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Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

The best podcasts about feminism, equality, equity, and survivingMASHABLE.COM — For a long time, podcasts were seen as a boy’s club. But women have been a central (if less visible or heard) force behind podcasting’s rise, especially with a recent wave of podcasts specifically geared toward feminism, women’s issues, gender equality, and equity. From hosts to audience…
White House Blocked C.D.C. From Requiring Masks on Public TransportationNYTIMES.COM — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention drafted a sweeping order last month requiring all passengers and employees to wear masks on all forms of public and commercial transportation in the United States, but it was blocked by the White House, according to two federal health officials.The…
One man’s frustrating journey to recovering his MyspaceMASHABLE.COM — Tales of the Early Internet, Mashable explores online life through 2007 — back before social media and the smartphone changed everything. I’m not sure what triggered my journey. A nagging nostalgia, I suppose. Affection for an internet long gone. A part of my life I hardly remember. A certain bored curiosity that comes with life in quarantine. .
The Swamp That Trump BuiltNYTIMES.COM — Aviation executive At President Trump’s West Palm Beach golf course Businessman At Mar-a-lago Real-estate developer At Mar-a-Lago Romanian politician At Mr. Trump’s Washington hotel …
Study reveals the simple way people get around Facebook’s fact-checking AIMASHABLE.COM — Recently, Facebook has been taking a harder stance on misinformation. The company banned content related to the conspiracy theory and cracked down on coronavirus . But it’s still not enough. . According to a recent by the non-profit advocacy group Avaaz, Facebook is failing in a major, basic way. Facebook Pages that spread misinformation are finding their way around one of the platform’s most important tools for fighting fake news: its AI system.
Trump flagged by Twitter after tweeting false claim that he’s not contagious and is now immune to COVID-19MASHABLE.COM — Twitter has once again flagged one of President Trump’s tweet for violating their rules on spreading misinformation about COVID-19. This time it was because of his false and dangerous claim that he is now immune to the coronavirus and can no longer spread it. In the tweet, he wrote, “A total and complete sign off from White House Doctors yesterday.
The 40 best places to sell stuff onlineMASHABLE.COM — My parents have a bit of a problem throwing things out. They aren’t hoarders per se, but our basement is perpetually full of things that my mother swears she will sell in a garage sale one day. That garage sale is never happening, and the state of our basement is dire. Thank goodness for the…
Browser games were a digital awakening for an entire generationMASHABLE.COM — In Tales of the Early Internet, Mashable explores online life through 2007 — back before social media and the smartphone changed everything. Everyone remembers their favorite browser games, whether it was some cursed obscurity now lost to the void of internet history or a wildly popular…
Prankster owns Alex Jones with ridiculous pitch for Infowars mascotMASHABLE.COM — Hersch, who gained online popularity via video app Vine and has been described as a “professional social media trickster,” tweeted a segment of InfoWars on Friday in which he pitched a potential show mascot to far-right extremist and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. The pitch mocks everything InfoWars and Jones stand for, from aggressively heterosexual patriotism to cuckoo conspiracy theories about vaccines. .
Facebook bans scores of fake pro-Trump accounts. Again.MASHABLE.COM — Another day, another bunch of pro-Trump Facebook accounts revealed to be fake. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. . On Thursday, the social media giant announced it had removed 200 Facebook accounts, 55 Pages and 76 Instagram accounts over the past week for “coordinated inauthentic behavior.” At least some of those accounts and pages were spotted pushing messaging in favor of Donald Trump. .
Barbie, the only good YouTuber, explains racism in her latest vlogMASHABLE.COM — Barbie’s latest vlog unpacks racism in a two-minute video that is so simple, both children and your racist uncle can understand it. Like any modern vlogger, Barbie’s channel depicts her in dance battles with Ken, doing makeup tutorials for various special occasions, and learning how to tie-dye clothing.
An inside look at how Biden’s campaign is winning the viral merch gameMASHABLE.COM — Joe Biden’s campaign has mastered the art of making memorable merch. As with any candidates site, the vice president’s online shop is full of apparel, accessories, and other unique ways for supporters to publicly show their Biden/Harris pride. But over the past two weeks — since the New York Times reported that Donald Trump paid just $750 in federal income taxes the year he won the presidency and another $750 his first year in office — the Biden campaign has seriously stepped up its merch game.
Trump is desperate to seem manly. It’s hurting us all.MASHABLE.COM — President Donald Trump is a sick man, literally. Nothing he can do will change that until his body recovers from COVID-19. . The reality show theatrics of his hospital stay and return to the White House cannot reverse his coronavirus diagnosis. A new video Wednesday in which he falsely claims one drug he took is a “cure” and describes his infection as “a blessing from God” will not rewrite history.
How to Boost Your Leadership Emotional IntelligenceLOLLYDASKAL.COM — Many competencies play a role in great leadership, but the most critical is probably emotional intelligence—the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and to understand the emotions of others. Many, many studies have demonstrated the power and importance of emotional intelligence, and…
Facebook’s ‘monopoly power’ hurts user privacy, finds CongressMASHABLE.COM — When it comes to protecting users’ privacy and fighting the spread of misinformation, Facebook is getting worse. . So claims a 449-page congressional report released Tuesday, which pins Facebook’s multitude of failings, at least in part, on a troubling lack of competition in the social networking space.
‘We Need to Take Away Children,’ No Matter How Young, Justice Dept. Officials SaidNYTIMES.COM — Gene Hamilton, a top lawyer and ally of Stephen Miller, the architect of the president’s assault on immigration, argued in a 32-page response that Justice Department officials merely took direction from the president. Mr. Hamilton cited an April 3, 2018, meeting with Mr. Sessions; the homeland…
Facebook bans QAnon…but can it keep up with the conspiracy theory?MASHABLE.COM — On Tuesday, Facebook announced it’s officially banning all Pages, Groups, and Instagram accounts. As described it, the policy update is “one of the broadest rules the social media giant has put in place in its history.” Facebook has previously taken action against QAnon. Back in May, it a network of Pages, Groups, and accounts that pushed the conspiracy.
Facebook bans QAnon across its platformsNBCNEWS.COM — Facebook said Tuesday that it is banning all QAnon accounts from its platforms, a significant escalation on its previous action and one of the broadest rules the social media giant has put in place in its history. Facebook said the change is an update on the policy it created in August that initially only removed QAnon accounts that discussed violence, which resulted in the termination of 1,500 pages, groups and profiles.
Everything you were taught about career paths was wrongFASTCOMPANY.COM — A nontraditional career path isn’t always the most comfortable approach, but it’s one that can make job candidates more appealing to a smart recruiter or hiring manager. For example, in my experience, intentionally making myself uncomfortable has helped me develop a more holistic skill set. For some, a nontraditional career path can be too challenging to handle.
Interesting Articles This Week

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