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Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

Zoom Just Failed Its Biggest Test. Its Apology Is an Extraordinary Example of Emotional IntelligenceINC.COM — In March, the number of people who depended on Zoom skyrocketed. I wrote at the time about how it quickly became the most important app in the business world, and it was true. Remarkably, while the company quickly faced scrutiny over how it handled user security and privacy, it held up incredibly well.
TikTok’s new commerce integration lets creators start milkin’ content for cashMASHABLE.COM — The embattled social media company announced Monday that it had entered into a new partnership with the customized online merch platform Teespring. The integration will allow creators to include links to their Teespring products directly in their videos. TikTokkers with hearty followings already frequently link to personal merchandise stores in their bios.
Dave Grohl is in an adorable remote drum battle with a 10-year-oldMASHABLE.COM — Not even a pandemic can stop Dave Grohl from doing that thing where he highlights young up-and-coming performers. In fact, Twitter might be the perfect platform for an extended drum battle. It started on Aug. 17 with a tweet. Nandi Bushell, a 10-year-old drumming phenom whose skills have caught the attention of Lenny Kravitz, admitted that it’s her dream “to one day jam with Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, and all the Foo Fighters.” The tweet included a clip of her just straight ripping along to the Foo’s 1997 hit, “Everlong.” Complete with some of the best stick twirling you’ve probably seen from a pre-teen.
Social Trends 2021SURVEYMONKEY.COM — Thank you for choosing to complete Hootsuite’s Social Trends 2021 survey. Your participation is important to us, as your anonymous input will form part of Hootsuite’s Social Media Trends 2021 report, which will be available publicly in Hootsuite’s Resource Library in 2021.The survey should take…
Mark Zuckerberg blames Facebook contractors for Kenosha militia fiascoMASHABLE.COM — In a Friday video announcement, the Facebook CEO attempted to explain away his company’s failure to remove the Kenosha Guard’s event page as an “operational mistake” made by third-party reviewers working on behalf of Facebook. Notably, The Verge reports that the event page issued a “call to arms” — not in response to Wisconsin police shooting Jacob Blake seven times in the back, but rather the protests demanding justice for the shooting. .
Slack fixes ‘critical’ vulnerability that left desktop app users open to attackMASHABLE.COM — The communications tool relied upon by journalists, tech workers, and D&D fans alike disclosed on Friday a “critical” vulnerability — now fixed — that would have let hackers run wild on users’ computers. Slack’s internal security team didn’t even find the bug; rather, it was a third-party security researched who reported it, through the bug bounty platform HackerOne in January.
As Trump’s popularity slips in latest Military Times poll, more troops say they’ll vote for BidenMILITARYTIMES.COM — The latest Military Times poll shows a continued decline in active-duty service members’ views of President Donald Trump and a slight but significant preference for former Vice President Joe Biden in the upcoming November election among troops surveyed. The results, collected before the political…
What is an algorithm, anyway?MASHABLE.COM — Mashable’s series Algorithms explores the mysterious lines of code that increasingly control our lives — and our futures. “The Algorithm” is impenetrable. It’s mysterious, it’s all-knowing, it’s omnipotent. Except that it’s not. An algorithm is a simple concept that, today, has many complex…
Walmart-exclusive TrillerTok will run on Azure, or Oracle, or somethingTECHCRUNCH.COM — If you can’t keep up with the latest rumor mill on acquisition, my suggestion is simple: don’Or instead, enjoy it for what it is: one of the most absurd bakeoff deals in investment banking history. Walmart and its always low prices are in the fray. is looking to find synergies to make enterprise resource planning software more enticing to Gen Z workers.
Twitter flags Republican leader’s video as ‘manipulated’ for altering disabled activist’s wordsTECHCRUNCH.COM — flagged an inflammatory video by House Republican Whip Steve Scalise on Sunday for altering footage of a conversation between progressive activist Ady Barkan and Joe Biden. The video is now labeled as “manipulated media” in a tweet from Scalise, though remains online. The inflammatory video pulls in out-of-context quotes from a number of Democrats and activists, but appears to have crossed a line by altering Barkan’s words from a portion of the conversation about policing reform.
