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December 4, 2009
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December 10, 2009

We have received today one new testimonial from a great client (Hi, Rod!). Above is the email and bellow is the text in attachement as he wrote it:

I have been using the services of team members at xtremefreelance for almost a year, including a range of online related tasks but most recently blog development.

I am a time poor person, so it’s important for me to find talented and effeicient people who can do the groundwork so to speak. And that exactly what the team at extremefrelance have done for me, from scratch they initiated and founded several blogs including the hosting set up, install, theme development, plug-ins excetera excetera, all the technical stuff was done!

Their work continued from their with content procurement and the all important initial promotion and seeding of the blog into search engines, directories and rss readers. The challenging part of sorting out monetization and ad placement was also all done.

By the time I turned up it was a turn key operation. Actually, better than that it was a running operation! The blogs where already getting traffic and the technical work, along with the heavy lifting of getting the blog ‘out there’, was all done, I could just log in and add or approve articles as I wished..

In short, it’s a service I highly recommend, even if you are wordpress and seo savvy, you will find these services are a huge time saver and incredible value. If you are not wordpress or seo savvy, well, then this is your cheapest ticket to the new media of tommorow and your on a fast track to blogging success.


Rod L’Huillier

You can reach Rod to ask him personally at thebidblog@gmail.com


  1. bluealbina says:

    Rod, you\’re right…. If somebody want a good business, must see this!

  2. I love this, Great post

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