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Free Goods Of The Week – Aug.27
August 28, 2018
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August 31, 2018
Free Goods Of The Week
Free Goods Of The Week – Aug.27
August 28, 2018
Business Advices and Quotes
Business Advices and Quotes 46
August 31, 2018

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

Twitter suspends more accounts for “engaging in coordinated manipulation”

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Following last week’s suspension of 284 accounts for “engaging in coordinated manipulation,” Twitter announced today that it’s kicked an additional 486 accounts off the platform for the same reason, bringing the total to 770 accounts. While many of the accounts removed last week appeared to originate from Iran, said this time that about 100 of the latest batch to be suspended claimed to be in the United States.

What I learned from Flipkart

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Two weeks ago, href=”“>concluded its investments to acquire a majority stake in Flipkart. This is one of the largest transactions in e-commerce and in the internet space globally, with Walmart deploying US$16 billion to obtain an approximate 77% shareholding at closing.

The Untold Story of NotPetya, the Most Devastating Cyberattack in History

WIRED.COM — It was a perfect sunny summer afternoon in Copenhagen when the world’s largest shipping conglomerate began to lose its mind.The headquarters of A.P. Møller-Maersk sits beside the breezy, cobblestoned esplanade of Copenhagen’s harbor. A ship’s mast carrying the Danish flag is planted by the…

Toyota invests $500 million into Uber

TECHCRUNCH.COM — is investing $500 million into Uber. Under the agreement, Toyota vehicles will be equipped with self-driving technology, an unnamed source familiar with the deal told TechCrunch. The investment was first reported by the WSJ. TechCrunch confirmed the Toyota-Uber agreement with a source familiar with the deal.

VMware acquires CloudHealth Technologies for multi-cloud management

TECHCRUNCH.COM — VMware is hosting its VMworld customer conference in Las Vegas this week, and to get things going it announced that its acquiring Boston-based CloudHealth Technologies. They did not disclose the terms of the deal. CloudHealth provides with a crucial multi-cloud management platform that works across AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, giving customers a way to manage cloud cost, usage, security and performance from a single interface.

For IGTV, Instagram needs slow to mean steady

TECHCRUNCH.COM — truly failed at anything, but judging by modest initial view counts, IGTV could get stuck with a reputation as an abandoned theater if the company isn’t careful. It’s no flop, but the long-form video hub certainly isn’t an instant hit like Stories. Two months after that launched in 2016, Instagram was happy to trumpet how its Snapchat clone had hit 100 million users.

John McCain, War Hero, Senator, Presidential Contender, Dies at 81

NYTIMES.COM — “He cultivated the image,” Robert Timberg wrote in a biography, “John McCain: An American Odyssey” (1995). “The Episcopal yearbook pictures him in a trench coat, collar up, cigarette dangling Bogey-style from his lips. That pose, if hardly the impression Episcopal sought to project, at least had…

A neuroscience researcher reveals 4 rituals that will make you happier

BUSINESSINSIDER.COM — You get all kinds of happiness advice on the internet from people who don’t know what they’re talking about. Don’t trust them. Actually, don’t trust me either. Trust neuroscientists. They study that gray blob in your head all day and have learned a lot about what truly will make you happy. UCLA neuroscience researcher Alex Korb has some insights that can create an upward spiral of happiness in your life.

How to Edit Instagram Photos Like a Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social If you scroll through your Instagram feed, you’ll probably notice that all your favorite accounts have something in common: captivating images that catch your attention. So it’s no surprise that quality photos are the most important piece of any Instagram…

Trump rejected plans for a White House statement praising McCain

WASHINGTONPOST.COM — President Trump nixed issuing a statement that praised the heroism and life of Sen. John McCain, telling senior aides he preferred to issue a tweet before posting one Saturday night that did not include any kind words for the late Arizona Republican. Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Chief of Staff John Kelly and other White House aides advocated for an official statement that gave the decorated Vietnam War POW plaudits for his military and Senate service and called him a “hero,” according to current and former White House aides, who requested anonymity to discuss sensitive internal deliberations.The original statement was drafted before McCain died Saturday, and Sanders and others edited a final version this weekend that was ready for the president, the aides said. .

