Xtreme Blogs System – New Testimonial
July 23, 2010
XF Testimonials
Xtreme Blogs System – New Video Testimonial
August 11, 2010
Xtreme Blogs System – New Testimonial
July 23, 2010
XF Testimonials
Xtreme Blogs System – New Video Testimonial
August 11, 2010

Today we will try to present you the new blog we built up for our client Leon Edwards,  Domains and Hosting Reviews blog.  This job took much longer than our usual partly because the Google-Yahoo email problem. For a long time we didn’t received any email from Leon and we kinda started to wonder what’s going on. Then I checked the issue and I found there are a lot of users complaining about Gmail-Yahoo emails bouncing.

I will digress a bit as I got some emails asking me why we keep using gmail considering this. Well, in order to send and receive reports and actually working on them, we found Gmail incredibly helpful so we have to use it to insure a good work flow. we do send duplicate emails from our Yahoo account whenever we have an Yahoo subscriber as customer.  If you plan to order, contact us from an email different than Yahoo :)

Now back to Leon’s custom blog.  Once we established communication, we started the work and all went well. The niche he choose is great and could be a real goldmine if he will listen to our advices (do you read this Leon?) :)  There are a lot of money in the domains and hosting bizz and while it’s not easy to get top rankings the money can come with a bit of work.

The major issue we had with this blog was that Lon changed his mind right after we were finished with his custom design and all the elements were in place…Usually we would have charged him as we had to do a lot of work again but since Leon it’s a nice customer I decided to help him fulfilling his vision.

Here is a  small pic of his first design, based on a Woo theme.:

You can click on it for a full view.

I liked a lot the look and functionality of the theme as it has a lot of clever design elements that help maintaining a professional and clean look without affecting any other elements.

It is also very customizable and while it’s most suitable for a business blog it can be easily transformed to suit almost any need.

Anyway, Leon decided that he would rather use the Pro Affiliate theme V2.

It it a great theme but of course it’s designed to be used as a affiliate product review showcase,so the elements needed to do this are already incorporated in the theme. This makes it a bit less flexible than the Woo theme we used in the first design as many elements cannot be removed without affecting functionality. For example, the price tag and buy now buttons are present under each post, be it a review or regular post. It’s not a major issue but not small either.

We always try to do the best to please our clients, so here it is a short overview of his new niche blog:

Here is a full page capture so you can check it at your will(please be patient, it’s a big file-you can click for a larger picture):


Custom footer

Custom header -sliding pictures animation, custom logo

Autoresponder integrated in sidebar widget, video squeeze and pop-up

Twitter integration with tsidebar widget and auto poster,  and Twitter suite plugin, social bookmarking buttons integrated

Content based on keywords researched Unique article wizard as extra content source Onlywire plugin with associated accounts-bookmarks automatically every post.  Gold offer have access to automatic submission on 5 onlywire accounts

We have provided 10 keyworded unique articles, written by our writers, as well as other articles for support blogs and web 2.0 pages, more than 18 unique articles in total. All blog posts were submitted to another set of more than 80 social bookmarking sites/accounts as we promised in our offer.

Custom theme features with options in admin area

Squidoo, Hubpages and additional blogs on web2 sites, loaded with unique articles on the same niche – domains and hosting

We put together a short Video teaser to help Leon get new subscribers, we added it to the sidebar and to his new Video Squeeze. You can click on the link and visit it or check the image below.

We made a few custom banners with Leon’s affiliate progs. We have selected ~80 royalty photos that Leon can use in his posts and articles.

The theme makes use of a new feature in Wordpress 3.0 – custom posts. Using this feature, it is a snap to add products to the bog, you need a nice image of your affiliate product and your affiliate link. We added a new product so Leon can have an example on ow to use this new feature.

You can check the  Xtreme Blogs System Offer page to see all the extra services we did as we really don’t have the space to cover all our work. Of course we have our report done with all the vitals and various details describing the job performed.

We also used the best selection of plugins to date for his requirements. Affiliate links are added on some keywords and more can be added with a few clicks, blog wide.  This allows for easy changing of the programs promoted.  No more manual linking, and above that, the links are cloaked, meaning that search engines will perceive the links as regular links. We added WP incentive also – a paid plugin that will reward your readers that post comments, easy way to lure them to your list. Highly configurable also, can be used in many ways – host a comments contest anyone?

For advertising we have  several options- built in theme advertising and  banner ads plugins with several advertising areas.

Monetization – Since the theme it’s a money maker in itself we dind’t pushed too far with monetization. Leon can activate his new Skadoogle plugin once it’s gonna be upgraded to support WP3 . We added Adesense as per Leon’s request, it’s inserted under each post. A few banners are used with Leon’s affiliate links and also a few links are added with Affiliate Link manager.

It was a long job but we feel we did our best this time too. If oyu like our work, maybe it’s time to take a look at our OFFER

A few more pics :


  1. I’m always searching for ways to promote my services and had some graphics created by another organization. Is it viable to use the same artwork? The company is Concord Signs & Banners 3568 Kimball Way Concord, CA 94518 – 925-808-3817. I am not sure if the files will be in a format that you can use.

  2. MrQ says:

    I’m not sure what you mean but yeah, you should have the banners in a compatible format that you can use as you wish

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