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Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

How to Add and Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social By: Vickie Sam Paget Did you know that since November 2015 it’s been possible to add and manage multiple Instagram accounts within the app itself? It’s a great time-saving feature that you, as a savvy social pro, should be taking advantage of if your Instagram…

13 Fantastic Places to Find Background Music for Video

BLOG.BUFFERAPP.COM — Many experts predicted that 2017-2018 would be the “age of video marketing on social media” and the data is showing that they were overwhelmingly correct. Video has erupted onto the scene with brands and businesses creating more video than ever before – with no signs of slowing down. Consumers…

A Social Video Toolkit to Save You Time and Money

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social By: Christina Newberry If you aren’t already incorporating social video into your marketing strategy, it may well be the technical side of things that’s holding you back. After all, while 84 percent of professional marketers have recently used video marketing,…

Social media monitor Brandwatch acquires content marketing platform BuzzSumo

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Brandwatch, a social media monitoring company has acquired BuzzSumo, a content marketing and influencer identification platform, for an undisclosed sum. BuzzSumo never raised beyond Seed stage and was in effect bootstrapped by its founders. The acquisition adds an important arrow into Brandwatch’s quiver, which raised a $33M C-round war chest in 2015 for just such a move.

What Facebook Did to American Democracy

THEATLANTIC.COM — In the media world, as in so many other realms, there is a sharp discontinuity in the timeline: before the 2016 election, and after. Things we thought we understood—narratives, data, software, news events—have had to be reinterpreted in light of Donald Trump’s surprising win as well as the continuing questions about the role that misinformation and disinformation played in his election.

How A Simple Thank You Message Can Lift Your Conversion Rate

JEFFBULLAS.COM — Imagine someone just subscribed to your email list and allowed you to send them newsletters. Jackpot! But what now? They gave their contact information to you. They showed trust in you. So it’s your turn to show some manners in return! Say ‘thank you’. And by doing so, start a conversation. Let’s stop and think for a moment about the power of those two little words: ‘thank you’.

Do iPhone Users Spend More Online Than Android Users?

MOZ.COM — Apple has just launched their latest flagship phones to market and later this year they’ll release their uber-flagship: the iPhone X. The iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone yet, at a cool $999. With so many other smartphones on the market offering similar functionality, it begs the question:…

How to Get Verified on Facebook: A Step-by-Step Guide

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social By: Dara Fontein Getting verified on Facebook is a great way to establish brand credibility online. Both large brands and local businesses can be verified on the platform. The gray or blue verified badge lets your audience know you’re authentic and helps your page…

The Ultimate GIF Guide for Social Media Marketers

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social By: Evan LePage A ferris wheel. An Olympic athlete. Your content. Some things are just better in motion. Words and photos are great for telling stories but it’s sometimes difficult to find exactly the right ones to convey your message. On the other hand, video…

9 Free Resources to Make You a Better Social Media Marketer

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social By: Dara Fontein As a social media marketer, you know that having your finger on the pulse of the digital world is crucial to success. You need to be constantly learning and gaining new skills. But finding the time to not only learn new skills, but master them, can…

 Interesting Articles This Week

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