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Free Goods Of The Week – Febr. 21
February 22, 2022
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Free Goods Of The Week – Febr. 28
March 1, 2022
Free Goods Of The Week featured image
Free Goods Of The Week – Febr. 21
February 22, 2022
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Free Goods Of The Week – Febr. 28
March 1, 2022

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week


22 SEO Tips for WordPress for 2022

VERPEX.COM — While Google is the number one search engine, don’t forget about Bing search. You should also submit your site to Bing Webmaster Tools in order to optimize your search engine listing on Bing’s search platform. WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast SEO allow you to write better content, and even have tools like Schema markup to allow search engines to crawl and see your website properly.

5 Hacks for Mindful Eating

DANETTEMAY.COM — Ever sat with a bag of chips in your hand, watching tv and suddenly realized you ate the whole thing? How about a pint of ice cream? You may have meant to just have a spoonful or two. But then you got distracted, and it tasted good, and you ate much more than that. It’s called eating mindlessly,…

REST API Development Guide: Tips & Best Practices

WWW.CIOINSIGHT.COM — Building and launching an Application Programming Interface (API) can seem like an intimidating task, especially if you’re new to the space and have limited experience working with APIs before. For the uninitiated, REST stands for Representational State Transfer and is an architectural style used to build APIs and services around data models. It is the most common type of API and one of the easiest to develop.

8 Tips for Improving Multilingual and International SEO

WWW.ELEGANTTHEMES.COM — To reach as wide an audience as you possibly can with your website, you may want to consider people who don’t speak the same language as you or who may live abroad. There are two major benefits to multilingual SEO and International SEO. First, your website will be searchable in new markets. That…

Expert Answers to 10 Tough SEO Questions

WEBBIQUITY.COM — Expert Answers to 10 Tough SEO Questions October 6, 2020 by Tom Pick When five top SEO experts answer 10 challenging, in-depth questions about SEO best practices on a panel, the result is an outpouring of SEO wisdom in a concise package. Guidance on what works in SEO today—not five years ago….

Entrepreneurs, stop making these 12 annoying SEO mistakes

GAENZLEMARKETING.COM — What one thing can startups do to improve their website’s overall SEO score? I’ve been asked this question a lot recently. It is not an easy question to answer, simply because there are so many factors that go into making your startup visible online. These range from content writing, to backlinks…

13 Content Trends for SEO Success in 2022

WWW.INTERNETMARKETINGNINJAS.COM — As an agency, we consult with new prospects and clients on a regular basis. One area that consistently “needs improvement” during our initial review is tailoring a website’s content strategy for new opportunities and a current-day approach to optimization. Below are 13 common mistakes, best practices, and trends for 2022.

Ask Nile: Are SEO Plugins Overrated?

BLONDISH.NET — Not long ago, I shared my opinion on SEO plugins, but I still had questions whether they’re overrated? For most SEO plugins, I don’t think they are, because not everyone is a writer, and sometimes, a little leg up is helpful. However, SEO plugins are merely tools or guides to help you optimize…

Tips For Using SEO Tactics For Lawyers

FREELITIGATIONADVICE.NET — As an attorney, you need to ensure that your potential clients get to know you. That is why building an attorney reputation is very important. Capitalizing on local SEO for attorneys is very crucial. SEO for lawyers ensures attorneys build a website and enhance their online presence. That is why…

2022 SERP Feature Trends & Tips For A Better SEO Strategy

WWW.SEARCHENGINEJOURNAL.COM — Register now. Do you know which SERP features are trending in your industry? Is your business showing up in your industry’s SERP features? Are you optimizing for the factors that will generate the most traffic? The competition for prime real estate on Google’s search results pages is fierce. To build your winning SERP strategy, your first step is to understand the current SERP feature trends.

How TikTok helped me and my dog deal with separation anxiety

MASHABLE.COM — I never thought I’d say this, but TikTok has become a genuinely useful resource in my life, especially when it comes to my dog, Lola. When my husband and I adopted Lola at 12 weeks old, we didn’t know much about her except that she had some attachment issues. She would try to jump in the shower…

Conspiracy theories are a mental health crisis

MASHABLE.COM — This story is part of a two-part series exploring the intersection between disinformation and mental health. To learn about the toll of being targeted by racist disinformation, read our companion piece. Every day, people who spend time online face a deluge of conspiracy theories, misinformation,…

Philippines payment gateway PayMongo gets $31M Series B, will explore regional expansion

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Philippines-based fintech PayMongo, which enables merchants to accept digital payments, announced today it has raised $31 million in Series B funding with an eye on regional expansion. Investors include Justin Mateen’s JAM Fund, ICCP-SBI Venture Partners and Lisa Gokongwei’s Kaya Founders, along with returning investors Global Founders Capital and SOMA Capital.

Defending the rule of law

WWW.VIRGIN.COM — As Russia continues to amass troops on Ukraine’s border, one element of this unacceptable aggression has been largely ignored. I recently shared my views on the situation, and why everyone should be coming together to stand up for Ukraine’s sovereignty. This week I spoke to Vadym Prystaiko,…

Ukrainian diaspora in the U.S. grieves, pleads for peace as conflict escalates in their homeland

WWW.WASHINGTONPOST.COM — Hailing from a country where past conflict is often prologue, Ukrainian Americans were commemorating one conflict while being mired in another.Story continues below advertisement”I’m concerned and honestly I’m scared,” Halyna Parasiuk, 47, an archivist at the museum with two adult sons in…

Anti-vaxxers just killed Facebook profile frames

MASHABLE.COM — Did you enjoy glamming up your Facebook photos with profile frames? Those graphics and slogans you could embed over your circular Facebook profile image were a great way to customize your page for a holiday or show support for your favorite sports team. Users could even get creative and create…

Parental controls are such a scam

MASHABLE.COM — Several months ago, I learned that I could make shows disappear from Netflix. Word Party was the first to go, followed later by Boss Baby. The former got booted because it was inane, and made my kid talk like a baby. The latter’s crime was that everyone was mean to each other. In both cases I…

El Salvador’s Crypto-Loving President’s New Gamble: Citizenship For Foreign Investors

WWW.FORBES.COM — Topline El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele said in a Sunday tweet he plans to introduce a series of reforms including offering citizenships to foreign investors, another step for the populist leader’s plan to bolster the country’s economy by attracting nontraditional capital amid criticism his…

Trying to build your brand? Steal secrets from Billie Eilish, Taylor S

WWW.FASTCOMPANY.COM — Securing the future of a brand shouldn’t come at the price of its heritage, and Taylor Swift knows this better than most. In 2019, reports emerged that Big Machine—the label she had been signed to for her first six albums—had been acquired by record exec Scooter Braun, meaning her master recordings now belonged to him.

The 20 Best Presidents’ Day Sales on Home Goods and Tech

WWW.WIRED.COM — Holiday weekend sales, including Presidents’ Day, can be lackluster. A discounted price that’s already been available for months isn’t really a deal. And don’t get me started on prices that get marked up right before a sale begins. We sorted through the fluff to find the stuff—truly good…

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