Your guide to proper Venmo etiquette in the year 2018

MASHABLE.COM — Sure, sometimes I catch myself attempting to decipher the meaning behind the emojis sent from one acquaintance to another, but in the year 2018 it’s time we really nail down what it means to be a good Venmo user. Here’s what you need to do to make your experience as innocuous as possible. Like lots of social apps, Venmo’s so woven into the fabric of our day-to-day lives that it’s sometimes treated like a fun online gathering space rather than what it actually is: just another functional tool on our phones.

‘Fortnite’ developer had sharp words for Google after a scary Android exploit was discovered

MASHABLE.COM — Google essentially got slapped in the face when Epic Games, the developer of the super popular Fortnite, decided not to make the game available through the Play Store, but via its own app. Google warned Epic that doing so could potentially put Android users at greater security risk, but the game developer brushed it off, insisting on going it alone for several reasons — including not having to give Google a cut in-app revenue and “embracing open platforms.” Well, now the worst has happened.

Fortnite’s Android installer shipped with an Epic security flaw

TECHCRUNCH.COM — has clapped back in tremendous fashion at Epic Games, which earlier this month decided to make the phenomenally popular Fortnite available for Android via its own website instead of Google’s Play Store. Unfortunately, the installer had a phenomenally dangerous security flaw in it that would allow a malicious actor to essentially install any software they wanted.

The top 10 startups from Y Combinator’s Demo Day S18 Day 2

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Fifty-nine startups took the stage at Y Combinator’s Demo Day and among the highlights were a company that helps developers manage in-app subscriptions; a service that lets you create animojis from real photos; and a surplus medical equipment-reselling platform. Oh… and there was also a company that’s developed an entirely new kind of life form using e coli bacteria.

If you really must work on vacation, here’s how to do it

FASTCOMPANY.COM — De Graaf agrees with limiting your time to specific limits per day or week, but also suggests a looser approach. If everyone in your group is taking an afternoon nap, use that time. If you are a night owl and stay up later than others, catch up on email messages then. Find the windows of time that will be least disruptive to your family or friends, he says.

Why the next CryptoKitties mania won’t be about collectables

TECHCRUNCH.COM — In recent months, the CryptoKitties fad that had users buying and selling tens of thousands of dollars of blockchain-based collectable cats has settled down considerably. That is not to say that CryptoKitties hasn’t spawned numerous copycats (see CryptoPuppies, CryptoCountries and many more). Unfortunately, the immense popularity of CryptoKitties is unlikely to be repeated, at least not by clones hoping to cash in on the novelty of blockchain-based crypto collectables.

Study ties Facebook engagement to attacks on refugees

TECHCRUNCH.COM — and demographics attendant on attacks against refugees and immigrants in Germany has shown that Facebook use appears to be deeply linked with the frequency of violent acts. Far from being mere trolling or isolated expressions of controversial political opinions, spikes in anti-refugee posts were predictive of violent crimes against those groups.

Facebook seems to be exploring speech recognition with ‘Aloha’ voice testing

THEVERGE.COM — Facebook may be testing speech recognition again with a new “Aloha” voice feature, spotted by frequent app investigator Jane Manchun Wong and reported by TechCrunch, in the latest development in the company’s voice interaction ambitions. The company was originally said to be planning a smart…

5 Brands Doing Great Long-Form Social Videos

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social “As short as possible” has been the constant refrain of social video creators in recent years. But what if we told you long-form video is slowly making a comeback? Longer videos are being favored by Facebook, and a study by video platform Wochit reports that, in 2017,…

Facebook is removing over 5,000 ad targeting options to prevent discriminatory ads

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Facebook announced this morning it’s making a change to how its ad targeting system works in order to tackle the misuse of its platform to discriminate and exclude audiences based on factors like ethnicity and religion. The company says it’s now removing over 5,000 ad targeting options that could have been misused to place discriminatory ads across its platform.

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