Instant Articles program seem toothless in comparison.

Google makes emails more dynamic with AMP for Email

TECHCRUNCH.COM — today officially launched AMP for Email, its effort to turn emails from static documents into dynamic, web page-like experiences. AMP for Email is coming to Gmail, but other major email providers like Yahoo Mail (which shares its parent company with TechCrunch), Outlook and will also support AMP emails.

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