Man makes adorable driveway racetracks to entertain biking kids in his neighborhoodMASHABLE.COM — Someone get the guy who runs the CanyonChasers YouTube channel a World’s Best Neighbor mug, ASAP. After receiving a nightly alert from his driveway security camera, one man discovered that a neighborhood kid enjoys riding a bike in his very large driveway. “…At first I was a bit annoyed, but…
How to help those impacted by Hurricane LauraMASHABLE.COM — Early Thursday, Hurricane Laura made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane in Cameron, Louisiana, about 35 miles east of the Texas border. It was one of the strongest U.storms on record. . Before Laura hit land, the National Hurricane Center warned of “unsurvivable” storm surges, but also forecast continued weakening. .
And now Triller is trying to buy U.S. TikTok, report claimsMASHABLE.COM — If you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em. That appears to the thinking of Triller, a U.S.-based “social streaming” app, which according to Bloomberg teamed up with an asset management firm in an attempt to buy TikTok for $20 billion. Or, more specifically, to buy parts of TikTok for $20 billion. . Those parts include TikTok’s U.S., Australian, New Zealand, and Indian components — locations where the ByteDance-owned company ran into various legal troubles, faced security concerns, and risks possible shuttering.
Elon Musk parades about Neuralink-wired pig, and this is apparently the futureMASHABLE.COM — Late Friday afternoon, Elon Musk took the stage to update the world on Neuralink — his effort to link the human brain to computers — and to implore engineers, animal care professionals, and robotics experts to join him. At the heart of the demo was a pig by the name of Gertrude, which he claimed has been linked up to some form of Neuralink for the past two months. .
IFA’s executive director discusses why the tech show must go onTECHCRUNCH.COM — CTA announced that CES 2021 would go forward in-person. The event was set to have slipped under the wire — having narrowly avoided a COVID-19-related shutdown two years in a row. A month later, however, its organizers reversed course, announcing the January show was going virtual. Disappointing, perhaps, but not surprising.
Amazon’s Halo tracks your body fat and how happy you soundMASHABLE.COM — Amazon knows your shopping secrets. Now it wants to collect data on your body fat and emotional state. . The company announced the launch of a new fitness band and companion app Thursday that it’s calling Amazon Halo. Like competitors Apple Watch and Google-owned FitBit, it measures things like activity, sleep, and other health metrics.
Eric Schmidt: China could be AI’s superpower if we don’t act nowFASTCOMPANY.COM — “China is on its way to surpass us in many, many ways, and they’re cleverly run in a way that’s different from the way we would ever want to run,” says Schmidt, who is currently chair of the U.Department of Defense’s Defense Innovation Advisory Board. “We need to take them seriously. they’re going to end up with a bigger economy, more R&D investments, better quality research, wider applications of technology, and a stronger computing infrastructure.” The Chinese model is a vision of high-tech authoritarianism.” Schmidt points out that, from a purely strategic point of view, China’s form of government lends itself to large, single-minded, top-down initiatives.
The Kenosha Shooting Suspect Was In The Front Row Of A Trump Rally In JanuaryBUZZFEEDNEWS.COM — CSPAN Kyle Rittenhouse can be seen wearing a white hat in the front row, to the left of the podium. The law-enforcement obsessed 17-year-old who was charged with shooting and killing two people and injuring another in Kenosha during protests for Jacob Blake appeared in…
13 of the Best Social Media Analytics Tools (Free and Paid)BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Social media analytics tools will show you which tactics and strategies are working, and which aren’t. This allows you to better focus your time, effort, and budget. Analytics also help you create social media performance reports to share with your team, stakeholders, and boss. In this article,…
Investment tech won’t solve systemic wealth gaps, but it’s a good startTECHCRUNCH.COM — founder Vlad Tenev recently sparked controversy when he told the New York Times that lower participation in equity markets by younger Americans “ultimately contributed to the sort of the massive inequalities that we’re seeing in society.” In his 2015 book “The Economics of Inequality,” Thomas Piketty argues that when the growth rate of invested capital outpaces the growth of GDP (and the average per-capita earnings), income inequality will increase.
Interesting Articles This Week

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