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Onlywire plugin and services setup

– The plugin automaticaly submits your posts to the big social networking/media sites -Facebook/Digg/Stumbleupon…- thus saving you a lot of time AND giving backlinks

We will create your Onlywire account and all additional accounts – you can opt for hassle free service- we only add those services that does not need further work-e.g Reddit  and Connotea

need you to finish the submission by completing fields and selecting submission categories…that leaves ~17 websites to join OR make all the accounts- keep in mind that you will need to finish your submission from your Onlywire account. We use the email we create for your blog unless specified otherwise.

Price – $24

Backlinking service

–  As with all our services, we try to help your business grow appear more naturally to search engines, thus we came up with our special way of building backlinks. We use different accounts to give you 1 fresh high PR backlink every day for 30 days.

That’s 30 high PR links to your blog in 1 month, at the cost of $1/link. Price  $30

Writing services

30 articles we offer you a article pack for your blog, scheduled at 1/day with images, audios and videos where appropriate. You have following options:

30 PLR articles – $30 (check first with us for availability to your subjects)

30 articles order – to be written by our writers $80 (check first with us for availability to your subjects)

Autoresponder setup

– we will integrate for you the autorespoder service  of your choice. We can do it with integrated wordpress plugin,  or any other service (Aweber, Direct responders…) with your choice of opt-in pop-up, opt-in page, thank-you page, custom message series, gift setup… Price on request.

Video promotion

– Accounts and submission to ~60 big and small video services/sites. We create the accounts and submit your video to major video sites-e.g youtube; and smaller ones(you get much better chance to get your video seen there). We can also create your video if you don’t have one. Check out the Video Production Services for details . You submit your text and we create the slides and video. We create the descriptions(we use several variants to make it more unique) and input all details for you.

Price – $35

Note – You need to have our site hosted with us or provide an email account from your domain – no free emails !

Press release submission


– We submit your press release to 20+ services. We create the account and modify each submission according to the site rules.

Promo Price $27, $17 for additional submissions

Note – You need to have our site hosted with us or provide an email account from your domain – no free emails!

Blogs network

– We create and maintain up to 5 free  blogs on different domains. Those will contain spinned articles(content modified to appear unique) on your niche. After 3-5 articles are published you can use this network to give you backlinks, page rank and visitors. It’s a very powerful tool when used properly!


Price on request, send us an email at xtremefreelance(at)gmail.com to talk details, or use the Contact form.

Note – You need to have our site hosted with us or provide an email account from your domain – no free emails!


– This is the most powerful promotion service to date that we offer. There are several steps we do to offer maximum results. We create 25+ accounts at some of the major social networking sites (WordPress, Hubpages, MSN Spaces, Gather…) along with 12-15 accounts at major bookmarking sites (Digg, Diigo, Mister Wong, Ask, Propeller… ). Also another set of accoounts for 8-10 articles directories (Ezine, Go Articles…) and the final set for RSS agregators.

We create content based on your keywords, spin it to have unique articles that we use to create new pages/properties at social networking sites.  Also unique articles will be submitted to each article directory. The properties created will have links between them and towards your site so all the power will be directed to your main site(The first 3-5 wordpress articles cannot have links or the site will be deleted. Also hubpages can contain only 2 links without raising the flags).

All this properties will be bookmarked using the bookmarking accounts in gradual steps(random links on random bookmarking accounts on several days untill all are done).

All the RSS feeds on various properties will be submitted using the RSS agregators.

And finally, all the links obtained above are pinged to insure quick indexing.

This method above is used by the experienced marketers to obtain quick supremacy over Google results and will help any site tremenduously!

Because of the amount of work involved we can only do several promotion each month.

For a limited time we offer this for $67 if ordered with any other service above! Also available 2 more subscription based services at $77/month for 3 runs of all above -that’s 3x content creation/submission/bookmarking/month!

Xtreme Blogs system clients have 10% discount to above prices

Contact Us for orders or questions


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