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Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

The ‘I have a joke’ meme gives us some much-needed humorMASHABLE.COM — 2020 has already ushered in new and sometimes painful memes — which, given that many of us are in front of our screens while social distancing, isn’t wholly surprising. Not all of these new memes have to do with our current reality, either. In recent days, the people of Twitter decided to add some levity to our strange year as the “I have a joke” meme erupted on the platform. .
The #1 Reason Nobody Wants to Hear from YouENTREPRENEUR.COM — Putting yourself out there is not about you. It’s about those you serve. Free Book Preview No BS Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing The ultimate guide to – producing measurable, monetizable results with social media…
Nice guy Ryan Reynolds puts up a $5,000 reward to help find a lost teddy bearMASHABLE.COM — Beneath the snark and sass that made him such a perfect Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds seems like a lovely, well-meaning dude. Take this latest example, when Reynolds shared a Saturday tweet from Deborah Goble, a Canadian Broadcasting Company reporter based in Vancouver. Goble asked her followers for help tracking down a stolen teddy bear that means a lot to its original owner.
Did Dashboard Confessional inspire this Taylor Swift lyric?MASHABLE.COM — On Friday, Taylor Swift surprise-dropped her eighth studio album, folklore, whichsent fans into a delighted frenzy. Since the 16 new songs were released at midnight, Swifties have been parsing lyrics for romantic subtext, stoking the flames of those old Karlie Kloss rumors, and wondering if Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ third child is named Betty. .
OnePlus Nord review: It’s all about that selfie camMASHABLE.COM — Smooth 90Hz refresh rate • Vibrant display • Premium feel • 5G support • Comfortable size • Affordable • Excellent battery life Unpredictable rear camera photo quality • Uninspired design • No headphone jack • Lack of U.S. availability The OnePlus Nord is a great mid-range option, with a premium…
Taylor Swift’s ‘folklore’ inspires a flurry of relatable memes and reactionsMASHABLE.COM — Taylor Alison Swift has done it again. In the middle of a global pandemic, the 30-year-old singer and songwriter surprise-dropped her eighth studio album, folklore, and it’s plunged fans even deeper into their already cavernous feels. Throughout folklore’s 16 tracks, Swift flexes her truly remarkable imagination and tells stories patiently, softly, and with a level of passion that will give you chills.
On TikTok, #FreeBritney conspiracy theories run deepMASHABLE.COM — An online campaign is calling for the end of Britney Spears’ conservatorship so the pop star can gain financial and personal independence. Some believe she’s sending SOS messages to supporters in coded social media posts. . The tag #FreeBritney has roughly 140 million views on TikTok, and 104,000 posts on Instagram.
How to save Instagram photosMASHABLE.COM — Instagram is a fantastic social platform that we all love for sharing visual content, and discovering exciting visual content from others. Like all social platforms, Instagram content can be fleeting and fast-moving, so knowing how to download or save photos and posts is a really useful skill to learn. .
Google’s internal data collection on competing apps raises new antitrust questionsMASHABLE.COM — Google chief Sundar Pichai has a couple of extra days to prepare for Big Tech’s antitrust hearing in Washington, D.C., and he’d be wise to put that extra time toward preparing for questions about Android Lockbox. That’s the name of a recently unearthed internal program that leverages the so-called “sensitive” data collected by Android to monitor how people are using non-Google apps.
WNBA teams walk out during anthem, dedicate season to Breonna TaylorMASHABLE.COM — On Saturday, the WNBA kicked off their season with a tribute to Breonna Taylor, the 26-year-old Black woman killed by police in March. Not only did the two participating teams, the New York Liberty and Seattle Storm, honor Taylor, but the entire WNBA season is dedicated to the deceased EMT as well as the Say Her Name campaign, which is dedicated to raising awareness of Black women who were victims of police brutality and racial injustice. .
Surreal photos of once-packed locations that are now empty due to the pandemicMASHABLE.COM — With coronavirus cases surging in some parts of the United States, institutions like the NBA and Disney World are trying to figure out how to reopen as safely as possible. This often means allowing a fraction of the crowds that were allowed in the Before Times to assure social distancing — which makes for surreal photos of these usually-densely populated places.
White House lies about ‘Paw Patrol’ being canceled and everything is so stupidMASHABLE.COM — Sorry, you did actually read that right. On Friday afternoon, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany told reporters that President Donald Trump is in deep disagreement with anyone who wants to defund the police. She went on to say that he is “appalled by cancel culture, and cancel culture specifically as it pertains to cops.” McEnany then provided specific examples of the kind of cop-related cancel culture that’s making Trump so angry, and things got a little messy.
What happens if the COVID-19 vaccines fail their trials?FASTCOMPANY.COM — But until larger trials are complete, it won’t be clear whether any of the vaccines actually prevent COVID-19—or how long that protection will last. Historically, most vaccines in development have failed. For a world that has poured billions into developing the new coronavirus vaccines, with manufacturing beginning even before trials end, what would it mean if none of the vaccines succeed?
Apple eyes new streaming strategy after Tom Hanks drama breaks recordsFASTCOMPANY.COM — The idea, to be clear, is not to become Netflix. “They don’t want to be Costco,” says another source. “They want to be very curated.” But expect to see the company more aggressively bidding for big titles, particularly as more and more studios start offloading movies that won’t be able to be shown in theaters any time soon.
15 Instagram Stories Apps to Help You Create Thumb-Stopping ContentBLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Instagram Stories have more than half a billion users watching them everyday. Half. A. Billion. That’s more than everyone who has ever suffered through one of my improv shows combined, if you can believe it! If you’re a social media manager, these are some seriously compelling numbers. (Also:…
Tinder user seems to have uncovered a new ‘Platinum’ paid tier the app is testingMASHABLE.COM — Now that apps are one of the only ways to safely date at a social distance, many have taken the opportunity to gussy themselves up with new features. Tinder’s no different, having made their Passport feature free for a short time, along with rolling out video calls. But it seems Tinder may also be developing new profit avenues.
How to Create the Best Google My Business PostsBLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — If you’re a brick-and-mortar business you’re probably already all too familiar with the ups and downs of turning digital marketing into real foot traffic. Today, we’re looking at arguably one of the simplest and most direct ways to stay in touch with your customers: Google My Business…
Haunted TikTok is the next evolution of internet horrorMASHABLE.COM — After hours of scrolling through endless TikToks of teens dancing, couples pranking each other, and dogs being cute — something on your For You Page stops you dead in your tracks. Someone is walking around a dark, empty house, as text explains that their mom hasn’t come home. As they take us through their neighborhood, they realize it’s not just her — everyone has vanished overnight. .
The Best Way To Deal With An Insecure LeaderLOLLYDASKAL.COM — Working with an insecure boss, leader or manager often presents a challenging situation. But there are effective ways you can deal with an insecure leader and still improve your work environment and foster a productive and harmonious relationship. Here are some key things to remember when you’re…
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