Visme – first impressions

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October 3, 2019
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In my marketing I used many different creative tools and I was thinking that the experiences I had with them were the best I can get. But then VISME was introduced to me, and …
I am thrilled about it!

Visme - first impressions

Visme – first impression

Visme is so friendly and so easy to use! It has a lot of features that will get you to the finest detail of your presentation, banner ads, charts, reports,  infographics, different types of documents, web graphics, printable and social media graphics.

You can choose from a huge number of templates, not only presentations but other forms of content, such as anything from Flyers, to Scatter Plots, and Social Media Graphics or you can create something from scratch, you can view them here. All free templates are entirely customizable and adjustable as you need. 

Visme - first impressions

With Visme you can create all types of visual content and after you created them you can publish them online, embed to a site, download or save it in your account. The time you may need to spend on creating the content you might want is reduced from many hours to 30-60 minutes. 


There are a lot of free features and you can have all the rest of them for a very good price. 


You can create different interactive projects adding video or audio or different animation and everything is very intuitive. It feels like you are  bringing your project to life by creating links, pop-ups or rollovers. 

If you are using infographics, Visme brings an upgrade compared with other similar tools. Visme has the ability to build custom infographic layouts by mixing and matching pre-designed content blocks. There is a big library of pre-designed content blocks that correspond to the different sections of an infographic and just drag and drop content blocks onto your canvas area and apply a color scheme. And you can animate any element and add call-to-action buttons, rollovers and third-party content such as maps, videos and surveys.

Mastering a presentation requires a tool to fit your needs and to present your message in the best way possible. Visme offers you over 100 unique template presentations with 3-15 different slides. If your presentation will represent your business you can customize the template you choose using colors, fonts, logos, and the like, to match your brand.

For example, you can grab your brand colors when you input your logo onto the slide and then use the color picker to create and save a custom color scheme. You can insert interactivity into your presentation with links, call-to-action buttons and more, that will allow your audience to engage with your presentation.

And if you use charts, Visme allows you to create tables and many different types of animated and entirely customizable charts. You can create horizontal and vertical stacked charts and you can make them 3D with a click. 

If you use a pie chart, you can rotate it to position certain segments at a desired angle. And you can apply you brand colour scheme to the charts, reflecting the unique image of your business. 

Other types of chart you can create are scatter plots, radar charts, doughnut charts, funnel charts, pyramid charts, mekko charts. You can insert or import the data needed to create the desired chart, you can invert row and column data, change the chart type, customize the style, add prefixes or suffixes to the values and you can of course animate your created chart. 

If you want to measure the impact of your presentation Visme provides you an Analytics feature on your dashboard, so you can see the impact your message had on the people your content reached. You can have general data like  viewers’ number, views and percent of content viewed, or more specific data like the average time spent on every slide so you can  determine what type of content had a bigger impact on your audience. In addition to all these amazing features, the analytic field can show you data for each visitor of your infographic or presentation: their IP address, location, and much more.

Visme - first impression

I also like the Visme tutorial and tips page and I am happy with the way they are explaining how to use the software. And it is a very helpful tool for the beginners because these guys are very generous in teaching you many special tips and tricks like how your message can have the best impact over you audience. Everything they are explaining is so easy to understand!  

There is a special section, called Learn, where you can find many good articles about branding and other important information. Also ebooks and here you can also find these Visme 101 Training where you can join to their weekly live webinars if you want to learn more about how you can better communicate visually your message. 

And if you need help, the support section offers you two ways to get it: a big knowledge base and contact option, so you can get all the answers you need to properly use this great tool called Visme. 

I think one of the most interesting feature Visme has is the possibility to assign different roles to your team members so they can work on the same project at the same time. On your dashboard you can manage users, share and set permissions on projects or folders, you can set up your brand kit and more. 

I recommend Visme for everyone who wants an affordable, enjoyable and professional experience in creating different types of content. It is a suitable tool for students and educators, bloggers who want to improve the quality and the attractiveness of their text content and, if you want to present your business , your organization, or you want to market your product or service Visme provides you  with high quality features. 

With Visme you can really speak loud and make you message well seen!

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