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April 20, 2021
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Free Goods Of The Week – Apr.19
April 20, 2021
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Free Goods Of The Week – Apr.26
April 27, 2021

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week


Podcasts on Breez: Streaming Sats for Streaming Ideas

MEDIUM.COM — The comedy magnate Judd Apatow famously said that being rich is overrated because even with >$150 million, there’s nothing to buy. (I’ll have to try that sometime. I’ll get back to you.) If we’re being honest, though, that kind of applies to Lightning. The Lightning Network now has over 1100 BTC of capacity spread over nearly 40,000 public channels, which connect nearly 20,000 nodes.

Top 7 Tips to Improve Website Performance and SEO in 2021

WWW.SITEPRONEWS.COM — Powered by a good content strategy, a high performing website is also a good ranking signal for Google crawlers to recognize your website. This is because search engines rank websites according to the user experience they provide. Slow-loading websites mean dissatisfied users and a higher bounce rate.

How to Perform SEO Audit

BLOGGINGTIPS.GURU — There are a number of reasons why performing a search engine optimization audit for your website is important. You can identify areas that require improvement, and this, in turn, can help you create a plan for action aimed at correcting them. Additionally, a well-conducted SEO audit will ensure…

How to Learn SEO: Free Resources to Start with

DATABOX.COM — Scratching your head when it comes to the best way to learn SEO and whether you can learn SEO online? Two things: you can learn SEO online – there’s no doubt in that. And, two: there’s no such thing as one best way to learn SEO. Instead, there are tons of resources to learn the basics of SEO and…

7 Tips for B2B & B2C Portal Development that Speed Up Your Website

WWW.DATASCIENCECENTRAL.COM — Today, many B2B customers are turning to B2B websites to buy their products and services outright. While B2B companies receive value from customer satisfaction within their operational procedures, today’s customers are looking for companies that go beyond their expectations. The fact is, most B2B buyers are also consumer buyers, and where B2B customer experiences have improved, the B2B buying process often has not.

Digital business requires a security-first mindset

WWW.HELPNETSECURITY.COM — Security is an undeniable necessity for the survival and success of any company. COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation initiatives across all industries and this shift placed significant pressure on developers to push software to market at unprecedented speed. However, more development…

The Complete Guide to SEO for Course Creators

WWW.ENTREPRENEUR.COM — December 11, 2020 14 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Does your online course marketing plan look anything like most course launches?: Step 1: Plan the course.Step 2:… Search Engine Optimization Podcast: #423: SEO Guide for Mobile Websites, Episode 4

SEODOTCO.LIBSYN.COM — Apr 19, 2021Mobile SEO and all digital marketing go hand-in-hand, making it possible to reach your customers across the mobile web as well as app stores. At, we have a suite of solutions that will skyrocket your website’s ranking in Google search on both desktop and mobile devices. Mobile…

8 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO in 2021 (Compared)

WWW.WPBEGINNER.COM — Are you looking for the best keyword research tools for SEO? Keyword research is vital for growing traffic to your site. It helps you write the perfect content to increase your organic search traffic. The challenge is that finding the right keyword research tool can be tricky, especially if…

20 Free Material Design WordPress Themes

WWW.WEBDESIGNDEV.COM — The material design trend has become increasingly popular in the web design community. Its popularity is due to its clean, organized design elements with subtle animations, grid-based layouts, great use of lighting and shadows, and more. Here you have an excellent collection of 20 free material…

6 feminist activists to follow on social media

MASHABLE.COM — Moving forward requires focus. Mashable’s Social Good Series is dedicated to exploring pathways to a greater good, spotlighting issues that are essential to making the world a better place. We need to talk about feminism. It may be 2020, but there’s still a long way to go when it comes to reaching equal pay between men and women, lessening gender inequity in the STEM field, obliterating sexual harassment in the workplace, and addressing the domestic labor divide.

How To Negotiate A Better College Financial Aid Offer

WWW.FORBES.COM — College admissions offers and financial aid award letters have arrived. It is time to choose a college, based on academic fit, social fit and financial fit. Your child got into their dream school, but it is beyond your financial reach. Learn how you can get the student’s dream college to increase…

The best podcasts to binge that tell one hell of a story

MASHABLE.COM — Great podcasts always transport us, but there’s something unique about the limited series that inspires an even more ravenous audio binge. Podcasts are already an ideal storytelling medium, bringing us back to humanity’s most ancient form of entertainment through oral traditions. But the constraints of a limited series only enhance those fundamental qualities that can make podcasts such transportive and binge-worthy experiences.

Facebook will now let you export posts directly to Google Docs and WordPress

MASHABLE.COM — Ever wish you could easily export all your Facebook posts and notes onto a completely different platform? Well, now you can! On Monday, Facebook a few new data portability options that allow you to seamlessly transition the content you’ve written on the social network onto platforms made for writing.

How Virtual Reality Is Making Healthcare More Accessible

WWW.FORBES.COM — Erik Maltais, CEO of Immertec Immertec As more people move away from cities to live in more rural areas, driven away by the pandemic or looking to simplify their day-to-day routines, access to healthcare is becoming more challenging. Healthcare is an essential need, but a complicated…

Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe Sues Twitter Over Ban

WWW.FORBES.COM — Topline James O’Keefe, the right-wing founder of Project Veritas, filed a defamation lawsuit against Twitter Monday afternoon, claiming the social media giant falsely accused him of operating fake accounts when it permanently banned him from the platform last week. Conservative James…

Got a COVID vaccine early? Congrats, now it’s time to advocate for health equity.

MASHABLE.COM — In the late afternoon on a Wednesday in February, a middle-aged woman wearing a ruffled business top pulled up in her car to the vaccine pre-registration checkpoint at a Los Angeles County mass vaccination site. An older man sat in the passenger seat. . “I’m here to get a second vaccine shot for my father,” she said. .

Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2021

WWW.FORBES.COM — This app works best with JavaScript enabled.UNDER 30 DIRECTORYUNDER 30 NORTH AMERICA 2021SEARCH BY CATEGORY The Arts Big Money Startups Consumer Technology Enterprise Technology Entertainment & Sports Finance & Venture Capital Healthcare & Science Industry, Manufacturing & Energy Media, Marketing…

Facebook announces new audio products – TechCrunch

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Facebook reveals its Clubhouse competitor, Parler will return to Apple’s App Store and a helicopter flies on Mars. This is your Daily Crunch for April 19, 2021. Yes, these products include new Clubhouse-style Live Audio Rooms, as well as the ability for podcasters to share long-form audio, some new Spotify integration and a shorter format called Soundbites.

Nextdoor launches anti-racist screens for community posts

MASHABLE.COM — Community app Nextdoor launched its latest feature in a series of anti-racist initiatives, this time prompting users to think before they post “offensive or hurtful” language in their neighborhood forums. The new “anti-racism notification” specifically alerts users if they are trying to post discriminatory or overtly racist language, including posts with the phrases “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter.” .

Interesting Articles This Week

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