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Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

Stunt artists who claim they’re behind the alien monoliths sell new ones for $45,000MASHABLE.COM — First, there were aliens. Then, there were angry Utahns. Now, there is…a group of artists who specialize in larger-than-life stunts. A community of artists known as The Most Famous Artist has posted photos and clues on its website and social media channels that seem to take credit for the triple-sided metal monoliths that have been popping up.
The 10 best films of 2020MASHABLE.COM — Each year, we write these top 10 lists to talk about how unique the past year in film has been, how spectacularly dramatic or delightfully unexpected the best movies of the year were, and so on and so forth. Well, we’d like to take a moment to apologize for all the other years we’ve said that because in retrospect, that was nonsense.
Inc.’s 2020 Best In Business ReportINC.COM — Raises funds and awareness for causes around the world by offering the chance to win dream-come-true experiences and prizes. Designs and executes brand strategy and development, retail design, digital engagements, store rollouts, and events for businesses. Provides programmatic advertising services across premium publishers via native, video, display, and branded content.
The end of aging: Are you ready to live to 150?MASHABLE.COM — Once we’ve conquered our diets, instituted a regimen of exercise and saunas and cold plunges, doused ourselves in NMN and resveratrol and Metformin and benign viruses, quit smoking and cut down our drinking and remembered to wear our seatbelts, there’s one main obstacle remaining in the way of an…
Singapore’s government launches blockchain innovation program with $8.9 million in fundingTECHCRUNCH.COM — A group of Singaporean government agencies is launching a new research program for blockchain technology with $12 million SGD (about $8.9 million USD) in funding. Called the Singapore Innovation Programme (SBIP), the project is a collaboration between Enterprise Singapore, Infocomm Media Development Authority and the National Research Foundation Singapore.
Five of the Most Meaningful Business Moments of 2020INC.COM — This year, Inc. launched the Best in Business awards, featuring Company of the Year to recognize companies that have had a superlative impact on their industries, their communities, the environment, and society as a whole. Some companies have social impact baked into their business plans. Others step up in the moments when it’s most important.
Is It Time to Stop Chasing Your Dreams?JEFFBULLAS.COM — Chase your dreams. Make it happen. Go hard or go home. Persist till you win. Hang in there. I am sure you have heard these repeated until they lose their mojo in the banal noise. Pointless platitudes. Meaning lost. In the repetition. These phrases and many of their cliched cousins we hear all the time.
5 reasons highly sensitive people are an asset to your teamFASTCOMPANY.COM — Due to their high capacity for empathy, HSPs often feel guilty for saying “no” and are worried about hurting others. There needs to be time to reflect before taking action. Even positive transitions, such as getting a promotion or starting a new relationship, can be challenging. But managed correctly, these individuals can use their skills of perception to help create a harmonious workplace environment.
The best budget-friendly sex toys under $50MASHABLE.COM — There are lots of barriers of entry to experimenting with sex toys: cultural stigma, internalized shame, pleasure taboos, lack of sex education, decision paralysis. But the last thing that should ever prevent you from buying sex toys is budget. Here’s a secret the industry doesn’t want you to know: Some of the best, most reliable, beloved, popular, and longstanding favorite sex toys out there won’t cost you more than $50.
Photos of an extremely cool-looking Macintosh Classic prototype surface onlineMASHABLE.COM — Apple’s Macintosh Classic launched in 1990 as an affordable home computing option. Now, 30 years later, there are photos on Twitter of a purported Classic prototype in a clear case. I’m no Apple expert. I’ll also be the first to acknowledge that hoaxes are sometimes a Thing on the internet. This may be real, but it may not be real.
13 shows you can binge in one day if you need a distractionMASHABLE.COM — Perhaps you’re finding yourself in need of a distraction today — you know, for reasons. Something not too heavy, not too deep, and not too long, that can get your mind off current events for a little while, and leave you with a tiny sense of accomplishment when it’s all done. . Well, we’ve got some ideas for you.
Human Capital: Google’s labor stumblesTECHCRUNCH.COM — Welcome back to Human Capital, a weekly newsletter that looks at the latest in diversity and inclusion in tech, as well as labor. This week, Google made headlines a couple of times for its workplace issues, while Coinbase found itself back in the news after the New York Times reported on alleged issues of racism and discrimination at the cryptocurrency startup.
HP’s ‘free ink for life’ plan is over because home printers are a scamMASHABLE.COM — It turns out HP’s “free ink for life” plan wasn’t actually “for life.” HP recently informed Instant Ink plan customers that after just three years, it was ending its “free ink for life” deal, according to Consumer Reports. It becomes not-so-free as of Friday. What was this deal? The company remotely monitored printer buyers’ ink usage (creepy!), and sent a “free” cartridge when they were running low…with some caveats.
YC-backed LemonBox raises $2.5M bringing vitamins to Chinese millennialsTECHCRUNCH.COM — Like many overseas Chinese, Derek Weng gets shopping requests from his family and friends whenever he returns to China. Some of the most wanted imported products are maternity items, cosmetics, and vitamin supplements. Many in China still uphold the belief that “imported products are better.” The demand gave Weng a business idea.
The Accidental EntrepreneurJEFFBULLAS.COM — In 2015, Dan was selected by the United States Department of State to be an Ambassador of Entrepreneurship, where he had the privilege to advise the government, universities, and private corporations on how to build entrepreneur ecosystems. Coined as one of the original growth hackers, he has led teams at Kissmetrics, CodeSchool,, and more.
The absolute best free online classes for learning something newMASHABLE.COM — Do you miss homework? SAME. . Perhaps you’re someone who craves constant learning and upskilling, a regular Hermione Granger who’d happily use a Time-Turner to attend three classes at once. Perhaps you’re someone who feels she could benefit from understanding things a little better, even if it’s just learning how the hell HTML works.
How you’ll know the COVID-19 vaccines are safeMASHABLE.COM — There’s an excellent reason why you’ve never seen someone suffering the ills of smallpox, with hard, scabbing pustules forming on their body “like peas under the skin.” It’s the same reason polio, a crippling disease, no longer exists in the U.S. Safe and effective vaccines curbed these terrible…
Of course this is the most downloaded iPhone app of 2020MASHABLE.COM — Year after year, the same old social media apps have gotten the top spots on Apple’s annual list of most downloaded apps. But not this year, my friends! . Drumroll please. The most downloaded free app of 2020 in the U.was…ZOOM Cloud Meetings! Pop that bottle of quarantine isolation champagne, because it’s a truly astronomical rise that shows how different 2020 was from past years thanks to the pandemic.
How to Reduce Your Workload with a Facebook Auto PosterBLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Let’s face it. Facebook is just one part of your marketing strategy. You have so many other things to do, not to mention a life you want to enjoy. And you have only 24 hours in the day. That means it’s time to look at automating some of your Facebook marketing efforts. One of the first, easiest…
Salesforce buys Slack in a $27.7B megadealTECHCRUNCH.COM — Salesforce, the CRM powerhouse that recently surpassed $20 billion in annual revenue, announced today it is wading deeper into enterprise social by acquiring Slack in a $27.7 billion megadeal. With Slack, the company has firm access to the burgeoning enterprise messaging space, and a tool that can cross each of Salesforce’s product categories — sales, service, marketing and developer tools.
Interesting Articles This Week

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